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Small guy (5' 7" 155lbs) into light sub, give and take, and erotic (if mutual chemistry, but not required). Been doing this for years, but not very skilled (and trying to work on that). Despite skill level, give it my best. Work out 5 days a week and have pretty decent strength. Compete better with even physical and skill level matchup. But, my interests in this are varied and open to other set ups.

If anyone in the area interested in coaching to help me to improve my skill level, let me know. Would be greatly appreciated.

Disease free, safe and sane play only. Long-time partnered here (36+ yrs) and this is my private side - if that is a problem, just tell me (but hold the judgement, please). In SF, I cannot host and time is limited. Visit NYC 2-3 times a year, like to match up with guys while there, stay across from Penn Station/MSG, and can usually host in my room.



  1. USA - California, San Francisco
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  2. USA - New York, New York
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Age: 63-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 155 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Any to none but it comes off

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SFFight is recommended by NYleanmuscle

Took awhile.....a few years actually to finally meet. Strong and muscular build.....not a trained wrestler but willing to go the distance and wants to learn. I showed him a few holds but I'm not formally trained so I know my limitations as a coach. Good man......easy to communicate with.....keeps his "end of the bargain" and a fun wrestle too!!! Loves to wrestle and shows it......



NYleanmuscle is recommended by SFFight

Skilled and strong grappler (even though, as he says, he is not formally trained). Submitted me repeatedly, but still a great time. Very safe and sane, while he was dominating. Even spent some time showing me how to get my one tap out of him. Easy to schedule, and great communication. A great guy on and off the mats, and yet another high quality guy that makes this site so awesome.



SFFight is recommended by sportsri

I met Mike at the NYC WrestleFest 2019. He was definitely a highlight of my weekend. We seemed to have an instant connection and chemistry. It was great to wrestle someone close to my size which led to a lot of give and take action. We also shared similar interests in massage and sensual touch. Hopefully I will get to see him again so we can continue where we left off. Highly recommend.



sportsri is recommended by SFFight

Awesome fun match. We are good size match, and pretty evenly matched on the mats (or at least he made it that way). Hot struggle for control. Safe and sane. He also gives a great massage. Quality guy on and off the mats. Highly recommend.



jackbouvier is recommended by SFFight

I had seen his profile over the years, but never had an opportunity to meet until today at Wrestlefest. While primarily a Pro guy, Jack is a very versatile wrestler and I had an awesome time rolling with him. I highly recommend Jack, he is fun, safe, sane, and a quality guy on and off the mats.



EurohunkSF is recommended by SFFight

We rolled at a wrestling party a while ago. I was still pretty new and a little nervous. When we got in the ring together, it was a really fun roll. His size was an advantage but I held him off a little towards the end. My first time wrestling in front of a group of others. After the match, we went our separate ways, but it turns out we both wanted more of each other. Look forward to an opportunity to do that again..



SFFight is recommended by a-xxcliffxx

Had my fifth match with SFFight. We were covered in sweat by the end of it. I dominated him this time but he still made me submit a couple times. There have been other matches where he was in control which makes the matches hard fought and exciting. Looking forward to the next match with this great wrestler.

Had been looking forward to my first match with SFFight and I was not disappointed. He is great to wrestle - very strong and sexy. We had a good back and forth with multiple submissions. I taught him some pressure points and he was using them to devastating effect on me before the match was over. He is a sweet guy but watch out on the mats - he’ll teach even guys a lot bigger than him to respect their “little brother.” I have had a number of really great matches with SFFight in SF and NY. He is not only a great wrestler but a great guy to hang out with at dinner. He also joined in our 5 man brawl at Wrestlefest. He was everywhere fighting one guy or antoher and just having a great time. Don’t pass up a match with SFFight if you get a chance.



a-xxcliffxx is recommended by SFFight

Update 7/2018...
Had another session with Cliff. What a hot fun opponent. Each of our meetings has been a little different, and always a lot of hot fun. This time, he dominated me and took control. Hot guy, hot matchup, hot fun. Match up with him if you can.

Cliff was on my bucket list, and I am lucky I had the chance to meet him. Hot guy, hot match. This guy was everything I hoped for, and more. Tuff when he wants or needs to be, can ratchet to meet your limits, and makes it fun at any level. Has a aggressively playful side as well. Everything we did was safe and sane. I’m hoping to match with him again. Another example of the type of guy that makes this site awesome. Don’t miss your opportunity.

Got another run at Cliff at 2018 NYC Wrestlefest, both one on one (a couple of times) and a fun 5-man battle. Not only some great matches, but also great to hang out with. Love annoying my “big brother”, as all “little brothers” do.



SFFight is recommended by Animal KingDom

Truly awesome fighter, does not back down; he denies any boxing training, so he must be a natural. Very hot body, even hotter in boxing gear. Brings everything he has to a match, don't hesitate to take him on, he can take it. Looking forward to the next match.



