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  1. USA - Illinois, Chicago
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34-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 190 lbs (86 kg)

Gear: Speedos or singlets


Back after a long break, bigger and stronger now.

Keeping it short and sweet. Big into submission wrestling, exchanging holds, strength tests, muscle worship, keeping it fun and friendly, not out to hurt anyone. Some competition and trash talking is totally fine! 😈

I’m an amateur bodybuilder aiming to put on more size and eventually compete. Love to connect with other guys who’ve done bodybuilding in the past or currently do so.

Also, I understand I’m attracting more guys now that I’ve grown substantially since my old profile, but if you were rude/dismissive towards me in the past when I was smaller, don’t expect a response. Sorry not sorry.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Rdmuscle 87 is recommended by toughjob

I've known this muscleman for awhile now and he just gets bigger and stronger every time I see him! Rdmuscle 87 is a handsome, beefy bulldog and a lot of fun on the mats. The biceps aren't just for show (although that alone is worth it) the guys is strong. He exudes confidence but at the same time is also refreshingly humble and kind. Great conversation before, during and after our roll too. And he's also a fellow metalhead!! Up the Irons, baby! A terrific wrestler but more importantly a great friend. Looking forward to next time!



toughjob is recommended by Rdmuscle 87

I’ve known Rob for quite some time and it’s always a pleasure getting together with him. He’s a solid fireplug of muscle, great shape, tough and scrappy, looks HOT in his speedo/singlet, actually it’s always MY speedo since he never gets a pair lol!

He’s CRAZY about muscle, pop your peaks and flex your pecs and he’s weak in the knees....but he knows how to make you tap once he gets his hands on you!

Really glad I met this guy, not just as a wrestling buddy but as a friend, even when I decide to leave Chicago (seriously, fuck these winters) I’ll always be in touch with him.



Rdmuscle 87 is recommended by Musclemansofl

With aspirations of becoming a professional bodybuilder Rdmuscle_87 has a solid foundation & is on his way. The two of us had been talking for several weeks unfortunately a few days before we were scheduled to meet up he hurt his leg to the point of needing crutches. Although unable to wrestle, we still met up for a hot muscle worship session. If your into beefy furry muscle I recommend you get in touch with him, you won’t be disappointed! In addition, he is smart & easy to talk to don’t miss your opportunity to meet up with this big man.



Musclemansofl is recommended by Rdmuscle 87

Let’s just say this man lives up to his username. When I walked into his room and he took his shirt off my jaw dropped. 19 inch biceps, barreled out pecs, traps you set a dinner plate on and a back so wide you can project a movie on it.

On top of all this, Musclemansofl is an absolute gentleman. We couldn’t have a full blown match due to my knee injury so we compared our bodies and traded a few friendly holds.

Next time he comes around I’ll be healed up and ready for an actual match! If muscle is your thing, this man will take your breath away.