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Just getting introduced to the sport interested in chatting with guys and starting to learn what I can. Thanks for sharing your experience with the sport.



  1. Canada - Ontario, London
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Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 6'3" (191 cm), 231 lbs (105 kg)

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RussRoss is recommended by windsor 21

Had a fun session with RussRoss. To say he’s a giant is an understatement!! He’s more muscly (I said it) in real life than in his photos. He knows his pro moves and is great to chat with outside the ring as well. Lookin forward to our next tussle



windsor 21 is recommended by RussRoss

Finally got Windsor 21 in the ring. Had a great afternoon getting locked up and returning the favour. Looking forward to the next visit.



RussRoss is recommended by RocRassler

This guy has it all...the look, the size, the strength...and he's a great guy to boot. Was lucky enough to meet RR before the rest of the MF world takes notice and keeps him too busy for guys like me. Excellent training partner. Was happy to toss and be tossed by him. (Ok...happier cameling, crabbing and tossing Him!) He's a natural in the ring. Look forward to going at it again soon!



RocRassler is recommended by RussRoss

New to the sport and what a way to start! Roc’s pics don’t do him justice. Great guy in great shape and more skill then he lets on (I think it’s his hook). Hope he comes to town again soon, I feel like I still have a few things to learn from this great guy.



RussRoss is recommended by markymayor

MF Community has added a spectacular new addition in Russ. The man is an Adonis who also happens to be a complete natural in the ring.
Ticks ALL the boxes as an opponent, whether you’re looking for a heel/jobber, this guy can deliver & sell to perfection.
Factor in his infectious enthusiasm, fun & friendly personality & you’ve got the total package.
Looking forward to locking up again v soon.



markymayor is recommended by RussRoss

Just getting into the sport and had the privilege of learning from markymayor. Patient and talented I’m happy to say I learned a few things from the man. Hopefully have the opportunity to learn some more in the near future. Thanks for the match!