Animal KingDom is recommended by SFFight

Tough, skilled, very trustworthy. He fights hard, but safe. I had gotten into punching during grappling matches, but never gloved up and boxed. Biff was the perfect guy to try it with. While he came after me, and kicked my ass pretty soundly, it was a hot experience that just makes me want to improve my skills and try him again.

Not only is he hot, but as others have said, the space we used was hot too. A small padded fight room in the city.

If you are skilled, go for it against him. If you are not skilled, or just want to try boxing, go for if against him. Although he is very tough and skilled, he is safe and sane. A quality fighter but more important, a quality guy.



SFFight is recommended by Sam

I had a great time with SFFight. He has a great body and puts it to good use on the mat. Very easy to talk to and schedule a match. I was happy to wrestle him, so will you.



Sam is recommended by SFFight

Awesome guy and great grappler. Really nice physique and lots of fun to roll with. Although he pretty much controlled me the whole time, I really enjoyed him also taking the time to share some BJJ techniques with me. Great communication leading up to our match and very gracious host. Very nice to get to know him as well. Another quality guy that makes this a great site. Don’t miss your chance to meet Sam, you will have a great time.



westla323 is recommended by SFFight

We have met a handful of times over the years before Jack joined Meetfighters. Our matches have always been hot, fun, and primal. Look forward to our next matchup. Don't miss meeting this guy.



SFFight is recommended by Jman77

This guy is a true bud. He always has my back. Gives me great advice, makes helpful suggestions and is very encouraging. When he hosts, he hosts, very hospitable. Had a great match with him. Great guy on and off the mats. I hope that this is 9nly the first of many matches to come.



hunwrest is recommended by SFFight

This big guy enjoys back and forth action. Met him during a 5-man battle. He was the focus of several of us and really went with it. Lots of fun, very handsome, nice physique, and very charming too. Definitely lots of fun.



SFFight is recommended by njmuscguy1

great guy and a lot of fun to wrestle !! def up for a rematch !!



njmuscguy1 is recommended by SFFight

Hot and extremely skilled grappler. What makes him extraordinary is he will gladly work at your level and have fun doing it. Very outgoing, gregarious guy who really lights up the room. Don’t miss a chance to roll with him. Another quality guy who makes this site great.



SFFight is recommended by TDOG

Wow! What a fun time I had wrestling this tough guy. We had a 2 man duel, followed by a 5 man brawl at Wrestlefest. Not only a great wrestler, but also fun, intelligent and great conversationalist. Can't wait for our next matchup!



TDOG is recommended by SFFight

Great guy, brings his attitude and is safe and sane. Lots of fun. Awesome build, very furry. Had a great time learning his weak spots and working g them, but he can turn the tables quickly.

Another quality guy from this site. Jump at the chance to meet him, you won’t be disappointed.



SFFight is recommended by lacabrawler

Had an excellent match with this tough opponent and can't wait to get him in a ring. He is hard muscled, skilled, fast and willing to take the fight to the ground for hard punching and pressure holds. Very reliable and lots of fun. Hot body and a willingness to go brutal. Highly recommend you square off with this man.



lacabrawler is recommended by SFFight

Met for an early morning match, this is a hot and tuff guy. We exchanged quite a few punches as we did ground fighting. Abs and pecs mostly, some to the sides. Boy can give and take punches. Did some flexing and took the time to appreciate each other's muscles as well. Great time, and great match. Don't hesitate to meet this quality guy, you will have a great match and a great time.



SFFight is recommended by turnbuckl

The masked Jobber champion and the masked heel champion had a wild spontaneous battle. He is a tough guy but the heel prevailed and showed him what a dirty pro fantasy match is all about..though he did get in some good eye rakes and pec pounding.....lots of fun and a great guy. Recommended for creative and imaginative match.



turnbuckl is recommended by SFFight

We met as equals, and this stud heel took me down. Decent strikes, and dirty moves, this is one tuff fighter. When I told a buddie about our fight, my buddie observed that this guy is "a punisher". He can play at whatever level you want, so limits are respected and the play is safe and sane. If you want a hot hard pro bout, this is the guy for you.

This last time was our second meeting. I will learn from my first two meetings, and get the best of this stud next time.



SFFight is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

What an awesome guy to meet. Strong fit and feisty. We had a blast and hope to meet again soon. Highly recommend



Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by SFFight

Awesome guy, fun grapple and great to hang out with. Strong and so handsome. Don't miss your chance to meet him.



redlandguy is recommended by SFFight

An awesome guy. We have chatted over time, and finally got to meet up. Like his profile says, he is skilled and willing to coach, so we spent the time sparring and coaching with me. Made me feel very comfortable, and had a great time.

