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  1. Czech Republic, Prague
    Place of residence

I am willing to travel 1000 kilometers


45-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 190 lbs (86 kg)

Languages spoken: Czech, English

Gear: Speedos or trunks, pro-boots, knee pads, possibly a mask.


I love pro style wrestling, always more than happy to job to a nasty heel and ideally in a ring!I like pro style attire including trunks/briefs, boots, masks and knee pads. I am interested in safe and sane wrestling action, but intense with a real pain and me moaning/selling a lot. I like multiple submissions, repeated punishment concentrated on one part of the body again and again, jobber on the edge of a submission... I prefer slow and methodical action: being put into camel clutches, boston crabs, sharpshooters, arm bars, indian death locks, figure 4 leglocks etc. I am ok with a close body contact when it gets to wrestling.

Be sure to drop me a line if you plan to come to Prague, I have an access to a ring: it can be rented in late evenings for approx. CZK 1.000/EUR 35 per hour, please find the respective picture in the gallery. I am willing to take pictures and to record the match or at least some holds on a camera. Putting the wrestling videos on youtube is also an option if mutually pre-agreed. I am open to wrestling in public shows in front of an audience, too. I have a gal who loves to watch, but we are also ready for tag team oil-wrestling.

I occasionally travel to UK (London, Manchester) and to Germany (Hamburg) for a pro style wrestling in a ring.



Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Give and take, Squash match, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Online chatting, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to a ring, Photo swapping, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Spandex, Wrestling gear

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PJ1 is recommended by frenchprowrestler

Very reliable wrestler !
Very hot full pro geared pro wrestling jobber !
We had a much too short wrestling match at his hotel but ready for another one as soon as possible in a pro ring if it can be. I recommend wrestling and dominating this hot wrestler.



frenchprowrestler is recommended by PJ1

Met this friendly guy after many years of being in touch here on MF. We did not have much time due to many traffic failures on that day, but we enjoyed short intense pro-action in a hotel. Nasty, but safe&sane heel wrestler with a reliable approach. Next time we will meet in a ring!



PJ1 is recommended by bigt730

I had the absolute pleasure with meeting up with PJ1, and I can confirm I was not dissapointed in the slightest, he is an amazing wrestler, and can take a lot of punishment, I really had to work for my wins with this awesome individual. I cannot recommend him enough, if you ever get the opportunity to wrestle this guy, definitely go ahead and meet him, he is great guy and a great wrestler.



bigt730 is recommended by PJ1

Met this wrestling monster in Grove Park ring for a training session. He was safe and sane, but also skilled and enthusiastic wrestler. I paid the price of a pro-style jobber, especially backbreakers were remembered a long time after the match. I fully recommend this guy.



PJ1 is recommended by Steve Shock

Met PJ at Pippas for a good wrestling session
Nice guy off the mats
Great wrestler who looks the part great body and tough jobber
Had a great time wrestling this guy
Def recommend him and hope to meet him again

3 years in waiting to get this wrestler in the ring again
Boy has he come along way !!!!
This wrestler has gained and used his kowledge could this 'jobber' now becoming 'heel' ?
Great time with a even match in the ring
I'll admit this time he was victorious
Warning PJ1 next time it's not going your way
Highly recommended



Steve Shock is recommended by PJ1

I have met Steve at Pippas ring in Manchester, it was a great action! He is safe and sane wrestler, at the same time, he is experienced and he knows how to punish... He showed me many pro-style tricks and manouvers, it was very helpful. I can definitely recommend him! And I hope to meet him again next time I travel to UK.

We have met after 3 years and again in Pippa's ring...It was a very good experience and fantastic wrestling action, indeed. This time it was more balanced match :-).



PJ1 is recommended by Nature boy

It was great fun to wrestle with PJ1 in pro style. It was my first time wrestling with mask and boots. But we both looked great and the audiance loved it too.
PJ1 is well skilled strong and very reliable. Although you have to work on your endurance we had a great fight. Also beside the mat he is a very nice guy. Hope to wrestle you in Prague in a real ring soon.



