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Having had a few meets the last few months I must say that I am now enjoying the grappling side a lot more than the fighting side.

The aggressive side and rough side are still there and still very much controlled. I’m happy to discuss this option if it’s something you wish to try or experience.

I used to want to win all the time, but it’s now evident that having a fun match and learning More from an opponent or teaching my opponent a move or some technique is far more fun than winning. But don’t be fooled, I am extremely competitive and would much prefer to win than lose. But that’s just my nature and won’t spoil a match if I met someone stronger or more skilled than me.

I am very respectful and considerate of my opponents and expect the same. I’m not on this site to prove anything to anyone.

If we use fists/elbows/knees please be as controlled as I am. If/when I strike your body it will be on certain areas. It’s easy to throw punches and kicks but it’s difficult to control where they land. If I suffer any injury it will have a massive impact on my day to day life. I ride a motorbike and need use of both my feet and wrists.

On the off chance that maybe you also ride a motorbike I’d be keen to talk motorbikes. I use my bike daily.

I use Walthamstow ring regularly. I very rarely accept hotel or living room meets. I’ve ended up outside the mats and that is a fairly large area. I doubt a double bed mattress will be enough for me and someone else. So let’s be realistic about the environment where we’re going to fight.

Some rules I like to stick to:
- no face shots ever.
- No groin shots ever.
- Cut your finger nails and toe nails before a fight. I’d rather think of you by looking at a bruise later on than a scratch.
- Not interested in sex. I have a partner and I don’t do this to have sex.

I like to film/take pictures of my matches. That will ONLY happen if you also agree to it. So this is always up for discussion.

Stakes. I have no interest in sexually based stakes, but happy to discuss cash stakes.

Trash talk. Total and complete turn off. Don’t mind goading each other a bit but this whole you’re gonna go down bitch talk won’t get you far with me.

I am always on time but if I was to be running late I will communicate this with you. That means I’m going to want to exchange phone numbers. If this is not something you are willing to do then we are not likely to meet up.

I almost never cancel a meet. But I understand things can happen and do happen. If/when I book the room at Walthamstow I’d expect a 50% deposit from you. If you wish to take care of the booking yourself then that is totally fine. I know Monica very well and she can vouch for me that I always turn up and I always pay.



  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Camden
  2. Germany, Hanover
    (I'm here between 6/28/2019 and 6/30/2019)
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I am willing to travel 20 kilometers


Age: 33-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 190 lbs (86 kg)

Languages spoken: Arabic, English

Gear: Speedos/shorts

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ffighter009 is recommended by Solidman

I knew this guy would be a challenge the moment we shook hands. So much you can tell By a handshake. His was a strong grip kinda shake. Wasn’t rattled by it but I was certainly confident he wasn’t gonna go down easy.

Friendly. Reliable. In good shape. Rough. Safe. Sane.

Despite this, I gave him a really good fight. Sadly he didn’t get to tap me once but I tapped him many times. I struggled not to use my knees and legs as his body was just far too tempting for me :). Elbows and fists didn’t stop and I enjoyed every second of it.

However, we’ve both kept it friendly and safe. I’d certainly meet this chap again for another rough scrap.



Solidman is recommended by braintreejack

This guy manages to combine being a beast and a gentleman at the same time. Strong, agile, safe and sane and able to mix it up at the drop of a hat... Very rarely do I enter a match looking forward to rolling but at the same time having that sense of trepidation that I’m probably going to get my ass whooped ... I did!
The whole match was great fun and I hope the next time I can offer more of a challenge...!



braintreejack is recommended by Solidman

Very rarely I leave a match still buzzing, and very rarely I spend the day after still buzzing.

This chap is just amazing. Perfect body, great attitude, strong, reliable, skilled, safe, sane, respectful and most importantly a lot of fun. The list could go on and on.

I was more focused on rolling with him than counting subs. Takes a lot to turn a match from competitive to pure fun.

I really hope we get to meet again very soon.



Versus is recommended by Solidman

This is a very nice and friendly chap. We met up and had a nice chat while on the way to the matroom.

