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Hi I'm Robbie----a fit, mature pro-trained grappler/wrestler with considerable experience in Brit pro-wrestling and submission styles plus training in shoot fighting and MMA/Vale Tudo and BJJ/jiujitsu(Blue Belt). I enjoy training guys and also doing video matches (from my experience with BGEast and others and technical 'give and take' bouts. I'm a good teacher I am told and can coach if you're just starting out and want a friendly fit guy to learn the ropes from. My profile was deleted by the admin here for no reason by the previous admin person and ALL of my past opponents recommendations and favourites were deleted–so if you know me or have wrestled me please say hi and add me again! My list of past opponents was well over 200 and would be over 250 now!! Following shoulder surgery back in february 2016 I have been rehabilitating my shoulder and muscles back up to full strength again after a ring accident during a show. I had to give it time before returning to intense training but have been signed-off by my surgeon and working out and rolling big time again. I am confident to start matches and training sessions although I won't be ultra-competitive if that is what you want. So if anyone wants some fun, technical or training matches then drop me a message or a challenge! I also do bespoke video matches through Wrestle4afee and FightFinders if you’d like a special video in any style or content...
LAST MATCHES : Battlefox,ukpitbull, and Wrestler1001,The grapplecoach,Walsallgoodguy and Sagittaron2
Upcoming training and ring matches: Work for Wrestle4afee, FightFinders and GBW wrestling coming very soon.....



  1. United Kingdom, High Wycombe
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Age: 59-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: French, German

Gear: Pro gear, speedos, boots,MMA/Vale Tudo gear

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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RobbieNeill is recommended by Torrnado

RobbieNeill is well known wrestling circles and it was my pleasure to finally meet him in the ring at Pippas yesterday.
We staged a filmed a tag match with him and Walsallgoodguy vs me and Easywrestler. His knowledge of pro wrestling moves made the match flow with some great back and forth action. In spite of our obvious differences in size and skill I didn't feel overwhelmed...even after submitting twice and losing the match!
For some safe and sane pro style action, I recommend you meet him.



Torrnado is recommended by RobbieNeill

Met up with Torrnado at a recent FightFinders meet in Manchester and was very impressed with what I found! A real little powerhouse of a wrestler with great moves and ability in the ring– and from what I could see on the mats too...Had a really fun ring match and tag team challenge with Torrnado and although being a bit bigger than him had my work cut out to get him where I wanted him!! Lots of fun, great kit and physique and highly recommended. I am sure it will not be the last time I get in the ring with him!



RobbieNeill is recommended by ImtiazAli

Originally met RobbieNeill in High Wycombe on Friday 11th January 2019. He was acccomdating enough to drive up together.

Got to have some light "promission" wrestling with this veteran wrestler at Fight Finder Presents: Manchester Meet 7. He is stronger than he looks, fit, great stamina, skilled with it and looks professional in his pro-wrestling gear. Tick, tick, tick... Dispite his shoulder limitations, it was fun to go back and forth with this legend... Sweating galore!

Truly a nice guy and intelligent of the mats... Hopefully you get the picture by now... Don't miss the opportunity to wrestle him!



RobbieNeill is recommended by RollingRollingRolling

I met this legend in the Eagle club, London - it was the days when there was a regular weekly wrestling spot there. A set of mats thrown casually in the corner of the club not far from the bar. Surprisingly no one was using them . Then I spotted Robbie and we got chatting - next minute we were wrestling , oblivious of the setting. When we looked up we had become the show! He is a fun friendly ,good looking guy with lots of wrestling skills. Highly recommended.



RollingRollingRolling is recommended by RobbieNeill

I met tripleR some while back now when I used to host the Grapple nights at the Eagle in Vauxhall. We got chatting and next thing we were on the mats grappling mma style and going for it big time... we realised we had drawn quite an audience and begun to love pushing ourselves to the limit..and showing off our wrestling and jiujitsu skills! RRR is a great guy and easy to chat to over a drink afterwards. Would be great to meet up again some day soon for a further series of matches for sure....anyone into competitive grappling fun will not be disappointed!



