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Looking to wrestle in shape Men., my interests in wrestling are varied ., I like to go hard., have had a few match’s but am a total novice ., but very keen to learn .,I’d like to think I was the alpha male but judging by some of the beasts on this site..??? That remains to be seen., main goal ..!! wrestling with a Man.,
Am a heel/jobber (if ur man enough)& like to work a jobber over hard.,
I Respect limits !
Would love to learn more if someone has the patience to help train a novice., sadly this sport was not toaught in our schools....
My place of residence is Jervis Bay , regularly visit Sydney & happy to travel for wrestling



  1. Australia, Sydney
    (I'm here from 5/02/2017)
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Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 212 lbs (96 kg)

Gear: Speedos., jeans., tight shorts

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dailyplanet is recommended by Ozpuncher

Jan 2018., wrestled this pocket rocket .,he has great speed & great technique..,was a full on filthy hot day so energy levels were at a low., but still managed to have fun & draw in a heavy sweat session., highly recommend this quiet but strong man!!!



Ozpuncher is recommended by SydneyGrappler

This man is the real deal. Very strong with exceptional endurance. Masculine. Easily switched between very competitive grappling and having a laugh. Flexible enough to focus on grappling given it's where my interest lies. Reliable. And if it's possible - even better looking in real life than the pics. 100% recommended.



SydneyGrappler is recommended by Ozpuncher

This man is beyond awesome., Masculine., Strong., Handsome.,with body of a true fighter/athlete ., muscular & cut., the complete package..I had the privilege of being taken down more times than I can remember., a solid 4-1/2 hr workout with this stud that certainly showed me the ropes., an amazing teacher with extraordinary patience & experience., gut punching was not the flavour of the day.,but certainly muscle on muscle was ..!! One of the best experiences I’ve had to date from this site & look forward to grappling with this Man again soon .., cheers buddy ., totally awesome match & day 😉



Ozpuncher is recommended by Long for this

we have been circling each other like two mongrel dogs for months & finally met up yesterday. Why did I wait so long !! Ozpuncher is all others have written & more! Very easy to talk to & organise meeting at short notice. Awesome time spent with him & can he whack !! The colour of my gut this morning will attest to that. The man makes Zeus look like a wimp !! Can't recommend him highly enough & hanging out for Round 2 when the bruising heals !! Thanks Mate... you took me to new level !



Long for this is recommended by Ozpuncher

This Man is strong & tough,as I had thought., when his BRICK HEAVY fist hit my gut., I knew I was in for a beating., a total natural at giving & taking., great experience with a Real Man.., I haven’t been punched like that in years.., Highly recommend this Man .., I’ll be going back for more., will be coming in harder next time.
Thanx mate 👊



Ozpuncher is recommended by DenverWrestler

December 2017 Update: I had the pleasure of a rematch with this super stud. He's sexier than ever, his legs are just about the best I've ever seen or felt around my waist, and his punch is as hard as ever. He's added a beard, which makes him look even hotter than before, and he's an incredibly outgoing, fun-loving, magnetic guy. Like our first match, this was a fantastic time, and I cannot recommend this guy highly enough.

2016 Match: I wasn't sure what to expect – meeting someone who's more into punching whereas I generally stick to wrestling. But our meet turned out to be one of the best I've ever had! Ozpuncher has a solid muscular sexy body, and his legs are nothing short of magnificent – big thick defined muscle, hairy, and incredibly powerful. He took it easy on me with his punches, but I could tell from the speed and accuracy that he definitely knows how to box and throw some serious punches. But what I didn't expect was his wrestling skill – he's strong and knows how to apply some very tough holds, and easily pinned me several times and also made me submit in his vise-like scissors holds. Great guy, 100% reliable, strong and sexy – can't recommend him highly enough.



DenverWrestler is recommended by Ozpuncher

Dec 2017., and another fantastic wrestle with the legend., this man is loads of masculine fun in every sense of the word..,it was a trial getting together but with patience on his behalf we finally got our match., as in the past it was hot, sweaty & sexy.,another great experience., this man is great fun on & off the mats.,he certainly made me work for his taps., but managed to make me tap out more with his awesome experience..,I hope we get to wrestle more frequently in the future ., thanx mate..,
2016..,Denverwrestler ., a total gentleman & a hot man to wrestle.,a great wrestler & very experienced..,we wrestled for a good 2hrs.,taught me some excellent new holds
( thanx buddy ) took great shots to the gut .,& held his ground like a man ., my wrestling experience is total novice in comparison.,I look forward to future wrestles with this man ., he was 100% reliable & as many other wrestlers could agree., a great sportsman., thanx DenverWrestler for a great match & look forward to seeing u in Denver., a man most Highly recommended!!!



Ozpuncher is recommended by Will

When he wasn't bruising me like I was a week-old banana, pounding on me like I was a an abalone steak, and abusing me like I was a Boston altar boy, OzPuncher was incredibly sweet, kind, charming–everything I could have wanted for my Aussie vacation. He can put on the mean heel persona and look and act every inch the part. He's the only guy I've ever met who could double me over with a bare fist to the gut, which he clearly enjoyed. He can also talk at length about fashion, food, Sydney culture, and probably any other topic you could throw at him. Favorite MF encounter ever.



Will is recommended by Ozpuncher

Where does 1 start with this awesome man .., firstly a great communicator., relighable ., sensual., a massive amount of funn to wrestle., great body & sexy as ..!! He can certainly give and take it with the best of them ..!! There is a big weight & height difference between us but that didn't stop him coming at me like a bull., can take very hard punches to the gut & just keeps coming back for more ..!!! I cannot recommend this man highly enough..! Do urself a favour & meet / wrestle him ..!!



Ozpuncher is recommended by CasualWrestler

This guy is strong and determined, good value outside of wrestling. Trying to pin him down was an exceptional challenge. He's also wicked at throwing in gut punches! Had a great time and will be back for round two!



CasualWrestler is recommended by Ozpuncher

Had a great match with this awesome man .., we are both novices to this amazing sport.,but managed to trade moves & good tests of strength & trade moves.,he was a novice to gut punching on meeting.,but a very fast learner..,my bruised gut is testoment to that.., it's always funn & HOTT to wrestle someone of his caliber.. thanx buddy looking forward to round 2., 3...... I highly recommended this man .,great communication., very reliable & overal really nice guy on & off mats ..!!!



Ozpuncher is recommended by sydneyheel

We had an intense gut punching/wrestling hybrid match. I took more than hundred relentless punches from him, but I gave him as many. By the time the match ended, we were both drenched in sweat. He is a hot, muscly gut puncher. I look forward to our rematch.



sydneyheel is recommended by Ozpuncher

I had a great ,fun match with this pocket rocket. Despite the size & weight difference this man came at me like a charging bull!! He is tough & can take a good amount of hard punchs to the gut.I would take on this man anytime again , great correspondence & on time as arranged ,highly recommend this fighter! & look forward to future fights with him! Thanx buddy !