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Just moved to New Orleans. I'm here for real wrestling only. Freestyle and submission with other in shape guys. I'm not interested in sex or erotic at all. I'm not into phone, cyber or acting out wrestling scenes. Real wrestling ONLY.



  1. USA - Louisiana, New Orleans
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I am willing to travel 50 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 47-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 151 lbs (68 kg)

Gear: fight shorts

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

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Pin123 is recommended by demoman

This guy is one very nice guy to take on. Not to mention good looks and a great chest he can be tough when he wants to be.



demoman is recommended by Pin123

I met Demoman a few years ago at his place in Florida. I apologize for taking so long to leave a recommendation for him. Anyways....first things first, he is HUGE. I'm talking massive! He lifted me and stuff with no effort on his part at all. But he was totally safe too. As hard as I tried there was little I could do against him.

Otrher than that you couldn't ask for a nicer guy. He was a very gracious host. I totally recommend him....especially if you are looking to get worked over!



Pin123 is recommended by mattslapper123

Had a great time with Mike. Started out in pro, with him dominating, then wrestled a few falls in freestyle with me dominating due to a weight advantage. Looking forward to a rematch with him.



mattslapper123 is recommended by Pin123

Mattslapper123 lived up to his screen name as he was stretched to his limits and beyond. He has a big, strong body that is built for absorbing punishment. This was my first time trying pro and I liked it. I also liked the smaller vs. bigger dynamic of it too as he was 40-50 lbs bigger than me. I'm sure he enjoyed the back workover and also the chest covered in welts from my relentless chops!

Anyways, Steve was a great guy to meet up with. He is local too so we can meet up again. If anyone is up in this area and in need of a good jobber to work over, look no further than mattslapper123!



Pin123 is recommended by Pinnacle

Finally had a chance to meet and wrestle Pin123 after weeks of chatting. He is a friendly super nice guy and he matches his profile photos. We had a good time wrestling and watch out for his chops to the chest. If you have a opportunity to meet him and lock up, give him a chance.



Pinnacle is recommended by Pin123

Pinnacle and I had a great meeting. He is big, strong and matches his profile exactly. He is a good guy both on and off the mats. If you decide to meet him you won't regret it at all.



Pin123 is recommended by dfwguy77

Due to limited space we had to have a quick match. But the match was fun nonetheless. It was fun to pin him down for way longer than the 1-2-3. It will be fun to throw him around when we have more space. Pin also said he wanted me to "light his chest up with chops" and who am I to say no. Round 1 complete!



dfwguy77 is recommended by Pin123

It was a great pleasure to meet dfwguy77. He is even bigger in person than compared to his profile pics. Very big, solid and strong and a great guy on top of that! Unfortunately my place was kinda small to do alot of stuff but we had a good time nonetheless. My chest is still red from all the chops I received!! We are definitely planning for a rematch at his place where there is more room to move. Highest Recommendations from me!!



Pin123 is recommended by Delrayguy

Pin123 is new but very willing to learn. I shown him some good basic holds an technique, and he picked it up very well. All he needs is a few good matches under his belt and he will become very competitive... We practiced holds and he clamped them on me no problem! He's a very nice guy on and off the matts. I can't wait to see how he fairs again wrestlers in the future!