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  1. USA - Rhode Island, Providence
    here and boston
  2. USA - Florida, Tampa
    visit here a good amt


59-year-old Male / 6'0" (183 cm) / 239 lbs (108 kg)

Gear: pro style trunks-pro singlet


reg masc single good guy for same who also enjoys long slow sweaty heel/jbr with tactics away from the ref to " work on your man" for that great male bonding fun ---esp enjoying repeat matches with great buds I've gotten to know.



Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Tag team / group fights
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Relationship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Face sitting

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Last modified: 3/01/2020


Rob3811 is recommended by sweatylatin

Meeting this man was tough, a great guy on and off the mats. He respects your limits and is a gent. Cant forget that he is a good looking guy. If you get a chance to meet up with him please do so, great heel!



sweatylatin is recommended by Rob3811

Had a great fun heel/jobber match in Chicago with SweatyLatin. Gd lkng masc great guy who wore his snug sweaty white singlet well as the jbr . Easy going professional and hot guy who luvs this old school style with its long close contact/tactics " away from the ref".. He has the size strength and ability to take on either role and be great at it . Really looking forward to a rematch with him in that new beefy singlet, and we are hoping , even more, to get a fun private tag team set up with two other similar minded buds. Sweaty Latin highly recommended and a great guy !



Rob3811 is recommended by TPABAYBEAR

Excellent match with Rob3811 this past weekend. He can adapt to both heel and jobber but he makes for a great heel, he will make you suffer and take his time defeating you. He is totally safe and sane and a whole lot of fun both on and off the mats. Great guy, every time he comes into town we get sweaty on the mats.

Another great match with Rob about a 2 weeks ago - couple of hours with long sweaty man to man wrestling trash talk and good times. Rob is a super nice guy and respects all limits- if you want to have long sweaty matches with lots of give and take look him up



TPABAYBEAR is recommended by Rob3811

TPABAYBEAR and I had many long great heel jbr matches over time . He is a masc reg great guy who has a solid beefy hot wrestler look , is safe sane & a hell of a lot of fun to be with in those old school close contact heel/jbr matches with tactics "away from the ref".......Super guy, highly recommended and looking forward to yet another match with him !................ OCT 29 '16...HOT heel jbr once again in trunks ...Great time and tons of fun.............Oct 28,2017 we met up for another long sweaty beefy few hour jbr m2m workover 'away from our ref ' plus side grape vines, presses, scissors. 'ckokin' , usin the trunks etc Among others, we met Feb 8th 2019 for a hot m2m long sweaty heel jbr with him wearing his signature black speedos. Every match with TampaBayBear is always guaranteed to be a great m2m fun heel/jbr time working on that solid reg guy bod. highly recommended once again !



Rob3811 is recommended by Hymalayan muscle

Met up with Rob3811 for a recent match and it was fantastic. You want a great slow methodical heel that can grind and punish you on the mats then he is your man. Controlled me the entire time with slow wrestling holds that made me squirm in just enough pain to remind me that I am the jobber. He is a great guy on and off the mat. Has a great smile charming personality and will have you laughing at his stories. Highest recommendation.



Hymalayan muscle is recommended by Rob3811

My recent long heel/jbr match with J was a thorough super experience. First, he's a fantastic all around masc handsome guy with great sense of humor and a strong wrestler build looking  hot in both pro trunks and pro singlet. He's also a great deal of fun both on and off the mat and although he can easily be a heel, he's a really great jobber to work on , enjoys it, and can take  all sorts of tactics looking very hot in the process. A grounded masc reliable professional, he is open to try new ideas & is the real deal for one  fun enjoyable match. Recommend him very highly and can't wait for him to don a pro singlet for our next match!



Rob3811 is recommended by nhgrappler

Rob and I have met many times over the years. When it comes to pro style heel/jobber matches Rob knows his craft well. As a jobber he will make you work for the pin and can absorb a lot of punishment. As a heel he will make you suffer and take his time defeating you. He is totally safe and sane and a whole lot of fun both on and off the mats. If you love pro rassling and like your matches to last a very long time then Rob is your man. I highly recommend this gentleman in every sense of the word. I look forward to getting on the mats again with him very soon and resume our grappling feud and off mat friendship.



nhgrappler is recommended by Rob3811

Have had the great experience wrestling many old school long fun match sessions with Mike , a reg sane masc guy who innately understands how hot this style can be for similar minded guys. With his affinity for snug pro trunks, he has made not only the jobber role one to appreciate but also has developed a very effective heel as he methodically works on his man with long sweaty holds ( esp ALL head scissors ) and long close in contact–not to mention lots of tactics 'away from the ref' to daze and distract his man and set him up for an immobilizing pin. Always a fun old school super time with him. Looking forward to more matches and Highly Recommended!!



Rob3811 is recommended by PSSam

Rob is a great guy!! We had some very hot wrestling matches in the past. He really liked the heel/jobber matches that we had. He was a super jobber and did what it takes so that both wrestlers were enjoying themselves. I high recommend him and would love another go at it....



PSSam is recommended by Rob3811

Sam and I had many great fun matches in the handsome masc intelligent trustworthy guy and great wrestler ..luvs the close sweaty contact of old school heel jbr and that male bonding that accompanies it. Highly recommended !!



Rob3811 is recommended by jrod8389

Great guy on and off the mat. Fun fantasy pro wrestler and a good looking man. Would wrestle him again anytime.



jrod8389 is recommended by Rob3811

Had a fantastic time with this great guy! Masculine, handsome wrestler , fun in and outside of a match–whether it's in his pro trunks or singlet , watch out for his killer thighs too. So much m2m fun to wrestle and hang out with, I can't recommend Jarrod highly enough and cant wait for our next match and hear that Texas/Calf hybrid accent again !



Rob3811 is recommended by Rasslebarefoot

Rob is a great match! We had an intense old school heel jobber match in a fantastic hotel room in Chicago. His technique and mine were both spot on for a very enjoyable match! I can't wait to hook up with this big guy again!



Rasslebarefoot is recommended by Rob3811

great masc reliable guy! and had a great old school heel/jbr match one on one,two on one keeping tactics away from the referee, working on your man to open ourselves to some hot private matches////////rasslebarefoot is the perfect heel as well as tag partner in gear ....had the BEST TIME and looking forward to another match! soon where rasslebarfoot will emerge with his killer tactcs to daze his man over time and then lead his man in to his Southern Suck Finisher...oneHOT GUY to wrestle....can wait for the rematch



Rob3811 is recommended by toughjobber1

Had a great wrestling match with Rob. He is a tough wrestler, who knows how to slowly wear down his opponent. Looking forward to taking him on again!



toughjobber1 is recommended by Rob3811

toughjobber is a handsome clean cut masc great guy looking good in his speedo too, and an outstanding jbr!! we had a fun long great match with hot tactics to 'daze and weaken' him over time......had one great time and def looking forward to our next one