I couldn’t wait to wrestle this big guy as I’ve been looking forward to meeting him for quite sometime.

This guy doesn’t disappoint, he is strong, big and has good stamina. However I think I may have been a bit too strong and skilled for him. He got a sneaky tap out of me (which admittedly I let him have) and he admittedly agreed that it was the only way he’d get a tap out of me (and it was). Let’s just say I lost count as to how many taps I got out of him. And I worked hard for every single one.

We got far far too sweaty though. It was difficult at times but we both managed to cope somehow.

He has a good sense of humour, safe, sane and cheeky :). I thoroughly enjoyed meeting him and would recommend him to anyone who wants a good match.



submissiowrestling is recommended by Solidman

Met SW for a grappling session and so glad I did.

This guy is extremely skilled, tall, big and very safe.

The only problem was that we sweat as much as each other. We were pretty much swimming in it.

This guy was a good challenge for me and I’d recommend him to anyone else who wants their skills and techniques challenged.



Solidman is recommended by guykent

This man is incredible. Very clear on his profile and in conversation about what he wants, but also willing to discuss the match to make sure it works for both of you. He is an incredible wrestler in the ring, and very hard to take control of, but equally he is happy to go at your pace. As you can see from his pics, he looks great in his gear. Big recommendation.



guykent is recommended by Solidman

Chatting to guykent was easy and simple. Very straightforward and arranged a wrestling meet very easily.

Iwas a tad hesitant as I’m not that great at pro wrestling but he’s certainly made it really easy and most importantly, a lot of fun. He is patient and can certainly make the match a lot of fun vocally.

GK has a fantastic body and looks the part in the ring. Great conversationalist outside of the ring also. Highly recommended and hope we get to meet again.



Solidman is recommended by FightNHB UK

Solidman and I met and had a very good fight session which was very enjoyable, even though I was from the very start at a disadvantage as regards both height and weight and also from the fighting skills standpoint etc. Whilst he won the fight very easily it was nevertheless a very enjoyable session and at least was a good physical work-out for me.

Solidman is an opponent who can be relied on to always turn up as arranged and to put up a very tough, aggressive fight every time. He is physically very strong and is a very determined fighter whose punches/kicks are hard but controlled. I look forward to having the opportunity to meet him again at some future date, and hopefully to my being able to do a bit better against him.I would recommend him to others.



FightNHB UK is recommended by Solidman

This was one of the easiest meets to arrange. I was wary of the weight and height difference and whether this will get in the way of us having a rough brawl, it didn’t.

I absolutely dominated fightnhb and he just kept getting up and coming back for more.

We started off bare knuckle and within mins we agreed that I’ll put gloves on for his sake.

This guy took some beating and tapped a few times before finally admitting he can take no more.

I’m happy to meet again and hopefully he will bring a bit more of a challenge next time.



Solidman is recommended by Tanker

Solidman is a very nice polite guy with a good sense of humour, who it was a pleasure to meet and wrestle. He said he was worried about the size difference. I was worried full stop!
Our meeting was easy to arrange and went ahead without any of the hitches and delays that seem endemic in MF.
Sm is a tough cookie. The moment we hooked up on the mats my heart sank.
He is just so strong (I felt like a rag doll for much of the session)has limitless stamina and applies holds with effortless precision and once on your goose is pretty much cooked. The signature move is a suffocating headscissors which I was caught in several times, unwisely I had also agreed to body punches,kicks and knees and was treated to quite a few these in the course of the afternoon.
No idea how many times I tapped but it was a lot. But he is controlled and I had no worries about safety. I tried to up my game, but he was ready and easily frustrated my attempts (probably for the best, who knows what fearsome retribution would have been meted out to me had I succeeded 😱)
As he is not English Sm is unencumbered by the need to be self effacing or sugar coat the pill,
"your good".
"Yes I am".
Me "I'm not doing very well"
SM, "No your not".
Though I think it's fair to say I made him sweat and he was out of breath each time I submitted.
In conclusion Sm would def be in my top 3 UK based fighters, is a lovely guy, easy to talk to and will make you laugh.
To my surprise he wants another match.
So do I!👍☠☠



Tanker is recommended by Solidman

Been chatting to tanker for a few weeks and we’ve finally met yesterday. What a lovely pleasant guy.

