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i love wrestling, gutpunching and trampling, and I am Chinese.



  1. USA - Florida, University Park
    (I'm here from 1/15/2018)
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Age: 25-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (177 cm), 157 lbs (71 kg)

Languages spoken: Chinese, English

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo
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Peter Xue is recommended by mattz4fun

Been wanting to take this guy on for a while. The experience was even better than I hoped! Strong, fit, and nice looking dude knows how to use his power and was relentless in coming at me. Loved his creativity and determination. If you are in South Florida and want to try your luck, don't miss the chance to meet this guy.



mattz4fun is recommended by Peter Xue

I have a amazing time with Mattzr4fun. He is strong and smart. He's great personality makes me very relax during our fighting. I enjoy the time when I was working on his abs. He love wrestling, jiujitsu, punching also trampling. He would like to try anything new to him. Trust me, he is strong enough to fight with. If he is in your city, go! and fight with him. Try your best to beat this strong man. Highly recommendation, he is amazing!



Peter Xue is recommended by Tough guy

Peter was only my second match since joining His knowledge of martial arts was extensive and his technique was skillful. No matter how hard I tried I could not pin him or stop him from pummeling my abs while being very aware not to inflict real pain.
Peter is a good looking, well toned, respectful and polite young man. I would highly recommend him if you’re looking for a competitive but friendly match.



Tough guy is recommended by Peter Xue

Tough_guy is very strong! He like wrestle very much. also he try to accepted some punching and trampling when we wrestle. I really have a good time with him. Highly recommendation! Try to fight with him if he is in your city! and enjoy the fighting with this strong body!



Peter Xue is recommended by bowolverine

I had a great time with Peter. He gave me a great fight. He is strong and has skills in BJJ . He gave me a few good pouches and kick too He is a safe and respectful fighter. If you in his area make sure to look him up . I guarantee you will have great wrestling him. I highly recommend him.



bowolverine is recommended by Peter Xue

bowolverine is really strong! have a lot fun with him when we wrestle. I trampling and punching on his abs almost half hour. I am pretty sure that he is strong enough to accept more. highly recommendation!! if you are in Miami, keywest or FLL, challenge and fight with him!!!! really nice guy!



Peter Xue is recommended by RobBerlin

Peter was a perfect guest. Playful during the emailing beforehand, willing to travel all the way to me, dependable with the arrangements, and when the time came enthusiastic about the fighting itself. I hope to get to wrestle him again.



RobBerlin is recommended by Peter Xue

RobBerlin is a skillful fighter, and a very kind host!!! he is really strong! and you cannot believe that what a good shape he has!! this is a amazing match for me! he allow me to destroy his abs!! and I did that. if you have chance to fight with him .you will find how strong his abs are.challenge and fight with him!You won’t be disappointed.



Peter Xue is recommended by nyjock 24

had a short match with Peter... was a good time, had fun beating him up. nice guy who showed a lot of toughness!



nyjock 24 is recommended by Peter Xue

nyjock 24 is really a strong and skillful fighter! when he told me that he has already worked one day, I thought I could beat him easily...finally I lose... but very happy! he is an energetic man! very nice guy!! highly recommendation!!



Peter Xue is recommended by Deutsche1980

Peter is an enthusiastic young wrestler ready to give his best and acquire some serious skills.
He was extremely easy to set up a meeting with, showed up perfectly on time and ready to go at it!
Off the mats he is very friendly.
I hope he gets to roll with more Miami wrestlers and visitors soon. Once he builds a bit of experience, he will be a serious challenge to most!



Deutsche1980 is recommended by Peter Xue

Deutsche1980 is super strong man! he is really skillful and powerful ! when you think you can defeat him next second! he always break your dream!! this guy can also fighte with two people together! obviously.....he easily become the winner!!! great recommend



Peter Xue is recommended by Darkfighter

he is a very nice person, we had lots of fun and willing to learn. Hope to up again.



Darkfighter is recommended by Peter Xue

a fantastic match experience with Darkfighter.He is strong and skillful. also He is a very nice guy. if you like boxing, wrestling,and gut punching ,just challenge him! I promise you will have a wonderful match with him!! looking forward to next match with him!!