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Age 69
Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 160 lbs (73 kg)
Gender Male
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  1. USA - Maryland, Catonsville, MD
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Sands is recommended by Slim 66

Well, Sands is a unique opponent.. He surprised me with some very good submissive holds.
Our narrative started almost nine months ago..Mr. Sands contacted me requesting a match. I replied of course. Both of us were in anticipation for a hot sweaty match..
Sands delivered that and more....
I will not reveal his techniques. However, when he gets into that flow... he becomes a beast. He informed me that he was inexperienced in. submission (not).
Nevertheless, I couldn't let him just dominate me. I did have a few tricks myself ...
Of the mats, Mr. Sands is very intelligent and very well read.. He can converse with you about any subject.
So, if the Sands come to. your town, please wrestle him. You will not be disappointed.
Very, very highly recommend



Slim 66 is recommended by Sands

Slim_66 is a great freestyle grappler with excellent technique and explosive power once he gets in the flow or in the heat of battle. He knows his holds and can execute them with precision, but always in a safe and sane manner. He's also very intelligent and enjoys engaging conversations. I recommend this peaceful warrior without reservation!



Sands is recommended by tomphila39

I had an awesome match with Sands. It was a pleasure wrestling with him. He had great energy and excellent skills. He was enthusiastic and friendly. We had good conversations before, during, and after our match. I totally recommend meeting up with him.



tomphila39 is recommended by Sands

What a great guy! I really enjoyed rolling with Tom. We exchanged holds and we had also meaningful conversations. I hope to have future matches with this friendly warrior. Just an all around nice guy. Check him out, you won't be disappointed!



Sands is recommended by Pennsypinner

Had the pleasure of locking up with Sands today. After a longer-than-expected trip for him to PA from MD, we got into our gear and quickly locked up. Clamped on some bearhugs before we hit the mattress, and we then had a fun afternoon putting each other in various out for his arm bar/chicken wing and stay away from those tight leg scissors. Exchanging holds and taps, he had me sweating in no time.....nothing better than a good sweaty match, with a lot of give and take. You know things are going well when you start talking "rematch" before your first match is over. Sands was very close to me in stats, so that was nice, since most guys we wrestle have the weight advantage. I had a slight weight advantage, but it did not seem to factor in. We rolled for a good part of the afternoon, and I had a great time working him over, and he worked on me as well. We are definitely planning a rematch soon! Great guy before, during, and after the match. Wrestle this guy!



Pennsypinner is recommended by Sands

I had a great back and forth match with my fellow warrior. He has excellent wrestling skills and he is as strong as they come. He was able to get more taps out me than I was able to get out of him. This guy has great upper body strength. Tom is a wonderful person and welcomed new friend. I look forward to many more matches in the future. Guys don't miss the opportunity of wrestling this phenomenal person, you can't go wrong.



Sands is recommended by GP Punchee

Had a great time with Sands, very interesting person off the mat and a lot of fun on the mats. Good back and forth and can highly recommend him. We have met twice and both matches were a lot of fun.



GP Punchee is recommended by Sands

What a great guy to roll with and a great gut puncher too. I look forward to meeting him again. He's also a great host. I highly recommend him to others , who like a lot of give and take in their matches.



Sands is recommended by DEjobberman

Sands is a good man. Laid back. Very friendly. But he has a heel side to be wary of. Great man to meet up with for wrestling fun.



Sands is recommended by Canadian bruiser1

Sands is an amazing guy, he as good morals and really nice outside of the ring, but look out, he has a tough mean streak and can deliver rough punishing moves, but a good strong guy, and likes to taunt his opponents, but all in fun and a good workout we hope to have some themed matches one day. this guy is worth it to wrestle. he once told me i like my matches on the rough side... i hope to wrestle this guy again, but look out Sands i will have some surprises for you in our match, and wont go down easily this time.... I am looking forward to a rematch with Sands
once again great guy to wrestle.



Canadian bruiser1 is recommended by Sands

I wrestled the Canadian Bruiser1 several years ago. He's a good wrestler and I really enjoyed wrestling this tough guy. He's strong and knows his moves. He can be tough in the ring and or on the mat, but he always respects limits. I'm looking forward to wrestling again. He's also a great guy off the mats.



Sands is recommended by hardinthering

I have only wrestled Sands once, but, had a great time! He is a very skilled wrestler!



hardinthering is recommended by Sands

I had great wrestling Lets_Rassle. He's a fun guy to wrestle and I hope we can wrestle again in the future. I highly recommend him to guys who like good matches!!



Sands is recommended by Sam

Pro or sub, this is your man. Tough opponent and fun wrestle. Communicates well setting up the match and on the mats. Wrestle him!



Sam is recommended by Sands

What a great guy to wrestle! He's strong and knows his wrestling holds and moves. I hope to wrestle him again and I highly recommend him to others looking for good wrestling matches. He's a great guy on and off the mats.



Sands is recommended by Txwresl

A very nice guy and eqsy and fun to wrestle with. He knows his stuff and wants to work with you for a good match. As he said we had little room to roll but made the best of,it. Good conversation off the mat.



Txwresl is recommended by Sands

What a great guy and also a very good wrestler. The setup wasn't the very best, but we did get to roll around a little. Hopefully, we'll wrestle again. I highly recommend him to others looking for a good workout.



Sands is recommended by hardonthemat

Great guy on and off the mats Skilled sub wrestler. Good back and forth rassle action. Can take punishment and give it Always ready to lock up with him.



hardonthemat is recommended by Sands

A great guy on and off the mat. Always a lot of back and forth action in our matches. He can dish out punishment as well as take it and he loves to put up a struggle.