Meet was easy to arrange, he turned up on time (I was a few mins late) but we finally got the venue and after a few stretches we were at it.

I was very concerned about the weight difference as he is over 30kg heavier than me but I was lucky enough that this wasn’t gonna be a problem (for me).

We grappled standing and on the ground. I really struggled to bring him down due to height and weight difference but I finally managed to do so.

I got countless subs out of him and I must say, I could have easily wrestled him for a few more hours after.

Tanker is polite, considerate, safe and controlled. I very much look forward to our next match where he promised he would kick my arse ;).



Solidman is recommended by tupsi

Solidman is exacly as his name suggest, he solidly outperformed me and wiped the floor with me. Nevertheless I had a great time wrestling him, he’s very considerate and a safe opponent. Would certainly meet up again.



tupsi is recommended by Solidman

Tupsi was kind enough to arrange the venue. Was on time as arranged. We wrestled for a couple of hours. I had the upper hand the whole time and I think I was a bit of a struggle for him but that didn’t keep him from wanting more wrestling. It was a good meet.



Solidman is recommended by scotsgrappler

He is as described in the profile and recommendations. Easy to set up a match. I could explain we first met at short notice, and just after I had done a hefty weights session ...but that would just be excuses. Most recently I had the hangover from hell. Regardless, I got my ass on a plate (though his idea of letting a guy up after a tap needs work😎). Tough, but sane, clean and careful. Happy to recommend, regardless of the verbals♥️. He's a sweetheart really.



scotsgrappler is recommended by Solidman


We meet again after a quick Glasgow visit. Wasn’t much of a struggle for me. I enjoyed making him tap in different holds. Important thing is we both couldn’t get enough keeping away from going at it the whole time. Look forward to next time. Hope he brings more of a challenge then ;).

Easy to meet up with. Strong guy but seems his mouthy than he is physical :).

Good guy on and off the mats and would meet again. Good fight.



Solidman is recommended by ovid17

Received an absolute thrashing today from this very strong and highly skilled wrestler. However, the punishment was delivered with such grace, good humour and panache that I readily forgave him ! Solidman is great company and a truly fine opponent. In short, he is a must meet !



ovid17 is recommended by Solidman

What a lovely guy. Polite, considerate and a great host. And we just couldn’t stop fighting. What a great session.

Despite the obvious difference in strength and skill this guy wouldn’t back down. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting him and showing him a few moves. He can certainly take a beating. Also a must meet.



Solidman is recommended by Celticmuscle

I’d like to be able to write that this guys growing reputation is exaggerated, but after being pretty soundly beaten by him I have to add my voice to his increasingly good reputation. From the get go I found my tank emptying quickly while this mans stamina showed no sign of waning. His Defence is like a turtles as he hunkers down to ride out most attacks. He was gracious enough between rounds to allow me to gather my energy and breath which allowed me win a few rounds but in truth if he pushed the pace as he was entitled to do it would have been an even more comprehensive defeat for me. With my tank drained and his dominance in the ascendency he proceeded to work me over in multiple head scissors and chokes.....a situation I hated and loved in equal This man is a warrior through and through. On top of it all he is incredibly nice, and a very safe and sane fighter. Underestimate him at ur peril but by no means pass up the chance to meet him, he epitomises what MF should be all about. A worthy winner and now I have a new target to seek revenge in the future.....a threat which I made to him and which he met with a smirk that just yelled out “come and try old man”. It’s a challenge I can't wait to risk again!!



Celticmuscle is recommended by Solidman

After a good few months of chatting I’ve finally met this mountain of a man. We both turned up to the mats and within seconds we were going it is. I didn’t know how our meet will pan out. I knew this guy is strong and built but it wasn’t until both his arms were wrapped around my body that I realised that he really is strong.

I banked on me exhausting him the first half of the match on the hope that my stamina will do the work in the second half. I didn’t have a choice but to defend his constant attacks.

