Member since 4.6 years
Age 43
Height 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight 181 lbs (82 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear speedos, jocks
Languages spoken English, French, Spanish
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Last update 4/20/2021



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  1. USA - New York, New York
  2. Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo
    (I'm here until 1/03/2023)
    Santo Domingo

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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Phone chatting, Like cyber wrestling

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I am an otherwise normal guy who enjoys submission or promission.

If it's sub, we enter as rivals, and leave as much more. We stick the rules and hug it out hard at the end in a sign of mutual respect. There's nothing like becoming bros (and maybe more) after we settle it on the mat.

Favorite holds: sleepers, boston crab, camel clutch, headscissors, bear hugs. The closer and tighter, the better the hold!

Gear: speedos or jocks. I am flexible. It's about us both having fun.


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PromissionNYC is recommended by studny

A tough competitor on the mats who gave me a run for my money!
Quick, strong, and knowledgeable about wrestling holds and locks, we worked up a good sweat and had a great match!
I highly recommend this reliable guy for a good submission bout!



studny is recommended by PromissionNYC

I had a great time with this wrestling stud a few years back. He was the ref in a grudge match I wrestled in...I won it and he declared me the winner. It was almost like we were wrestling for his amusement and it was pretty damn hot. We also wrestled one-on-one. Of course, studny dominated me from start to finish. He's pure alpha. He has one mode: beast mode.

Good host and he's every bit as strong as he looks. Would be glad to recommend him if you are in the NYC/Long Island area.



PromissionNYC is recommended by Asian Wrestle

Promission NYC and I met years ago in NYC. He's a very hot and fun man that knows how to take punishment and give it. It's great to reconnect with him. He's a great guy and I'm looking forward to seeing him again for another grueling match.



Asian Wrestle is recommended by PromissionNYC

What can I say about Asian Wrestle? He's a great guy on and off the mats. Powerful AF. Great body. Alpha attitude. There was some good back and forth, but ultimately he made me tap with his powerful leg scissors and head scissors. I highly recommend him if you are in South California and I look forward to meeting him for a rematch. Maybe I've gotten better so I can finally beat him. This will be our third encounter.



PromissionNYC is not recommended by wrestle46

  • Unreliable / no show



PromissionNYC is recommended by rhss4682

This guy is amazing! I could spend hours talking about how great he is lol

We had a great time together, long holds and moves, and I can assure you he can take pain and sells like a pro. He's strong and has a nice body too, which made our match even better. You can't miss the opportunity to wrestle and get to know him!

Off the mats he's a great person, really polite and fun. I highly recommend and would love to wrestle him over and over again!



rhss4682 is recommended by PromissionNYC

This guy is as strong as he looks, with legs like tree trunks. Once he traps you in there, forget about it. You will be there all day. Get used to it. Maybe even take a cannot escape.

He is also able to carry out a number of power moves like torture racks, fireman carries, tombstones. He was able to pick me up like a sack of potatoes and not break a sweat.

He also really enjoys this, which is great.

This handsome heel also can do submission...which was also a lot of fun.

Off the mats, he's super nice and engaging. Genuine and kind. I felt very comfortable with him. If he's in your town, consider yourself lucky to meet him.

Looking forward to seeing him again soon!



PromissionNYC is recommended by piledriverva

Enjoyed a fun match with this hot jobber. He loves taking piledrivers and comes back begging for more. Look forward to meeting up again on my next trip to NYC.



piledriverva is recommended by PromissionNYC

I had a great time wrestling this handsome guy. I can say that he is indeed a pile driver master. He knows how to perfectly execute it and then do it devastatingly...all safely, of course. A nice guy and I would certainly get into gear with him again, if given the opportunity.



PromissionNYC is recommended by LatinoPro

PromissionNYC is a very handsome guy, the kind of pretty face you just love to work over and see suffer!!! A great host and great jobber, we've been friends for years and we always have fun. It's been awhile but I look forward to sleepering him out again and posing over him for the 123.



LatinoPro is recommended by PromissionNYC

LatinPro is just an amazing wrestler. I've known for a long time and I've never met anybody who loves and understands pro wrestling the way he does: the holds, the intros, the finishers, the domination, the reversals, the showboating. I've wrestled him a few times and always enjoyed the experience. A good looking, fun guy that I'd recommend to anybody who enjoys the pro experience. Hope to meet up with him again soon.



PromissionNYC is recommended by HansAuslander

This guy came in real confident and cocky so if you’re looking for some smack talk he is your guy! I slapped him around quite a bit. Jobs pretty well and a really nice guy off the Mats.



HansAuslander is recommended by PromissionNYC

I had a great time wrestling this guy. Tall, rugged, skilled, good looking. I went into the match determined to do my best and bring him down a notch. But his power and height rendered me pretty helpless. I tapped out time after time. I would gladly wrestle him again. Nice guy...once he wins and dominates!



PromissionNYC is recommended by RNC23

Nice guy, glad to see him back on the site. Had a fun match, tougher than he looks too! Great host also!!



RNC23 is recommended by PromissionNYC

I had a great time wrestling RNC23. He came to my home. Totally cool guy. He grapevined me plenty. Watch out for those legs! They are made of iron! He has perfected the move! But when we I tapped, he always let me go. I’d wrestle him again. And I recommend him.