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  1. USA - Texas, Houston
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


23-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 151 lbs (68 kg)

Gear: Boxers, shorts


Just a guy who likes wrestling and has always liked the sport. Prefer to be the jobber in a wrestling matche. I’m into David Vs Goliath, I don’t mind naked wrestling but ultimately up to both parties. Honestly if I’m going up against a bigger man then that guy can dominate however he wishes. Personal dream match is to go up against someone so big that I have to crawl and use his body just to get up from a beating



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Match structure: Squash match
Miscellaneous interests: I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Jackoff, Face sitting, Muscle worship

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dguy sagatorie slandon23 Txbigb wrestleinmn




Pro Master is not recommended by SinOverlord17

  • Unreliable / no show



SinOverlord17 is recommended by slandon23

was on vacation in Texas last week spent some time in Houston while I was there I got to meet and wrestle some local guys who I thought was all impressive on and off the mats, SinOverlord was my first challenge in the Houston area he is confident young man refers to himself as a jobber but actually can wrestle and give you a run, had a good match with him hope to have more in my next visit, so please don't pass on this guy whether your local or visiting the Houston area.



slandon23 is recommended by SinOverlord17

Going up against this guy was a blast he had total control of the match and there was little I could do. Granted though he could have easily broken me but he went easy on me adding to the fun of wrestling. He definitely knows his holds so watch out for those other than that he’s a chill guy go talk to and wrestle with



SinOverlord17 is recommended by dguy

Had a great time meeting and doing a little wrestling. Very friendly and respectful. Good guy.



dguy is recommended by SinOverlord17

To those that have a match with this guy be prepared to be destroyed and have a fun time. He knows how to use his weight to on the ring and he also know how to control it properly so you don’t get to hurt. That doesn’t mean he’s gonna make it easy on you especially if you think you can get him off you. Outside of the ring he’s a great guy to talk to and I really enjoyed our match. Oh his bearhugs are one thing but get caught in one of his body splashes and there’s no coming back as they juts destroyed me.



SinOverlord17 is recommended by wrestleinmn

Very nice guy. As his profile says, he tends towards the jobber role...but he puts up a good defense. My scissors didnt do anything to him. Good stamina too. He is a fiesty guy. We did debate about his username on here...I think it lends itself more to the heel role. I suggested another name based on a unique ability he demonstrated during the match which put me in quite a predicament during the match. What's that ability? Wrestle him to find out.



wrestleinmn is recommended by SinOverlord17

This guy right here knows how to wrestle. From submissions, ranging from head scissors, sleeper holds, and pec claws(which you should watch out for) there wasn’t much I could do. Regardless if you want a guy who knows how to have fun but keep you guessing what he’s about to do next then wrestleinmn is the guy



SinOverlord17 is recommended by Txbigb

David vs Golaith is the best way to explain this match. SinOverlord is feisty and determined to take a big guy down. He is enthusiastic to wrestle and has speed and strength to back it up. He was eager to do splashes, gut punching, chest punching and even threw in a headbutt. He’s a great guy off the mats as well. Anyone wanting to go at it with a light weight, he’s the guy to wrestle.



Txbigb is recommended by SinOverlord17

From the start I knew this was gonna be a tough match however it was a good one. TxBigB is a guy who not only knows how to wrestle but also knows how to measure his own strength. Even after all the numerous times he squashed me and used his weight against me he was careful to ensure that we had a fun match. Not to mention his bearhugs and full Nelson’s did me in, especially when he decided to face sit on me multiple times. I may have lost but it was a good match. Hopefully one day I get a rematch but until then the match goes to him


SinOverlord17 12/01/2018

Attempting to lift the big guy

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SinOverlord17 12/01/2018

Me vs Txbigb

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