Nature boy is recommended by PJ1

Met this boy for a pratising of pro style holds. He was very good even despite considering himself to be a begginer. He put me into several devastating backbreakers, piledrivers and figure 4 leglocks!
Very helpful and friendly guy!



PJ1 is recommended by Gangrel

This guy is perfect jobber, fully recommended. I have allways pleasure wrestle with him.

My pleasure, like always. I hope, when you arms, back and skull is still ok,;-) i am sorry - but ring of you choice, is not a frendly for training a lot...

Great trainig, fully recommended this guy for match. Take Piledriver, take boston crab from me - and still alive :-DDD

he is marvelous.



Gangrel is recommended by PJ1

Decent and easy going guy interested in pro style wrestling. Safe and sane, ideal for practising holds or a match.

We had another training session in September 2018 in a ring in Prague, and he was a true heel wrestler: he has dominated me throughout the whole match and delivered several devastating holds, while his female friend recorded the most nasty action. Again, despite the loss I had very good impression from our pro-style wrestling.



PJ1 is recommended by leanmachine BE

Initially Martin told me he was a jobber, but I ended up having to work much harder than I was expecting and he managed to get a couple of submissions out of me before I got my own back on him. Either way, we both got a very good workout with no injuries apart from a small graze on my elbow that I didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out to me. As well as being a tough, skilled wrestler in the ring, Martin is punctual, reliable and courteous out of it. I would be happy to meet him again.



leanmachine BE is recommended by PJ1

I have met this guy in a ring in Prague, it was more submission rather than pro-style wrestling, but it was a very useful lesson for me... We did some give and take wrestling and we have spent one hour of intense wrestling in the ring. Finally, he put me in a devastating boston crab and subsequent camel clutch in front of my gal - it was a very humiliating finish of the match.

Anyway, Hugh is a very reliable and a truly nice guy, at the same time, skilled and powerul wrestler in the ring who fights with the ambition to win the match. I can highly recommend him for both submission and pro-style wrestling!



PJ1 is recommended by czwrestler

PJ1 is a skilled jobber, good looking in his pro wrestling gear. He is a keen pro wrestler. He knows what to do in ring. I really enjoyed the wrestling session with him. Highly recommended for all pro wrestling heels!



czwrestler is recommended by PJ1

Czwrestler is keen and enthusiastic pro-style fan, who learns fast. He is very reliable and nice off the mats. We have spent one hour of practising various holds including some rope and corner work in the ring in Prague.
A nice guy and pro-wrestling fan who gains the skills fast.



PJ1 is recommended by The Bear

PJ1 is an experienced jobber who can take a lot of punishment - We had a pro-match in the ring of Prague. He has no chance to fight back but it was really pleasure for me to let him suffer long and intensively. Due to his good physics he is very good in enduring even the dirtiest holds. Certainly he will get his revenge soon :-)).



The Bear is recommended by PJ1

I have wrestled The Bear in a ring in Prague, while his gal Ellen was watching/referring and, in the meantime, she was also wrestling one local lady. The Bear is very experienced, nasty pro-style heel who enjoys the action and who can deliver a lot of pain, but always safe and sane. I had no chance, though I have really tried to fight back. I hope to meet him soon again for a revenge.

We have met again in September 2017 in the ring near Hamburg and it was great: warm welcome, great venue and a hot wrestling match while both our ladies were watching... Hope to see both of them soon!

Another wrestling action in May 2018 in Hamburg again: rough men wrestling and gals cheering at the ring. 15 rounds of pro style action untill exhaustion, safe and sane, but a lot of painful holds. I hope to have another wrestling session soon!



PJ1 is recommended by hunkywrestler

finally got to wrestler PJ1 in the ring at Grove Park. He too likes his pro gear and looked great it in. He knows what he wants and likes and what he doesn't like. Happy to heel for him and he be my jobber for the night selling well even when I wouldn't let go despite his plea's. Will wrestle him again one day.



hunkywrestler is recommended by PJ1

We have wrestled pro style in Grove Park ring and it was a great experience. I have enjoyed the match though I have been punished and tortured in the ring including being trapped in ropes. Hunkywrestler is a keen and experienced wrestler, who knows how to punish well, but at the same time safe and sane. Very reliable and helpful outside the ring.



