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Back in training and looking to get back on the mats and into some holds and stretches. If you want to help condition and stretch my body, then let me know.

New year, new meets, new friends and of course grappling with old friends. Bring it on!!!

Semi competitive matches with experienced grapplers sought for sub and pro-mision. Re-learning the skills and building my fitness. Will always give you a challenge, more than capable of holding my own.

Also Like being a jobber, can and will take the pressure and pain, if you're able to apply it. All variants of holds welcome, life isn't meant to be easy, let's push my body to it's limits and beyond. More than happy to be a practice pal for anyone to apply holds to.

Guys in favourites, are guys I'd like grapple with.



  1. United Kingdom, Melton Mowbray
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I am willing to travel 200 kilometers


Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Boxers, speedos

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SWInnes is recommended by pshawfocus

Super easy to organise, great communication and he's exactly what he says on the tin! Had a fun first meet giving SW's abs a work over.

He's in great shape, better than his pics might suggest, tall and broad shouldered, nice pecs and good legs too - no bout a good wrestler. His hot abs are in good form too :-)

I intro'd him to a few GP activities (the purpose of our meet) and he took them all with aplomb; as he says on his profile he can be a very willing sub.

Off the game he's a friendly, warm and engaging guy, apparently he likes a beer too so if you live nearby, I'm sure you'd have a good time on a night out.

A really positive first meet; I'll be scheduling the next one as soon as I can!

12/6/18 - just had my second meet with the gut punching jobber-supreme SWInnes. Another session where he put his abs up for a beating and took whatever I threw at them with (almost) total aplomb. Almost ;-) Various positions and types of hit plus different intensities. Here's to meet number 3 :-)
3/7/18: Quick meet with SW. Think I left his abs a bit bruised, just as he wanted!
16/10/18 - another meet, left his hairy abs with a few aches.
9 Mar 19: A hot 3-way session with SWInnes and Hertsdog :-)
1 Apr 19: short but sweet (eg intense) meet, left his abs nice and tingly



pshawfocus is recommended by SWInnes

Top class bloke, easy to arrange meet and did what it said on the tin. My intro to full GP work and what a good intro it was. He talked me through all the stages, punches, elbows and tramples. All in a safe and sane manner.

Although working my gut over with some intensity, I felt comfortable under his weight and in his company. My abs may think different later on.

Easy going guy to chat with on/off the mats, hope to meet again.

Thoroughly recommend pshawfocus for a GP session to anyone and everyone.


Second meet today and so glad we found the time to fit it in. Increased intensity and style of strikes but still all safe and sane. More pressure applied and lasted longer with this immense GP master, he knows how to work it.

Let's hope meet 3 appears on the cards soon.


Another fantastic meet, managing an injury is frustrating but was in safe, very effective, hands., he sure knows what to do. Here's to the next meet, let's see what happens then.


Another great meet, and this time introduced to a new friend, Hertsdog. My first 2 on 1 and couldn't have picked a better pair to submit my gut to. Being physically restrained whilst subjected to punches, chops, kicks and stomps took the experience to a whole new level. Again full recommendatons for PShaw, who has not only introduced me to GP but also to, hopefully, new friends and GP buddies. 3 is a magic number.


Short, sharp and effective, PShaw never fails to disappoint.



SWInnes is recommended by hertsdog

09 Mar 19: Great to meet SWI for the first time! We had a nice long 3-way GP session and this guy can really take a beating! Mixed in some trampling, kicking, elbows - all very satisfactory! Great guy to beat up and also to talk to! Recommended!



hertsdog is recommended by SWInnes

Met Hertsdog and PShawfocus for an enjoyable evening of GP, stomping and more. First 2 on 1 experience and both guys took excellent care of me. HD was the perfect host in every aspect. Working my gut one on one, or whilst being restrained by regular GP bud, HD took my experience to a new level, and of course he obilged with his own variations of restraint whilst PShaw continued my pounding. Always felt safe and cannot recommend HD more highly. I hope this is the first of many meets - 3 is a magic number.



SWInnes is recommended by Squasher 37

Had a really good grapple with SWInnes, his skill and stamina are way better than mine - even with his injury. My usual squashing powers didn’t shine through here!
Safe and sane, my regular taps were always respected.
We arranged the match at very sort notice, which was perfect for me.
I really enjoyed meeting this guy and highly recommend him. I’d like to go back for another go. Thanks



Squasher 37 is recommended by SWInnes

Good easy meet to arrange, just what I needed as my back sorts itself out. Solid grappler, good long slow holds, safe and sane. Applied pressure when and where required, highly recommended.

Hopefully meet again so I can enjoy his weight squashing and smothering me some more.



SWInnes is recommended by boston111

18 Aug 2018
Just had the second round with SWInnes and he is getting better at taking what I can give. I used quite a few holds , to get him warmed up, and he could take them. Really easy to wrestle with, and lots of fun. I will give him time to recover before round 3.