I’d like to think I contributed to exhausting him initially (I didn’t). The stop start hindered me taking advantage of him.

Guys, Do not underestimate this man, he is a great guy on and off the mats.

I enjoyed the match with him thoroughly and very much look forward to our next meet where I hope we both get to demonstrate what we’re both really are made of. Come and try me again old man ;). Waiting impatiently.



Solidman is recommended by Squashlad

03/11/2018: Itʼs great to have the fight machine that is Solidman back on MeetFighters, and even better to have got a rematch in with him, thanks to DaveLonʼs generous support! The outcome of the match was never in any doubt, it was only ever a question of how much punishment I was going to be able to take, and even then Iʼm not kidding myself—if heʼd really wanted to get me to throw in the towel, he could have. The heavy and accurate punching is something else, and is obviously his specialty, but even if grappling only heʼd still make mincemeat of me. It is, therefore, rather a shame for my healthʼs sake that fighting Solidman is such a blast! Super strong, built like earth-moving equipment (heʼs well named), tough and distractingly handsome, fighting him really is quite the experience! But donʼt be put off getting into the ring with him just because heʼs a monster and youʼre going to lose—because heʼs also a very kind, safe, sensible and thoughtful guy, respectful of otherʼs limits, safety, and skill level, and a really lovely and interesting person. So take your chance to fight him if youʼre lucky enough to get it! 👍 The very highest of recommendations.
10/05/2019: Well hereʼs a turn up for the books! The Fight Machine is turning his hand to grappling, and forgoing his speciality punching and strikes. Does this mean I have the inkling of a chance to get a sub off him?? Erm, no.... 😂



Squashlad is recommended by Solidman

Beat the crap out of him. Twice. Always always a pleasure. Good high pain threshold. My fists were getting more tired before his ribs started screaming ouch. A nice guy too.

10/05/2019: And so we meet again. Agreed to grapple rather than fight. Can’t say I managed to resist punching at certain points ;), SL puts up a good fight but my arm seems to like his neck a lot and just can’t keep away :). Great match as always and look forward to meeting again next time.



Solidman is recommended by coedyuk

Had a great match with this tough, intense and scrappy wrestler.
Neither of us was feeling 100% but we managed to have a pretty competitive and enjoyable match. He managed to come out on top this time, but I'm definitely up for a rematch soon.
Nice guy off the mats, intense guy on them. Can't reccomendation him enough



coedyuk is recommended by Solidman

Despite the fact that I had a very bad sore throat and had no energy to get out of bed let alone go to a ring a fight, I did.

I’ve been looking forward to fighting this guy for a long time and we finally have yesterday and he certainly does not disappoint one bit.

He’s built, he’s skilled, polite, respectful, safe, strong and looks perfect in speedos.

We grappled. We scrapped. We got really sweaty. He is resilient and determined. I was lucky enough to get a few taps out of him and he got one out of me. I hope we get to meet again and see how we do against each other when we’re both 100% health wise.



Solidman is recommended by jonny innocent

Solidman presented a fantastic challenge; strong, skilled, aggressive and determined to come out on top. But his warmth and willingness to adapt style and intensity to his opponent make him the ideal wrestler to face in the ring.

He enjoys wrestling. Intensely, I would say. And is genuinely interested in his opponent’s enjoyment too.

He is a nice guy out of the ring, but don’t expect the same in the ring. And if you decide to turn it up, beware. He will move in tandem with you, always staying just that bit ahead.

Once the match is over, he’s back to the nice guy again and it was good to spend a bit of time with him as we made our ways back home. Hopefully that’s not the last I will see of him; I am definitely up for more of that.



jonny innocent is recommended by Solidman

Despite public transport being a complete mess that day, we managed to both get there early enough to hit the ring. I honestly didn’t want to leave if it weren’t for our time being up!

This guy is tall, big and strong, a real challenge. I really struggled to bring him down despite my many attempts. We did subs, punches, knees, pro. This guy will give as good as he gets. I really hope we meet again soon. Hopefully next time he can get a sub out of me for a change ;).