RobbieNeill is recommended by sagittaron2

After good conversations through messages for some time, with this great guy and legendary pro wrestler🤼‍♂️, I had finally the chance to meet RobbieNeill during my short stay in London😀
On top of being very sexy in speedo, he is totally reliable and safe, a real British gentleman on and out of the mats. Despite the limited space we had on a mattress, I have enjoyed very much the various holds he did on me. The afternoon was really too short to have an overview of all his wrestling skills.
I have also really enjoyed the discussions we had around a good glass of wine and delicious fish 😋
I recommend him for everybody : experienced wrestlers as well as beginners. And I look forward to meet him again soon!👍



sagittaron2 is recommended by RobbieNeill

After a series of messages we were able to actually meet in London during a trip Guillaume had planned and had the most fun you can have in a hotel match environment!! Guillaume is very strong , fun and easy to get along with! He wrestles like a demon, looks the part in his wide range of speedos and is the ultimate ‘pocket rocket’ and I would recommend him to anyone! If he’s coming to your area or country definitely arrange a meet!
Can’t wait for my next meet with him when he’s next over or I’m coming over to Paris! Merci mon brave!



RobbieNeill is recommended by Squashlad

11/02/2019: Itʼs great to have the legend that is RobbieNeill back in action and to have got a match in with the repaired bionic man relatively early on in his comeback. As billed, he looks and wrestles like a guy half his age, and you would genuinely not be able to guess how many candles were on his last birthday cake unless he told you. And that youthfulness goes for his strength too, which he says is much diminished, but was certainly enough to have me tapping out. He was kind enough to wrestle in my preferred style of submission grappling, on mats, rather than his audience-pleasing style in a ring, given that I know zilch about pro, and you can always tell when someone is that amenable and accommodating that youʼve got an opponent who loves wrestling the way that you do, and who just wants to wrestle rather than focusing overly on what we are or arenʼt going to do. And so it proved. Between the sweaty bits heʼs very easy to chat to, a good raconteur, outgoing and friendly, and our evening at High Barnet was therefore a lot of fun. Highly recommended.



Squashlad is recommended by RobbieNeill

Was fortunate to finally hook up with Squashlad or Grappler as I knew him before the day..and met up at Barnet matroom due to being unable to get the ring as planned. Not an issue though as we had a great roll on the mats and it ended up with it being a great submission night all round. Tough and flexible and with a high pain threshold Squashlad was a top opponent who made me work superhard to get anything on him....lots of sweat and dripping lycra later we pretty much exhausted ourselves.....i dont need to recommend him as he has hundreds already but here’s another anyway! 😉



RobbieNeill is recommended by battlefox

Although we met over 3 years ago for the first time, we didn't get to really test our skills then. When i arrived in London, he was there to meet me and test our skills finally. He is a great guy with good shape and was fun to have some bouts with him. He has a good resistance and has experience with how to battle in difficult and limited space.
Recommended a lot and deserves a lot of respect. Hope we get more chances in future to fight further.



battlefox is recommended by RobbieNeill

Finally had the long awaited match-up with this hot young man!! Not only a very polite and knowledgable guy but a great wrestler as well. Sadly we didn't have the ring to play in this time and were slightly hampered to say the least by the small area we had to wrestle in at his hotel but nonetheless we had a great roll and I would recommend him to any of my wrestling friends and followers.He's thoroughly sensible and fit and with a wicked sense of humour too. Great company and a great wrestle! What not to love...



RobbieNeill is recommended by walsallgoodguy

16/11/18 walthemstow, Wrestled Robbie for 2 hours,what can I say what a Legend, stunning in every way,put me in every move in the book,and lots of tips too for our future match thanks,Ripper Roger



walsallgoodguy is recommended by RobbieNeill

Had a long awaited match with Roger yesterday at Monica’s ring in Walthamstow. Had a blast with a very fit guy and got to know him both in the ring and socially afterwards. Looking forward to working with him more over the coming weeks and months with GBW but also as a tag partner in some of my future matches....
Arrived all ready to go and looking totally the pro wrestler in one of his many co-ordinated gear selections, he looks and acts the part. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a pro-style match.