I have just given SWInnes a good work over, which was great fun. This guy can take a lot of punishment, which I was happy to give him. You can tell that he has the strength and ability to put up a good fight, if he needed to. Great, easy guy to wrestle. I was amazed at how much gut punishment he could take. He looks the part, and could take all the holds I could throw at him. It was a safe and sound 2 hours of wrestling fun with this top bloke. Wrestle him when you can.



boston111 is recommended by SWInnes

Excellent first meet today with boston111, he sure does know his sub holds. Arms, legs, head, back and gut all suffered today - although his Boston crab is immense. Combo holds applied pressure to multiple body parts at once, could have asked for a better guy to work me over. Safe, sane and relaxed, 100% recommendation for this top bloke.

18 Aug 18 - Another, long overdue, meet with Boston111, and this was even more challenging and satisfying than before. He knows what holds to apply, for how long and the intensity to keep you on the edge. Disappointed my back didn't want to fully play today, hopefully third time lucky for a full sustsined boston crab punishment.



SWInnes is recommended by Torrnado

Although relatively new to our Meetfighters community SWInnes is already a natural wrestler. Very fit and very strong, this amiable guy soon had me tapping and his excellent defence skills made it very difficult for me to get anything on him! Off the mats SwInnes is friendly, easy going company. The fact that he looks superb in his speedos is an added bonus! I thoroughly recommend you meet him.



Torrnado is recommended by SWInnes

Another very good meet, Torrnado is a very technical wrestler and it was good to get to grips with him on the mats. A lot learned from this experienced individual who is a gent both on and off the mats. A pleasure to meet.



SWInnes is recommended by grappleguy66

Stu has a natural agresive scrappy stiyle.He is very strong ,with a lean muscled build. He already is very a capable appiontment well able to hold his ground against heavier guys. Im very pleased hes joined the site .its great that hes local too



grappleguy66 is recommended by SWInnes

Good to meet another local, and easy to arrange the meet. A big strong guy who knows how to take the advantage. Kept it safe and sane and another great experience and learning opportunity. Quality bloke, highly recommend.



SWInnes is recommended by dadwrestle

One amazing wrestler! Yes, he's a novice in that hes new to the scene, but in no way is this guy a novice skill wise!! Strong, agile, fast and sanely aggressive, he took control of our mat fight with ease! He has been able coached since joining up and clearly learns quickly. An absolute pleasure to wrestle. I did get a few taps out of him, but this is one classy fighter. Off the mats, there's great conversation and a great sense of humour. I just hope I get the chance to roll with this wrestler again. 5 STAR GOLD RECOMMENDATION. A wrestler not to be missed!



dadwrestle is recommended by SWInnes

An easy meet to arrange and my first intro to the Barnet mat room.

A strong, experienced wrestler who worked me hard and made me work just as hard. A tough contest all round but safe, sane and fun.

Off the mats a great conversationalist and made me feel at ease upon meeting.

Fully recommend meeting this quality individual.



SWInnes is recommended by Playfight64

Met Stu today, really strong and knows how to put the holds on to get a submission. Really nice guy off the mats too. Highly recommended.



Playfight64 is recommended by SWInnes

First meet with Steve, and an enjoyable session. Strong legs when applying scissors. Decent guy to chat with afterwards, highly recommend meeting him.



SWInnes is recommended by borets

What a pleasure to meet Stu. Fit, strong , flexible and happy to get stuck in. Some good MMA skills just below the surface too. This man may enjoin pain but he’s a scrapper. Highly recommended.



borets is recommended by SWInnes

Met borets today for my first experience on the mats, from the outset he put me at ease, and made me feel comfortable. He took the time to walk and talk me through various moves, using me as the demo. He knows when and where to apply the pressure. Always safe and sane, allowing me to suffer and learn. Off the mats he's an outstanding host, his cooking skills matched his mat skills.

Positive first meet, fully recommend this guy.



SWInnes is recommended by fitman321

He was one off bests jobber I ever had. I would meet him any any time you should do same nice man on and off mate.Thanks mate.



SWInnes is recommended by Lincoln Lad

Wasn't expecting to have this wrestle today - but I'm so glad I did!! SWInnes is strong - very - determined and fit. He has all the makings of a really superb wrestler and I can't wait to wrestle him again. It takes a lot to make him tap and he's flexible and agile, which means he can wriggle out of holds with apparent ease. Lovely guy to talk to off the mats with entertaining and funny stories. Meet him straight away if you get the chance. Smashing fella, total recommendation from me.



Lincoln Lad is recommended by SWInnes

Lincoln Lad is a top bloke, as a newbie, he patiently showed me the ropes guiding me through the technique. Also worked me over, sane and safe. Excellent intro to the mats. Off the mats he is an absolute gent, interesting conversation and good company.

Hopefully meet again, fully recommended on all counts.