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  1. USA - Virginia, South Hill
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28-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 145 lbs (66 kg)


Just a jobber looking around for now. Pay me no mind. just around my age.

I SAY AGAIN. If you are over 40 and message me about a match, i will ignore/block you cause you cannot read a profile. I am tired of being approached by 40-60 year olds when i say I am not interested.



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Maurice12 PeterCottontail wrestlenew




Maurice12 is recommended by SleeperAgent94

Wow....what an absolute RUSH for my first post pandemic match. Maurice was nothing but helpful in helping me shake off my rust. While I tend to lean more toward playful wrestling, it was a ton of fun trying to trade submissions like sleepers and headscissors.

Dude is crazy strong and it took everything I had to even squeeze taps out of him. But when he got me, I was helpless, even as I tried to get free. Sadly my body couldn't hold out as long as him, and he even got me to pass out TWICE. First experience with what a rush!

Totally reccomend him for any fighter. Sweet, friendly, and skilled! All the makings if a top tier wrestler here!



SleeperAgent94 is recommended by PeterCottontail

Sleeper was a great first opponent and host! We did both competitive and play wrestling during our (all too brief) meet. He's a chill guy who respects boundaries and communicates well, and though I had a little bit of a strength advantage, he was persistent and squeezed a few taps and pins out of me before I left. With a little more practice, he'll be a real force on the mat, so don't turn down a match with him if you're local.



PeterCottontail is recommended by SleeperAgent94

Peter is so modest. Our meeting may have been short, but despite the back and forth action, it was very clear who was the dominant one in our match. He has a fondness for sleeper holds and competitive matches, and we both kept each other on our toes as we traded taps.

Where Peter shines though is in a more stylized play wrestling environment. Whether selling a sleeper with a nice nap or laying me out with a stunner and rolling my limp body over for the pin, Peter had EVERYTHING I wanted in a fun match. Hope to relax and duke again soon!