Don't miss an opportunity to meet him. You'll meet a great guy, great grappler, and have a great time. He's the type of guy that makes this site what it is.



SFFight is recommended by Rusnak

Had the pleasure of finally meeting up with this guy. He is strong and quick. Done underestimate him on the mats. He’s a man of his word. Great guy on and off the mats. Look forward to our rematch. Highly recommend



Rusnak is recommended by SFFight

After meeting socially at NYC Wrestlefest, got this big guy one on one. Big, strong, skilled, and very agile. He arrived early to our meeting place, so very reliable in my book. I am sure he lowered his power level against me, but asserted it a few times to put me in my place. A tuff bull fighter, nice guy off mats. Don’t miss your opportunity to add him to your list.



SFFight is recommended by nycjock72

Had a very short (but fun) match with SFFight while I was in SF on business. He's a scrappy and strong guy for his size. I totally recommend him!



nycjock72 is recommended by SFFight

NYJock72 was visiting SF and he had some unexpected time on his schedule. Reached out to me, and I was able to meet. Time was short - but we made it work. Very HOT guy, great physique, and a really safe and FUN roll. If he reaches out to you, meet him. You won't be sorry.



SFFight is recommended by shortfighter

Finally met SFFight and look forward to wrestling with him again. (We only had a short time on the mat at a group event.) He's wiry and strong, and though untrained has very good instincts. I can tell he has a passion for wrestling, and that's the best kind of workout partner, no matter what the experience level. I look forward to tangling with him again!



shortfighter is recommended by SFFight

Great quality guy, great attitude. Said he was rusty, but I couldn't tell as he is very knowledgeable, skilled and confident. Willing to roll with someone less skilled, careful and is very safe and sane. I look forward to the next opportunity to roll with him. Don't miss an opportunity to meet this guy.



SFFight is recommended by michaelwood

Good strong wrestler here.....also one hell of a good puncher....GREAT aggressive match....want more....just say when bud



michaelwood is recommended by SFFight

Big, strong, tuff - hits hard, but adjusts down to accommodate smaller guys. One of the greatest guys off the mats. Don't miss your chance to meet him, but you better bring your "A' game.



4fun is recommended by SFFight

Awesome guy. Solid build (in a very good way) and strong. Willing to work at any level. I couldn't do strikes and had to go easier due to an injury, and he happily obliged. We still both had fun. Some of my buddies met him as well and told me his give/receive striking/punching skills were very good.

This is the type of guy that makes the site safe and (like I said before) lots of fun. I would meet him again. Don't miss an opportunity to meet him, you will have a great time and won't be disappointed.



SFFight is recommended by calwrestler

Mike and I met at Wrestlefest after chatting on-line several times, at length. We hit it off immediately. He is in great shape, and although bruised up from a striking match, was eager to take me on. Could not be full-on, but it was great fun. Then we exchanged some holds and removed burdensome Chatted some more and became closer friends. I was sorry to miss him that night at a "meet" of a number of wrestlers....
All in all a very good time....we vowed to repeat it more than once in the future.



Syrwrestler is recommended by SFFight

Awesome guy - strong, tough, skilled, and handsome too. He controlled me pretty good, but still made sure I had a good time (and I did). Really nice guy off the mats. I look forward to getting together with him again. Don't miss the opportunity to meet him, you will have a great time.



royboy is recommended by SFFight

Hot and fun - played to a level that we could both enjoy. And a nice guy off the mat.



SeattleWrestler3 is recommended by SFFight

Awesome wrestler and person. Very experienced and can adjust to my level to make it fun and still challenging. Exerts his dominance when he wants, but makes sure we both have a great time.

Don't hesitate to book a match with him if you have the opportunity. You will not be disappointed.



SeattleFight is recommended by SFFight

This guy is everything as advertised and more. Skill and strength, dominant attitude, and pretty damned handsome.

He dominated me real good, we also did some body punches, but I did get in some shots.

Don't miss an opportunity to meet this guy. You will not be sorry and you will enjoy it. Just be ready for some soreness afterwards, but in a good way.



renguin is recommended by SFFight

FIrst matchup with renguin and it was an EPIC erotic battle. Very even match and we worked each other pretty good. Will definitely rematch with him again. Don't miss an opportunity to meet up with him.



SFFight is recommended by dc wrestle

Mike is a feisty wrestler with a great bod. We had a long, sweaty match with multiple holds. And he's a gentleman off the mats. Highly recommend.



dc wrestle is recommended by SFFight

Strong bull of a fighter, bigger than me and knows how to use his advantage. HOT guy and really nice off the mats. Don't hesitate to set up a match vs Joel.



SFFight is recommended by ca510140

Great guy and tons of fun can't wait to meet again



ca510140 is recommended by SFFight

GREAT guy and lots of fun. Watch out for his scissors.