Solidman is recommended by SPWrestler

Met Solidman as part of a group meet. He's a great guy. Fit, strong and fun to roll with. Great physique too! He can roll at all different intensities which I love. Definitely recommended and looking forward to taking him on again!



SPWrestler is recommended by Solidman

I finally got to meet Spwrestler and he was certainly worth the wait.

Skilled, patient, strong, experienced and just lovely. I could have wrestled with him for hours and he would have certainly kept up with my stamina easily.

I highly recommend this guy and can’t wait to meet him again.



Solidman is recommended by Commamdo

Fantastic opponent. The name fits reality and Solidman is really Solid, competitive and tough fighter.
We met for as part of a group in North London and the experience was very rewarding.
Solid man fought one opponent after the other nearly without breaks for the best of two hours.
Very powerful opponent that I want to have the honor of fighting again.



Commamdo is recommended by Solidman

What a guy. He is massive in every sense. Hands, thighs, calves, arms and chest, just a massive hunk of a man.

Yet, he is friendly, respectful, polite, strong, safe and sane. One of the nicest guys you could ever meet.

We rolled and exchanged tips and shared techniques, and I can’t wait to meet him again :).



Solidman is recommended by DenverWrestler

had the pleasure of meeting this great guy at a small group meet at Walthamstow. he's a tough fit grappler with good skills (try getting past his legs when he's in the guard position) and quickness. the best part is that he's a fun guy to wrestle – very controlled and safe, laughs and makes you laugh, and doesn't take any of this too seriously. fascinating guy to talk to off the mats and has a very warm friendly personality. really enjoyed meeting and wrestling him, and I highly recommend him.



DenverWrestler is recommended by Solidman

Had the pleasure of meeting Denver in a group match. He is friendly, communicative and very easy to talk to.

He’s easy going, skilled, fun and a great guy On and off the mats. Highly recommended and look forward to meeting again next time.



Solidman is recommended by wrestlerherts

April 19 update :
Round 2 with the beast - safe sane and violent - perfect. Love the face of concentration when he’s ready to unleash and the pure joy when we both for feisty and rough....haha - round 3 soon my scrapping chum ;-)

Round 1 :
Man...he’s a beast like they say.
First ring match and what an opponent.
Mind the lethal knees and strong choke skills learned by brawling lads from here.
Got me frothing for a second go!
Cheeky with a healthy side of evil and good blokey aggression.



wrestlerherts is recommended by Solidman

Round 2 April 2019:
Improved his game. Good fists and strength. I restrained my knees pretty much the whole match. Look forward to round 3.

After a very long time messaging and goading each other we finally meet at Walthamstow.

Aggressive. Hard. Rough. Heavy. Sturdy. This guy is fired up for a great fight.

He has a solid body that’s just very punchable and kneeable. I couldn’t keep my fists and knees away.

His ribs got it big time. I found it hard to stop even when he was down. But I did. And back up he goes ready for more. I got a few taps out of him too which was fantastic.

I loved fighting this guy and I certainly do hope we meet again very soon. If you decide to take him on, watch out for his fists.



Solidman is recommended by Jcastle

I met Solidman for a match in London. I knew he was strong but I could not imagine that he was that strong. Thankfully we had agreed on a no-punching session, as I was aware of his aggressiveness when punching. He quickly adapted to my level and we had a session that I greatly enjoyed. I am looking forward to having a new session with him and keep on learning. He is a great guy on and off the mats and we had a good time together. I can highly recommend him to fighters of any level as he adapts himself to the other fighter’s level easily.



Jcastle is recommended by Solidman

JCastle is a Lovely guy. On and off the mat(tress)s.

Fighting in a hotel room is always awkward but we made it work. I had the upper hand but I quickly adjusted to a level that was comfortable for the both of us.

He is as flexible as he is nice. Just watch out for some of his sneaky moves where he will try and get you in a hold.



Solidman is recommended by Judomonkey

Been a while, but I have fond memories of fighting this fella...
No attitude; no drama; no excuses; no ego; pretty much does what it says on the tin...

