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Fit strong guy just looking to roll around and have some fun with other in shape or muscle guys. Mat set up here.



  1. USA - New Jersey, Westfield
    (I'm here between 10/02/2019 and 1/02/2020)
    Westfield nj
  2. USA - Florida, Jupiter Inlet Colony
    (I'm here between 1/04/2020 and 4/30/2020)
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 60-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Gear: stretch shorts or square cuts usually.

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RedFlex is recommended by RuffEnuff

I had a blast at Red’s place!! Gymrat and I arrived and he was such a great host from the get-go! And then, he decided to take me on and I had to get rough with our host! Red is a very fun adversary and he let me and Gymrat roll around all over the place which was great!!

Highly recommended!



RuffEnuff is recommended by RedFlex

Super friendly nice guy but...….. bring your A game if you want to roll with him. He is highly skilled in various fighting styles and more than eager to engage them. Match with him was pretty one sided with me more or less submitted at will, but still a lot of fun and a good chance to pick up a few ideas for anti-submission hold escapes. Also keep in mind that this guy does not have an off switch and will go at it until he's done with you. Highly recommended.



RedFlex is recommended by gymrat

RedFlex hosted RuffEnuf and me this evening for a 3-way wrestling session (and occasional free for all) in his excellent mat room - nice 10 x 10 mats, padded surroundings, nice setup!

He was an accommodating host, and we managed to sorta tag-team away for nearly 1.5 hours. Thanks to RuffEnuf as well for being his usual skilled, feisty, strong self. With no off switch.

RedFlex made the evening a lot of fun, loves to trash talk, and kept things nice and safe. recomended.



gymrat is recommended by RedFlex

This guy is the real deal with 8.9% body fat and a genuine six pack (which makes him an especially good subject for gut punching. ) Nice to roll around with a physical specimen of this caliber. Besides his substantial physical assets, he's also a very sociable friendly guy. Glad to have an opportunity to recommend Gymrat.



RedFlex is recommended by leopard trunks

Redflex put up great sweaty battle- watch out for his side headlock thick chest and guns.



leopard trunks is recommended by RedFlex

Ray is handful to roll with but lots of fun. Very strong guy and couldn't muscle my way out of most of his holds, but..... he was good enough to let me try out a few holds on him. Hope we get another chance for a rematch.



Scottilla is recommended by RedFlex

Always a fun time with Scotilla



RedFlex is recommended by Roughmatch

Due to all the men wrestling and the continuous action, some matches didn't last as long as others. This wrestler and I met for a brief match but it was fun and we had a good time rolling on the mats. Nice guy and fun to wrestle.



RedFlex is recommended by FerrelFighter

Redflex has a nice 12x12 mat setup and he's a friendly and accommodating host. If you're into gutpunching, this guy has abs that can really take a punch. We had a good sweaty tumble on the mats. Overall, I think I won the match, but he got me to tap a couple of times. Watch out for his headlock and scissors!



FerrelFighter is recommended by RedFlex

Good fun roll with this strong solid guy. I think I'd have to acknowledge that he mostly prevailed over me, but he was accomadating enough to let me try a few moves on him, but...…. I did prevail with a little gut punching. His golden retriever is much better looking than he is and almost as much fun to play with. (note I said "almost")