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Profile pic in blue trunks taken 9/5/18. Gearing up in trunks, boots & jacket is a turn on. Facing another man across the ring in same attire is another turn on. Rasslin with him is the biggest turn of all! M2M action, macho studs seeing who's best, nothing like it! Boxing or sparring is good, too. But it doesn't have to be in a ring, hotels can suffice. It's all a rush! Not into oral or anal but hot JO or more is fine. Feel free to msg me anytime. Rassle chat is hot!



  1. USA - Georgia, Buford
    Place of residence
  2. USA - South Carolina, Myrtle Beach
    (I'm here between 9/23/2018 and 9/26/2018)
    Here on biz, can rassle Sun. Night. Preferably not in my hotel room. Any takers?
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Age: 60-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 173 lbs (78 kg)

Gear: Anything but jocks

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing

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ProNTampa is recommended by Royalb

This guy is the ultimate jobber! He was too much fun to work over! Flexible as all get out, he was twisted, turned and tweaked-and still wanted more. I used every hold I knew and then some. If you're a heel, this is your jobberboy!



Royalb is recommended by WPB-Muscle

Was a few years ago, but impressionable it seems like yesterday. Great body and fun to wrestle, great to talk to. Wanting for more.



WPB-Muscle is recommended by Royalb

WPB is a rassler's rassler! He knows the moves and holds for sure. He'll give you a good workout. And that body, wow, looks much younger than it is! Seek this stud out and rassle him. No regrets, I promise.



jrg1199 is recommended by Royalb

This man is a total pro stud. His knowledge of the sport barely surpasses his enthusiasm for it. His moves are incredible and has the gear to put it all together. Not only a master rassler, but a teacher as well. Great guy, highly recommended.



Royalb is recommended by ready to rassle

Royalb should stand for: "Royal Beast". This man is all man and then some. When we met this afternoon for our match, we dressed separately and did not meet until royalb walked into the room dressed in a mask and trunks. Even though I had seen his hot profile pics, I realized those pics did not even begin to tell the full story. We pro-style wrestled several falls and each fall was more hot fun than the other. He knows his pro holds & moves and will not disappoint. If you haven't met & wrestled this "Royal Beast" of a man, make sure you do.



ready to rassle is recommended by Royalb

This man was definitely ready to rassle! We did not see each other before gearing up and what a hot looking rassler was waiting when I entered the room. We did pro style, several rounds and we each won our share. RTR knows his pro moves and holds and knows how to make it fun! Rassle this stud if you get the chance! But, be ready...



Royalb is recommended by NCJockstrap

After years of chatting, I finally had the privilege to meet RoyalB. He is handsome, in shape with some nice muscles, and enjoys some hot rasslin action on the mats. He loves to gear up and go at with a good exchange of holds and sweat! Great guy off the mats, too. Don't miss the chance to rassle this man!



NCJockstrap is recommended by Royalb

What can I say about NCJockstrap that hasn't been said? We had chatted for years and finally met up in 2010. He was tough on the mats in pro and sub! Strong as an ox and fought hard! It was a great match and I'd rassle him any time, anywhere and in any thing!! PS. He wore a Speedo with me so I haven't seen that jock... yet!



Royalb is recommended by sbr

Met Royalb in GA for a friendly sub wrestle..His pictures do not do him justice...He has a muscular upper body especially pecs, abs & guns...We had a fun back & forth trading holds for a sub/pin but I spent some time on my back..He is very strong & tenacious but very respectful...He lived up to my expectations & had a great time wrestling...would def recommend for a match!



sbr is recommended by Royalb

This guy is fiesty, from hold to hold, and knew what he wanted. Enjoyed the battle, would do it again. It was some good back & forth action.



lspowerhouse is recommended by Royalb

My 2nd match with LS, or Slade in this persona, was at 2018 Clash. So awesome in the ring with this pro. His muscled body in tight trunks only addedvto the fight and fun. He's toufh but will teach as well. I'd rassle him anytime, and certainly hope we can do a rematch of our chain match!



Royalb is recommended by michaelwood

Royal and i had a GREAT TIME! Good physical man to man masculine contact....would like to get him back on my mats....ASAP....GOOD MAN!



michaelwood is recommended by Royalb

Michael is the real deal, knows his stuff and is strong. Had a great time on his mats and would don the gear again for action with him!