Agressive, competitive, unrelenting and learns quickly. If you’re looking for war then this is the right chap. Bring your best game and don’t let your defences down.

April ‘19 - And then yesterday, I give him a bit too much slack, just to test things a little and he justifiably takes advantage and taps me out.
Well executed on his part, completely deserved and a little too over confident on mine... I learn and apparently so does he.



Judomonkey is recommended by Solidman

This is one of the nicest people you could possibly meet. That’s until you start fighting and he gets that determined look in his eyes. That’s when you should start thinking you should run for your life. But even then, he will find you and he will kill you :).

Consider yourself lucky/unlucky to meet this man. I am Very happy to have known judo monkey and fought him.

April 2019
Unexpected fight arranged on the day. That’s how easy and straightforward meeting this guy is.

I never feel I’m struggling against opponents but JM makes you think constantly. You never know what he’s capable of or is about to do. He is quick, calculated, smart and most of all safe.

I was physically being thrown from one end of the mats to the other. All 86kg of me. That’s impressive skill and power.

He is determined and Relentless and probably the most fun fight to date.

As for that sub, I still have no idea how I got that sub but I will put it down to luck.



Solidman is recommended by oldscrapperderby

Had an unexpected short match , and he greatly lowered his game to make it fun instead of wiping the floor with me! I loved it , great guy on and off the mats with a great attitude ,highly recommended.



oldscrapperderby is recommended by Solidman

Had a quick unexpected roll. Some skill and strength to him. Good attitude and respectful guy.



Solidman is recommended by Tynesider

When Solidman asked me to fight my initial reaction was to say no due to his tough reputation. That would have been a bad decision and I would have missed out on an excellent fight. I found it competitive and aggressive but also great fun. I felt totally safe and that he has the skills to adjust to his opponent's level. Unfortunately, just as the scrap was getting more intense, a recent neck injury flared up and I had to call a halt. That was a big disappointment as I was just about ready to get him to sub for a change.

He is a genuinely good bloke and funny with it. You will not be disappointed if you take him on.



Tynesider is recommended by Solidman

What an attitude on this man.

He’s strong, Skilled, Tough, Doesn’t give up easy, relentless and most importantly a lovely guy on and off the mats. Felt completely safe and very controlled. Respectful yet aggressive.

Got a couple of subs of him but I wouldn’t use this match to judge his performance considering he had a bad neck.

It’s such a Shame about his neck getting in the way but I really do hope we meet again very soon. I feel we’ve unfinished business we need to sort out.

Until next time big man ;)



Solidman is recommended by Ferrero83

Solidman is a solid man, he is very strong and very quick (or burger king sometimes), I was very surprised by his rapidity, and his secret speciality to make you tap. He love wrestling and fighting very competively, he want to win. If you like very sportive fight chose him. He is also a very nice and respectful man, very reliable, and always ok to fight, even if he is exhausted. I hope I will meet him again



Ferrero83 is recommended by Solidman

We finally meet. One of the nicest people you’ll meet on here. But do not be fooled, Once he’s on the mats he means business. Strong, skilled, technical and very aware of any situation he is in. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed wrestling him and equally enjoyed being in his company. I hope we meet again very soon.

Oh and he is great with his camera, if you’re lucky enough to be snapped by him you’ll be left with outstanding results :)



jnlutteur74 is recommended by Solidman

We fought 2 days ago and I am still buzzing. Probably the best grappling match I’ve ever had. I realised as soon we shook hands that this wasn’t going to be an easy fight. And believe me when I say, it wasn’t.

We were very much evenly matched and for every tap he got out of me I got one out of him straight away. Even if the score was 5-0 or 0-5 this review would not change. One of the greatest people I’ve ever met.

He is strong, safe, determined, technical, high stamina, lovely, aggressive, strong, I could go on and on and the list would be endless.

I am very happy to have met this chap and really do Hope one day we meet again.



Solidman is recommended by GAGU

A great wrestler, skilled and strong. A very special sense of humour I like very much.
Un très bon lutteur, expérimenté et fort. Un sens de l'humour très spécial : moi, j'aime ça.



