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I find wrestling somewhat erotic (but please don't be put off if you are straight as eroticism is not a prerequisite) - I enjoy the body contact two guys fighting hard for supremacy. I may be on the old side and possibly not the strongest fighter, but I will always give a good fight as demonstrated in my reviews. Totally trustworthy only safe and sane meets. I have a particular penchant for denim so fights in jeans an added bonus. Based in Fife, in Edinburgh often also happy to travel to Glasgow and even Aberdeen for a meet. Regrettably it is unusual for me to be able to host but occasionally I can do so outside in my secluded garden. Keen on both submition and pins. Come on guys let’s get started!



  1. United Kingdom, Edinburgh
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 63-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 182 lbs (83 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Jeans and shirtless, shorts or naked if chemistry is right

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Scot Grappler is recommended by Jotakle

24 Jan 19 - round 3

Rod arrived right on time and making it known he was clearly up for a fight, (getting pushed about before we even got near to the mats was a clear sign of that!)

Anyway, once on the mats taking on this (big) strong fired up lad seems a challenge, but soon Rod found himself submitting to a rear naked choke, which let him know who really is in charge!

Rod has clearly been picking up some experience in how to lock in and render useless opponents arms and legs not to mention turning his opponent over to get on top.

It was turning into a good battle until Rod (accidentally) head butted the wall, then it was time to cut short and sensibly call it a day, to allow Rod (and the wall) to recover

Thanks Rod, looking forward to the next time (outside again maybe?)

6 /13/ 18 - the rematch!
It was good to meet Rod again, who is keen to put the gloves on and wastes no time to start fighting, a strong bloke who goes straight for his opponent, throwing punches before we have even hit the ground.
Clearly I now have more experience, and that does seem to be paying off, as Rod finds himself submitting to an array of chokes, arm locks and scissors, however I did not get it all my way as I did find myself pinned down under his weight!
As ever Rob is a great host! his secluded garden is ideal for an outside fight, and once again it was a great wrestling experience taking on this safe and gentle guy.

9/ 8/17
What a really enjoyable wrestling experience meeting Rod, for a fight in his very secluded garden.
Rod is so easy to get on with, a most hospitable friendly and mild mannered guy, although watch out when you step outside with him, he immediately turns into a ‘game lad’ who is there to fight, and this morning came straight for me, (no time for any small talk then?) and bundled me to the ground.
He seems to have the advantage, but there is no way I can just let this guy take me in our first bout, we wrestle on wet ground for ages. Eventually I have got him where I need him, pinned underneath me, first bout to me, but I was really lucky.
We both have a lot to learn, however we did manage to deliver some submissions using a clumsy arm bar, choke, and full nelson, but Rod failed to feel any discomfort whatsoever from my figure four leg lock!
We both then agreed to fight using body punching, which was a real buzz, and both enjoyed tearing into each other
I mistakenly thought Rod has had enough, but NO, after a short breather he wants to go again, so it’s outside into the rain for another session, and then another, and then another, but all great fun
Whilst Rod is a really nice gentle guy, he is certainly no pushover.
I recommend him as a great bloke to wrestle with, who is safe and sane, and someone who is totally trustworthy.
I look forward to our next fight



Jotakle is recommended by Scot Grappler

Round 3 (24 Jan 19). I met John again at his flat in Dundee yesterday. We were having a good tussle on the ground when I rather stupidly allowed my head to bang against the wall with a loud thud! I was getting myself up from the ground trying to put myself in a position of strength on top of this fearsome opponent. Anyway the session had to come to an abrupt end which was a great pity because we were both in full battle at the time, thoroughly enjoying ourselves. The problem with John (for me anyway) is his f…ing arms they are so bloody strong I was just finding it completely impossible to get the upper hand against him. Anyway John I am sorry our battle was so rudely cut short, I am certainly up for it again at any time you want.

The re-match! It must now be at least 10 months since I last met John who at the time he was a relative novice (but compared to me quite an experienced) fighter. Since that first meeting John has met numerous other fighters on this site and his added experience certainly showed when I met him once again in my garden last week. I have to say I didn't have a chance. His hands and arms are particularly strong and there was no way that I was going to get the better of him. The one advantage I did have was my weight (not that I would describe myself as a heavy person) and there was just one chance I had of pinning him to the ground although I suspect that may have partly been down to John allowing me to get the upper hand just that one - it would have been very easy for him to through me off. All in all it was an enjoyable and fun hour of grappling and I am certainly willing to give him another go should he agree to another fight at some point in the future. Off the mat he is a great guy, I would certainly urge others to give him a challenge.