RobbieNeill is recommended by scotsgrappler

Yup, that's him and he is as good a wrestler as he looks. Experienced and competent on many levels, he is a reliable guy when fixing a bout and a fun opponent. Good company on and off the mats



scotsgrappler is recommended by RobbieNeill

Scotsgrappler is a reliable and experienced wrestler who makes every match a fun time and a learning experience to boot! Have had the pleasure of meeting this guy a couple of times and would recommend him to anyone looking for a good match...



RobbieNeill is recommended by Jotakle

Robbie provided an excellent introduction to wresting, by coaching me through various submission moves and holds, as well as the subtle points of being able to give and take, which has given me a good start for my next wrestling matches.

Now I am not sure a can remember all those submission holds, but my slightly stiff back is a helpful reminder of some of them!

A powerful strong man who so effectively lowered his game to mine, whilst at the same time, made me work hard to keep up with him.

It was really enjoyable, I loved the experience and I am definitely up for more.

Robbie was so easy to deal with in making the arrangements, he is a relaxed and helpful guy in the ring, and is excellent company outside when we went for a drink afterwards.

If you want some effective down to earth coaching speak to Robbie, I look forward to meeting him again



Jotakle is recommended by RobbieNeill

I met John following his approach to me regarding some coaching and practise while he was down in London. Communications were excellent and he showed up early and ready to get into the ring! A fast learner and very fit for a mature guy like myself! Had a blast in the Walthamstow ring and went through loads of moves and holds with a more submission wrestling theme although we covered a few promission moves too.
A great guy to talk to both on the mats and afterwards over a drink and definately a new wrestler to meet up with.
Looking forward to meeting up with John again on his next trip south of the border!



RobbieNeill is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Recently met up again after a hiatus of over a decade.

Was great to see this super nice guy again. He is still recovering from major shoulder surgery so we couldn't try to destroy each other but had a great match nevertheless.

Even with a healing shoulder he is no slouch. When he is back on top form you better watch out (and so had I).



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by RobbieNeill

Met this guy recently for another session at the matroom in north London after about 10 years.....what transformation and how much has this guy improved–although I was not up to my usual form and testing out the shoulder under match conditions he had me tapping several times and seems to soak up just about everything you can throw at him! Although it felt a bit one-sided it was hugely fun and we just had a blast with me showing him stuff (moves!!!) and then him beating me with it! We wont be leaving it so long next time-in fact I want another match soon fella-we have a score to settle!!! 😄



RobbieNeill is recommended by socal74

Met this legendary wrestler in my London hotel and was left dripping in sweat, sore for days, and a better wrestler for the rumble. Robbie is an excellent coach. He's tuff as nails, and always keeps it hot, fun, and sexy. A great guy all around!!



socal74 is recommended by RobbieNeill

This guy is one amazing wrestler. Met on several occasions now when he was in London and always a fantastic match-up. If you get the chance to meet this hot guy take it as you will not be disappointed! Cant wait until he hits London again for a further rematch as its long overdue!! Sexy dude with great taste in gear too-not to be missed....



RobbieNeill is recommended by Gforce199

Finally I met Neil after a long time. We did some pro matches, but I would like to try a bjj match next time. Maybe we can arrange something next time in Barcelona in the big matroom of Barcelona!! See you next time!



Gforce199 is recommended by RobbieNeill

Finally met Jon last week on a trip to London after a couple of years of planning. It was definately worth waiting for! Jon is a tough and extremely fit wrestler with a superb physique and is fun to be with on a social level too. Cant wait to see him again in Barcelona for one of his group wrestling meets..
Although i wasnt as fit as normal I was able to hold my own and eventually settled into the match and we then moved it up a gear and the holds and moves began to flow again. Bring on the next match!



RobbieNeill is recommended by ShockR

Wrestled Robbie back in September 2013 at Grapple101 (way back when lol)

I was just starting out and Robbie was kind enough to teach me a few moves at a group event which has now finished

I am hoping to meet Robbie again and I would highly recommend a wrestle with him



ShockR is recommended by RobbieNeill

I met Iain at one of the later Grapple 101 evenings at the Eagle Vauxhall and was able to do a bit of one to one training and a couple of short matches with him. Iain was a fast learner and we had a great time on the mats in front of an appreciative audience! Definately recomend a meeting with this guy if you get a chance. He is sure to have got way better now than those early rookie days!