GAGU is recommended by Solidman

Very genuine and reliable man. Intelligent and funny. Quite strong and aware of how to defend. Due to his recent injury we couldn’t only fight for a short while but was def worth it.



Solidman is recommended by Crushhhh

Did ever an opponent so live up to his name on here. Solid is an understatement...this guy is built for battle. I knew, as soon as we stepped on the mats, that this would be a tough fight, and it was just that. Solidman really knows how to target his opponent, deploying fists and knees to wear them down, and leave his mark!
I don't think I've had such a sweaty match...we were swimming in it after just 10 minutes. He's an exceptional fighter, although his methods won't be to everyone's liking. After I've recovered, I'm sure I'll be back for another mauling!



Crushhhh is recommended by Solidman

this guys is Fit, muscular, calm, safe, in control and very determined.

I realised he wasn’t going to be an easy fight after about 20 seconds of locking with him. Within mins the mats were covered in sweat and were sweat skating all over the room. Probably the most enjoyable submission match to date.

We agreed there will be little body strikes. I really had to restrain myself but my knees, fists, heels and elbows were too keen to batter him. He utilised his knees eventually too, few more matches and this guy will be dangerous.

He does not give up easily, he does not let go easily and gets up ready for more. Managed to get one sub out of me and it could have been more if it had not been for my stubbornness and determination. Got about 4 subs out of him but i was enjoying myself so much I wasn’t counting the subs. Very much looking forward to our second match :).



Solidman is recommended by Jayboy

A week later and another fight with this brilliant fighter. Lost easy but nearly two hours of hard really enjoyable wrestling and fighting.
Got one sub and close to one or two more but he got loads more and was in total control. Incredibly skilled and very strong hard and aggressive. But also an amazing lad and a pleasure to meet and spend time with.
Look forward to many more challenging fights with him to come.

Started chatting and a few weeks later we met and had a first fight.
Brilliant skilled strong aggressive fighter. Hard but respectful of limits and judges his performance nicely. He beat me easy but pleased to have got a couple of subs off him. Worked hard for them.
His kicks and punches are awesome. His body is even better in the flesh. And he’s easy and good to talk to.
A great, great meet. Highly recommended.



Jayboy is recommended by Solidman

We face each other off in the ring again. This time round I was determined to display what I am capable of. And boy did he take it. He got 1 sub out of me (I sorta gave him that). I won’t say how many subs I got out of him (but let’s just say double figures).

Still, id take this chap on any time. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself with him.

After chatting to this chap we met at Walthamstow. He’s keen, enthusiastic, great body, great banter and very tough. We wrestled for a while and he always gets up ready for more. I got quite a few subs out of him but he certainly surprised me with 2 subs which I was quite impressed with. He’s much better than he lets on so watch out for his moves.

Very much Look forward to match 2. The outcome will be very different.



Solidman is recommended by boston kid

Solidman is my ideal wrestler. Great muscular physique, super safe, intuitive, inventive and a genuinely nice guy. Looks the business in his speedos.

I had so much fun with him today. I taught him some holds and he was a complete natural - and even better was how he was able to improve and tweak the basic holds to make them even better. All the time I felt safe and could relax and enjoy it all. As a Boston crab officianado I was very impressed by his Boston. Well applied and solid.

Oh and did I mention his physique ?!

Highly recommended!



boston kid is recommended by Solidman

This guy is safe, controlled, friendly, straightforward, experienced, resilient and most of all BENDY.

What a fantastic evening showing me different holds and different pins. My god does he take his Time before he taps.

I feel I’ve learns so much from one session than I’d have learnt from other meets.

I very much look forward to pushing him to his absolute limits again and hear him squirm and feel him
Wiggle even more.



Solidman is recommended by g24lsa

A cocky and stocky absolute BRUT of a guy, enjoyed a subs match (even if I was on the receiving end of a bit of an onslaught). He is very imposing, kept patient with my pain-levels, just don't bring a plate if you meet this guy if you don't want your ass handed to you on it!