PJ1 is recommended by er wrestling

I and my wife where fighting with PJ1 and his partner Rose. It was very friendly and interesting meeting. PJ1 is strong and very like pro wrestling. Rose very like fighting and fight for her own pleasure and win. Thank you very much and we hope we can meet in future again.



er wrestling is recommended by PJ1

We (me and my female wrestling partner Rose) have met both Radim and Marcela at their wrestling venue, it was a great experience. They are both very nice, open and reliable. They are strong and experienced and they enjoy the submission wrestling action. We can fully recommend them.



PJ1 is recommended by markuk

Absolutely top class opponent. 100% reliable safe and sane. This guy flew in to London on a day trip, just for this match and he was 5mins early for our agreed meet time. We fought at Monicas ring with a female ref. PJ1 took a hell of a lot of punishment. He is the perfect jobber. I beat him 7-1 on submissions. Just to show that he does fight back, he did get me once. For our rematch i want to beat him in front of his girl friend. A highly recommended wrestler.



markuk is recommended by PJ1

I have met Mark at Monica's wrestling studio (great venue!) and it was an amazing experience! We have wrestled in a ring with a female ref (pro-wrestler herself), who was fair and advised both of us. It was a great - but also painful - experience, I hope to come back soon, despite the neverending camel clutch I was put in (and the ref loved that :-)). To sum up, I can only recommend Mark as a wrestling opponent and as a friend, too.



PJ1 is recommended by rezla123

This is a high quality jobbing specialist; fit, strong, flexible, able to sustain suffering. He came all the way from Prague to Grove Park like a true pro jobbing pilgrim and worked the whole stage well. it was fun to be the first to destroy him here :)



rezla123 is recommended by PJ1

Lee is a perfect heel wrestler - he fully understands and respects the principles of pro-style action. It was a pleasure to job to him in a ring. Skilled and experienced wrestler. I have also appreciated his help (in getting oriented) in London. Highly recommended!!!



PJ1 is recommended by squeezerian

I had the pleasure of meeting Martin in Prague a few years ago. He is a great guy and an awesome jobber who I enjoyed working over in lots of holds. Highly recommended to those wrestlers visiting beautiful Prague.



squeezerian is recommended by PJ1

I have met Squeezerian in Prague some years ago and it was a great wrestling experience. He put me in several very painful holds, but all of them safe and sane. I recommend him to all wrestlers.



PJ1 is recommended by boston111

Just had a great 2 hours with PJ1. Looks the part, and can take the holds. Had a great time wrestling this guy, Def recommend him and hope to meet him again.



boston111 is recommended by PJ1

This wrestler really knows how to apply the boston crab hold! Easy going and reliable opponent, who knows perfectly well, how to heel. Experienced in all pro-style holds and using the ring to punish the rival. I hope to meet and to wrestle him again in a ring.



WelshWarriorGaz is recommended by PJ1

Gareth supported me already several times when I was wrestling at Pippas ring in Manchester. He knows how to take excellent pics and how to record action videos! Gareth is a reliable and a trustworthy friend, he fully respects privacy. And he loves wrestling :-).



PJ1 is recommended by southerngrappler

We met at Pippa's and had a fantastic Heel vs Jobber match. He is very skilled and sells the Jobber role really well. He enjoys the sport and is a great guy out of the ring too. Looking forward to meeting him again soon



southerngrappler is recommended by PJ1

I have met this guy at Pippas in Manchester. He is a skilled wrestler, safe and sane. At the same time, he knows how to heel a poor jobber and how to inflict just the correct level of pain. We have spend great three hours in a ring. He is a nice guy off mats, too. I hope to meet him again, once I am back in UK.



