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~ Apologies for slow replies ~
I am very involved at work and have various ongoing projects, so I find I'm always busy.

I'm quite a short man in my early twenties who gets much enjoyment from seeing men wrestle, and also likes to be have a go at wreslting other men - im not massively experienced but I can still try my best to win. However, I really want to be coached a little so I can give and take a bit more.
I can be a wriggly little bugger, and although I've not had much experience, I'd love to learn a few moves (and how to get out of them) and maybe meet some guys with a similar interest on this network.
I'm also into Lift&Carry (e.g. Cradle, Fireman''s Lift & Bearhugs) and other such strength comparisons. Size difference is one of the things I quite like, afterall, going against a taller, larger man usually gets the adrenaline going - and I'm definitely a thrill seeker (plus,as I'm so short, most men are bigger than me, haha)



  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Enfield
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I am willing to travel 75 miles


Age: 23-year-old Male

Stats: 5'2" (157 cm), 112 lbs (51 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Wrestling shorts

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ShortMick is recommended by legflexxxer

I can only add to what others have said about Mick.
Really easy to arrange, kept to his promises and didn't disappoint. Travelled quite a distance to meet me without hesitation.

Met for a flexing and comparing session, and an intro to BJJ / submission wrestling as he wants to start formal training.

Once he's over his understandable shyness meeting quite a big fella like me he got stuck in. He's only short and light but we'll proportioned throughout. He's WAY more defined and muscled than any pic on here shows, dude get new pics flexung!

For his size, very strong indeed. No issues lifting me off my feet! Can only get better after weights and training. He has quite strong legs and hard abs too!

A little friendly man with the heart of a giant... Please train formally, you'll be a killer in your weight category. Now apply sone of the basics and destroy the big lads on here mate! It can be done... πŸ˜‰ I know it.

The hair is just Epic mate!



legflexxxer is recommended by ShortMick

After chatting with Legflexxxer for a while, I was pleasantly surprised when he said he was staying somewhere fairly close to London as asked to meet. This was my very first muscle worship session to which i am very grateful it was with such a laid back yet confident man.
As others have said, his photos do not do him justice, he's quite a large, solidly built guy who is much more defined than his pics show - and he should get pics of his veins as he does a MostMuscular pose.
As for strength, just wow! He has amazing upper body strength and his legs are now the strongest legs I've ever come across. They're over 24inches of pure power!
Legflexxxer is also a great teacher. He's been part of a BJJ club for a while and was very good at demonstrating basic moves and tactic's. Very helpful.
I'd highly reccomend meeting him for his strength, ability in BJJ and for his power ultimate physique.



ShortMick is recommended by fitznicely

Wow, what a lovely guy! So straight forward to deal with. He made the effort to travel to me this evening from London for which I am great full. We had chatted in advance agreeing what we both wanted out of the match so we both knew what to expect. What I gained in strength he matched with incredible stamina, he was relentless in his efforts to escape me. We wrestled for two hours until the sweat was dripping off of us. I would have no second thoughts to recommend this guy and look forward to our next encounter.



fitznicely is recommended by ShortMick

Met with Fitznicely this evening and quite possibly had my favouirte match so far! it was fun, competitive and despite him overpowering and dominating me the entire time, I didn't stop resisting and we were both covered in sweat by the end - and I'll be aching everywhere for a day or so.
His pictures truly do not do him justice as he has an immensely strong build. I completely underestimated his upper body strength, but his legs... watch out for his legs! With his thoroughly thick thighs and massive and mesmerising calves, there is little to no escape.
I found it incredibly easy to arrange a match with Fitznicely, and he is a perfect host: polite, hospitable, easy to talk to and a perfect gentleman.
I am definitely excited about meeting for another round (once I recover from all the crushing holds)



ShortMick is recommended by leeray

Easy to sort and really good to meet up with.
Thanks for travelling over when I was at a friends in London Mick.
Had a friendly chat and then a good grapple.
Lighter but Mick loves to wrestle and is feisty and game for keeping on at you.
Is improving his strength and fitness so if your looking for genuine meets then give him a shout.



