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  1. United Kingdom, Glasgow
    (I'm here between 2/02/2020 and 2/02/2040)

I am willing to travel 200 kilometers


56-year-old Male / 5'8" (173 cm) / 178 lbs (81 kg)

Gear: Trunks and boots


Always been a pro fun of the 70’s USA and Brit pro wrestling
Happy to give sub a try
Unable to host but happy to travel



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Give and take, Play wrestling
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber

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Last modified: 1/03/2021


Side head lock is recommended by Lomandlad42

Great fella to lock up 👍 had a good give and take session with side head lock . Safe sane guy who enjoys his wrestling. Gave me a run for my money with subs both ways. Would definitely recommend him for a good match . Looking forward to another session 👍. Nice fella to have a pint with after too.



Lomandlad42 is recommended by Side head lock

Had the great pleasure 5 years ago now to step in the ring
at grove park to face this handsome wrestler really enjoyed
our match Jay is not only a fantastic wrestler but a lovely fella
and great company outside the ring can’t wait for Things to
get back to normal and our long awaited rematch



Side head lock is recommended by keith230665

Met side head lock a while back for a match in Dundee. He likes his pro wrestling and I found him to be a strong safe and sane opponent.He certainly looked the part of a pro grappler and you won’t regret taking him on. I recommend you give him a try but be prepared to work up a sweat!. It was worth it and I look forward to a rematch...



keith230665 is recommended by Side head lock

Had the pleasure of meeting Keith in his home town of Dundee
He is lovely Good company really enjoys his pro and look the part i
in his gear we both had a great pro bout hope very much for a rematch sometime



Side head lock is recommended by Gazbat0807

Met side head lock today once back to mine we hit the mats a strong tough guy we kept exchanging subs an worked up a real sweat an absolute defo re match one of the nicest guys I've met an the hardest wrestle I've had don't miss a chance to wrestle him or I'll be selfish an keep him as my wrestling buddy



Gazbat0807 is recommended by Side head lock

Had a fantastic day down in Newcastle Gaz I’d a wrestler who never gives up we both had around two hour on his mats I can’t recommend Gaz enough not only will he give you a great match his hospitality is second to none if you get the chance take it he won’t disappoint
Can’t wait for a re match