PJ1 is recommended by DomWrstlrUK

Mmm really did enjoy beating down on PJ1 during our bout, worked his back, his legs, his abs, choked him with the tag rope, trapped him in the ring ropes for more abuse and humiliation. He soaked it all up like a pro jobber. This guy is strong, fast and agile, don't be fooled by his 'face' looks. But trap him and work him and he groanns and moannss and pleads.. and begs....

If you get chance to match with him, jump at it! A pleasure to meet, a delight to heel and someone I wanna get my hands on his ultra hot jobber bod soon!



DomWrstlrUK is recommended by PJ1

Mean heel, who knows how to punish jobber in a pro style in the ring. He is very creative, he put me into several humiliating holds using ropes and corners of the ring and he enjoyed recording my humiliation.... I have been put in camels, boston crabs and sharpshooters and screamed in agony. At the same time, he was safe and sane and I hope to meet and wrestle again the next time I come to Pippas.



PJ1 is recommended by ukrassler

Despite his back pain, caused by having several bouts in a short time on his visit to England, PJ1 was determined not to let anyone down, and he turned up and wrestled exactly as planned. He looks fabulous in his gear, is very keen on playing the jobber in pro-style matches, and is a really affable and friendly guy to meet. His strength and fitness would make him a formidable opponent if he decided to wrestle competitively or as a heel, so catch him now before he changes his mind if you want to stand a chance against him!



ukrassler is recommended by PJ1

Very nice and polite guy, experienced in wrestling and very flexible, too. He can do many styles and roles. It was a pleasure to meet and to wrestle him, many thanks for taking the photos. I hope to meet him again.


[4_5] (43 votes)
PJ1 11/04/2018

Slapping on the ring floor.

Watched 1252 times.
[5] (10 votes)
PJ1 11/04/2018

From ropes to boston crab.

Watched 544 times.
[4_5] (13 votes)
PJ1 11/04/2018

Surfboarding the rival...

Watched 472 times.
[4_5] (25 votes)
PJ1 11/03/2018

Figure four leglocked.

Watched 869 times.
[4_5] (51 votes)
PJ1 9/10/2018

Backbreakers in the ring.

Watched 1128 times.
[5] (24 votes)
PJ1 9/09/2018

Piledriver in the ring.

Watched 574 times.
[4_5] (37 votes)
PJ1 9/06/2018

Punishment in ring's ropes in Prague

Watched 1069 times.
[4_5] (19 votes)
PJ1 3/22/2018

Wrestling in Grove Park.

Watched 698 times.
[5] (27 votes)
PJ1 3/07/2018

The heel does not release the jobber.

Watched 1163 times.
[4] (19 votes)
PJ1 1/06/2018

Give and take wrestling in a Monica's ring in London.

Watched 943 times.
[4_5] (34 votes)
PJ1 11/20/2017

Neverending figure four leglock.

Watched 1477 times.
[5] (27 votes)
PJ1 11/20/2017

Walthamstow ring again...

Watched 865 times.
[5] (30 votes)
PJ1 11/20/2017

Deep boston crab.

Watched 1258 times.
[5] (25 votes)
PJ1 11/20/2017

Held in neverending camel clutch...

Watched 1169 times.
[4_5] (27 votes)
PJ1 10/13/2017

Meeting our friends near Hamburg.

Watched 1379 times.
[4_5] (83 votes)
PJ1 6/11/2017

Trapped in ropes, slapped, put in boston crab...

Watched 4157 times.
[5] (29 votes)
PJ1 4/06/2017

Put in another boston crab...

Watched 1575 times.
[4] (19 votes)
PJ1 4/04/2017

Put in devastating hold.

Watched 1015 times.
[4_5] (17 votes)
PJ1 1/03/2017

Put in camel clutch in a ring.

Watched 956 times.
[4_5] (35 votes)
PJ1 12/27/2016

Painful sharpshooter.

Watched 1342 times.
[5] (28 votes)
PJ1 7/17/2016

Trapped in ropes

Watched 1354 times.
[4_5] (15 votes)
PJ1 7/17/2016

Dom putting me in devastating hold.

Watched 926 times.