John and I finally managed to organise our fight which was held outside in my garden on a very wet and damp morning. This was in fact my first fight for pretty nearly two years and I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Although neither of us have much experience, John is a very strong fighter and he was easily able to overpower me on numerous occasions, but that said we had a great grapple and roll on the ground. As he becomes more experienced, which I am confident he will, he will definitely be a force to be reckoned with particularly for those who are half his age. He is also an incredibly nice guy both on and off the mat and is totally trustworthy. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a tough submission wrestle – with or without body punches. I very much hope to meet and fight John again.

PS. John has been over generous with his recommendation! Yes, when he arrived I was itching for a fight and once on the grass I went straight at him, no time as he said for small talk, well wasn’t that why he was there!!! As a result I got him to the ground but it didn’t take long for his strength to overpower me. Thinking back a day later I certainly enjoyed the encounter and can’t wait to fight again.



Scot Grappler is recommended by daveywrest

I met Scot_Grappler after chatting online a few weeks before, He was an absolute gentleman and a joy to wrestle. We are both fairly inexperienced and not the fittest which made it a good even back and forth wrestle.We started in jeans before stripping naked and had several much needed breaks between rounds. We thoroughly intend to keep in touch and hope to do this again.



daveywrest is recommended by Scot Grappler

I met Dave at his hotel room in Edinburgh after chatting to him for about six weeks. First of all what I nice fellow. We met at the hotel entrance went into his room and after a quick change (into my jeans later in the match stripped naked) we started to wrestle without any delay. We were evenly matched and at the end of the fight I don't think either of us could say that we had the upper hand. It was certainly a great match and I am particularly grateful to him for making the journey from the North of England to meet me. I can't wait to meet again in the autumn. Cheers mate!



scotsub is recommended by Scot Grappler

After several weeks of exchanging messages I finally managed to meet David at his house in the outskirts of Edinburgh on 17 May 2018. He was a very pleasant, softly spoken and hospitable guy who is much stronger that you would expect on first meeting him. Prior to the meet I was aware that David had a particular penchant to bear hugs with an occasional head grip. Unfortunately however he was only interested in stand-up fighting which was not what I was anticipating - I would like to have a good grapple and roll around with him on the ground which was not possible. I am not certain whether this was because he just does't like ground fighting or if it was because of an injury with a previous opponent.



Scot Grappler is recommended by SpideyScotUK

Had a fun competitive submission match with Scot Grappler. I had a big age and experience advantage on paper but on the mat where it matters he overpowered me with brute strength that i simply had no answer to. Every time he got hold of my wrists i found it impossible to struggle free. I spent nearly the whole match underneath him as he romped to 10 - 2 submissions victory over me. Scot Grappler also managed to strip my Speedos off me during the match just to confirm his superiority over me in his one sided thrashing of me on the mat. He is a great bloke off the mat and safe and sane on it. He is also a very modest man judging by reading his review of the match! I highly recommend him and would love a rematch against him to try and get some of my dignity back!



SpideyScotUK is recommended by Scot Grappler

I met Spidey in a Glasgow hotel last Friday. I very nice and decent guy, also reliable. We had a good and mutually enjoyable grapple. I was surprised because given my disadvantage of age and inexperience I was able to hold my own. Whist I wasn't able to get him into a hold, I did manage on a couple of occasions to pin him down to submission on the ground. Meanwhile he had me locked into the scissors hold without too much difficulty, will certainly meet him again should the opportunity arise. Thank you Spidey for taking me on.



Scot Grappler is recommended by subcontest

Rod is a novice but I found him eager to learn, very resilient and more than willing to have a go. It was mainly submission wrestling, but we also tried out MMA gloves - he has no trouble giving and receiving bodystrikes and can take a blow. All in all well recommended, whether you're a beginner looking for similar, or more experienced and prepared to pass on a bit of training.



subcontest is recommended by Scot Grappler

I met Ian in a Birmingham hotel in January. What a nice guy and a great teacher. He took me through a number of submission holds and I really enjoyed the grapple in spite of my obvious inexperience. I would like to meet him again if the opportunity arises.