RobbieNeill is recommended by Christian Rage

I have been fortunate to have met Robbie over several occasions and have even done a BG east video with him. He has a great knowledge of wrestling and you can guarantee that a good match will be the outcome. A genial guy on/off the mats and great fun to get to grips with - definitely recommend



Christian Rage is recommended by RobbieNeill

I have known Christian for more years than I can recall now and as he says we did a good DVD for a few years ago amongst the several we have each done for them since. Christian is a great wrestler and like me loves pro wrestling albeit from more of a heel's view rather than me as the blue-eye jobber!! We've had some great matches and enjoy pushing each other to show off our technical moves and lots of verbal too! He always looks the part as you can see and you can never be disappointed with a meet with him-just don't be misled by his innocent look and big smile as he's a total b.....d if he wants to be! Good job I like being tested to the limit as he'll torture you mercilessly! :-)



subwrestler2 is recommended by RobbieNeill

Had the honour of being worked over big time by Kevin today! What an awesome guy and without being 100% I had no chance but it was sure fun to be brought back down to earth! It just proves no-one is invincible. Kevin is in superb shape and a true body builders physique. When he's in the UK be sure to meet up with him if you want a great workout and learn some hot tips on how to take down your man!!



RobbieNeill is recommended by daniellibra1986

Met Robbie ages ago while I still a student, he was one of my very first meet and bring me to the world of Meetfigthers. I was fish out of water that time but he was kind and patience enough to show me some moves.

Than we catch up 3/4 years later and he still look great! And we still had lot of fun with technical wrestling with BJJ, except this time I able to dominate him. Already miss our roll already! Can't wait to meet him again



daniellibra1986 is recommended by RobbieNeill

Lovely guy-skilled mma'er and deceptively skilled now after an early learning curve. His university BJJ club training really paid off and I saw the before and after in our several matches in London and Watford. I can't dominate him anymore as he's way too skilled now but it was fun to get some moves on him and he's a lovely guy off the mats too. Always a great match and when he's next back in London he'll be first on my list of opponents.



RobbieNeill is recommended by MONSTA

Wrestled multiple times on the mats in Hendon. Great guy on and off the mats. Skilled wrestler. Safe and sane.



MONSTA is recommended by RobbieNeill

Have met Mark many times at various matrons and always had a blast although usually as the jobber to his heel persona!! Loves his wrestling and knowledgable about pro which I love with a passion. I'd say we were both wrestleaholics! Both of us have had our health issues but back in the mix for new challenges and meets! Let's hope we can meet up again soon for some more pro action...



RobbieNeill is recommended by brazilwrestler86

Had the pleasure to meet up with Robbie a few months ago and what a match ! He had an injured shoulder so we had go less competitive but I deffinetely saw his technique and power ! Hope to hit the mats again with this beast soon .... He is too fighter and a top man ! Fully recommended !



brazilwrestler86 is recommended by RobbieNeill

Had a blast with this guy when he was passing through London recently with his friends. We had a great motel match and whilst I wasn't up to my usual standard due to my shoulder tear it was nonetheless a good workout and I think I surprised him with what I can do. A good sweaty match ensued and lots of holds and submission move trading..... He knows his stuff like me and eased up nicely to account for my less than 100% shoulder. Top guy! Hope we can meet up again soon when in town next!!



RobbieNeill is recommended by Mark uk

Met Neil a few times at the Eagle in London when they used to hold the wrestling on a Wednesday night. Nice guy and in great shape. Knows his stuff whether it's submission or Pro.



Mark uk is recommended by RobbieNeill

Mark and I met at various places/meets over the years and most often at Grapple101 when it was going and we always had a great time grappling and mainly sub wrestling on the mats. He's powerful and skilled and I used to love to try and get one over on him and counter his many moves! Didn't always succeed but always good fun and a nice guy to meet and chat with too!