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Long time wrestler with mat set up available. Willing to adapt to size differences and a variety of styles.



  1. USA - Florida, Fort Lauderdale
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Age: 56-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 209 lbs (95 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Scully is recommended by slowsubs

After a couple of years of near misses, bad timing trying to meet up with Scully in Florida I get a message from him saying hes gonna be in AZ for a little while. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and man was it ever worth the wait. Tall, muscular and a nice skill set matched up with endurance of a hyper 12 year old. He easily defended against my rough house style of attack, overpower and workover. Hes a steel trap, waiting for the opportunity to be sprung. It didnt take long before his defense turned into a full on assault. Wrapped up in his long arms and legs, a vice like grip that never stops tightening. The longer the struggle goes the more motivated this guy is to punish you for the effort and if you cant get out plan on paying for your efforts. This guy is a machine. Super safe, strong, skilled, respectful. To say I highly recommend is the under statement of the year. we've already met twice in the past few days and round 3 is already on the books. I cant wait!



slowsubs is recommended by Scully

Perhaps because it was so long in happening, my initial match with slowsubs has turned into a marathon series of submission matches. With 200 lbs. of built beef behind him, at first sight I knew I had greatly underestimated this challenge. The placid calm expression he had in his face pic distorts into that of a crazed animal when our matches begins. I have no idea where the "slow" came from, but he is perpetual motion from the faceoff to the finish. He is so compact and powerful that any bad positions are going to get you submitted. His legs are a death trap and scissors inescapable. The most exciting, and at the same time most discouraging, part of taking on Slowsubs is that he has absolutely no quit in him. To "Are you ready to roll?", his answer is always "yes"; "Wanna take a break?" "No" ;"Ready to submit?" " <expletives> No". Physically he doesn't recognize the fatigue and pain limitations of normal humans. My favorite part of wrestling him is that I know my limits will be tested every time out and that the match will never reach the gassed phase where I feel like I have any control over him. The struggle never ends. After the initial encounter, I was so anxious to lock up with him again that I booked every evening he had open up to the time I was scheduled to fly home. I am now his biggest fan and want as many dates as he'll allow.