That said, we had a great workout and I gave him, at least, a challenge on stamina. Looking forward to a second meeting.



g24lsa is recommended by Solidman

Tall. Heavy. Great stamina. Great body. Good banter. Willing to learn more. Fights back And looks great in gear.

Had an awesome very very sweaty subs only fight with this chap. Struggled to restrain my fists and knees though (most of the time). Look forward to round 2.



Solidman is recommended by dadwrestle

There is a grave danger of running out of superlatives in writing this recommendation! Yes, straightforward and easy to fix a date and time to meet. Good pre-match banter! But nothing can prepare you for the match experience itself! This is one hot, hard, skilled fighter! Don't be distracted by his look in gear....a man born to wear speedos! You will need everything for the fight itself! He brings to the mats speed, skill, a sane but truly rough aggression, with an intensity that is a blast to face! I think I would liken his punches to a rivet gun lol! It must be stressed though that this is all controlled! He knows exactly what he is doing. I was TOTALLY outclassed, but had an awesome evening ! I think I can claim I got him slightly worried twice....but that's all! Off the mats, here is a person who is interested and interesting and a delight to chat to. So, all in all, I rate this man as one of the finest wrestlers I have ever encountered! 5 STAR PLATINUM RECOMMENDATION!



dadwrestle is recommended by Solidman

So, this has probably been the easiest most straightforward meet I’ve had. Arranged, agreed and arrived on time (I didn’t but he was kind enough to get the room set up for my slightly delayed arrival).

We chatted and within second were at each other’s throats in the ring. Big, strong and sturdy. Has good experience and good stamina.

We realised soon enough that I was at a much higher aggressive level than his and I was more than happy to tone it down (I hope i toned it down enough).

He fought back and got on top of me quite a few times. I have genuinely enjoyed fighting this man and would recommend anyone to take him on. Once the fight was over we chatted and talked and it was as interesting as the fight.

Thank you for a genuinely good fight and hope we fight again.



Scrapmerchant 1 is recommended by Solidman

Met once after a long chat. Didn’t disappoint however, I certainly annihilated him. Good fight. Waiting for a second rematch promise to be fulfilled. Bring it on.



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Solidman

We’ve finally managed to get on the mats. And what a match it was. He’s a gentleman on and off the mats.

Very pleasant guy. Strong, determined and sane. I feared he would get a few subs out of me but lucky for me that didn’t happen. And lucky for me, I got 3 subs out of him. I think the mat room was too small for a scrap but we managed to make it work.

I ended up with a small cut on my elbow which was no one’s fault. I probably should have stopped and gone home. But I just couldn’t resist stopping and carried on. He has that sort of attitude that makes you want to fight him all the time.

I genuinely cannot wait to take him on again and hopefully have an even better match.



Solidman is recommended by subwrestler2

The best word to describe Solidman is tough. When he starts hitting you, you know you are in a fight. He gave me one of my roughest and most memorable fights I have ever had. It was nothing but rough, intense and exciting. Solidman delivers the perfect balance of hard rough fighting, safety, control, intensity and determination. In my opinion he is what I would call a perfect opponent to fight. But when he says he wants to fight you he means fight. I very much look forward to fighting him again soon. I welcome anyone to contact me personally for any further recommendation of this man. He is a Solid Man in every conceivable way.



subwrestler2 is recommended by Solidman

Where can I start. Extremely skilled. Aggressive. Powerful. And most importantly, a lovely guy.

First and only guy to lose to and have absolutely no shame in saying so.

Hope we can meet again soon :).



Solidman is recommended by Fighter UK

Without formal skills the guy is powerful and determined.

We have now had three fights and he has beaten me in all and one day I aim to reverse that.

We fought for around 90 minutes which was a very intense fight.

If you want a hard challenge then this guy will give it



Fighter UK is recommended by Solidman

My First fight I’ve ever had was with this aggressive man. He is tough and knows what he’s doing.

Intense. Determined. Strong. Agreesive. Don’t take him lightly.

We’ve fought 3 times now and I’m looking forward to our 4th.