leeray is recommended by ShortMick

We met whilst he was in London for the day, and although we didn't specifically plan to have a match, we did have a good grapple.
Leeray is an excellent wrestler with plenty of technique. He also has the patience to coach a little and demonstrate vaious moves and techniques, but also able to adapt to opponents of different sizes.
He really is VERY fit, literally the most muscular torso/core I have ever seen - and although he was taking it easy on me, i could tell he has plenty of strength.
Overall, Leeray is a solid guy, a nice host and very easy to talk to,would highly recommend him to any wrestling fan.



ShortMick is recommended by He-Man

Despite his short stature and weight of 51kg (I'm over twice his weight) This lad we able to lift me off my feel in various ways, and has a nice toned muscles body. He was able to give me a fun arm wrestle session and is surprisingly strong, very polite guy and would recommend do any dom guy that like a smaller muscle lad to take on.



He-Man is recommended by ShortMick

A tall, strong man who loves to compare strength. He-Man is mostly into Lift&Carry/strength games, so don't expect a full-on wrestling match - instead, he will test your strength, power and muscle control in various fun, creative ways. No matter your size, He-Man will find a way to execute strength games that would suit the both of you.
Very chatty and full of enthusiasm, He-Man is a fun, interesting guy to be around too. So if you fancy something a little different from wrestling, check this guy out and see how strong you really are.



wantfunwrestle is recommended by ShortMick

I had a great scrap around with wantfunwrestle, he is definitely true to his username. He knows plenty of moves and pins and is great at playing to his strengths. Also very good at adjusting for a less experience wrestler like myself and exchanged a few tips.
And as a bonus, he's a decent guy who's easy to get on with and is a very conscientious opponent and host.
I'm looking forward to more matches with him.



ShortMick is recommended by marconi

ShortMick came up to Oxford from London for the evening and we had a blast. He's an excellent jobber, learning fast and selling the moves and holds with which I destroyed him extremely well. He makes a great jobber KO victim too! Also a really nice guy, which always helps. Highly recommended.



marconi is recommended by ShortMick

A great experience. Marconi has a great repertoire of different moves and pins, and is a very good heel.
Had a great time during the match, made my first full match as a jobber easy. He's a great guy.



ShortMick is recommended by geminiwrestler

Met Mick for a wrestle and to lift this great guy and try out some moves and holds. He is a strong guy who learns really quick. As soon as I showed him a hold he used it on me!

The wrestling was really very enjoyable and Mick is a great guy both on and off the mats. Good body and mind - ideal combo. (And great hair).

Defo up for another wrestle with this guy and I am sure next time he'll know even more holds and use them.



geminiwrestler is recommended by ShortMick

Had a very good match with no complaints at all. Geminiwrestler knows plenty of techniques for many different styles and is also a very good teacher/coach. I felt very at ease as he is a genuinely awesome, laid back and interesting man who clearly had a passion for wrestling.
Not only if Geminiwrestler a great, versatile opponent, he is also an incredibly decent person, providing a all-round fantastic wrestling match.
A warning for future opponents, once you get caught in a leg hold, you may as well give up!



ShortMick is recommended by jonuk

I very much enjoyed meeting Shortmick. He’s charming , reliable, smart, enthusiastic, good looking and surprisingly strong (especially his legs). We spent 2 or 3 hours wrestling and could happily have gone on longer. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I expect he’ll soon be overwhelmed with messages here. Thank you for an unforgettably positive experience.



jonuk is recommended by ShortMick

I'm very pleased that Jonuk was my first opponent on MeetFighters. As a beginner it is difficult to find someone who will provide a nice mix of taking it slowly and teaching moves, whilst also demonstrating strength and tight holds during the match. He is an easy person to get along with, so I felt completely at ease from the beginning, and had and lot of fun.