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  1. USA - Texas, Austin
    Place of residence

I am willing to travel 75 miles


21-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 194 lbs (88 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: Shorts, underwear, singlets, boxers, shirt and no shirt


Looking for people that like to squash, facesit, or dominate in a fight. Ive had my fair share of matches so I'm very flexible with terms and conditions from time to time, I tend to prefer being a jobber to a big heel but wouldn't mind being a heel myself. Squashing and wrestling holds are always fun and if facesitting is involved than that's a plus for me. I also would love to learn how to do wrestling pins and know how to fight as well. I don't care for any gear type so whatever makes my opponent comfortable is fine, being naked should be something that should be discussed before hand and be something that both parties agree upon so I'll be fully clothed in all my matches.
Willing to travel if opponent is hosting or I can sometimes split a room if I have the funds for it, but i would prefer people in my area for better travel
Anymore questions you can just message me, I always respond back but I'm not on the site as much so sorry in advance if it takes me a few days to respond back to you



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Match structure: Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Online chatting, Looking for coach, Looking to coach
Specific wrestling styles: Promission
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Photo swapping, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber, Stakes
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Spandex, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Squashdude is recommended by slandon23

crossed paths with Squashdude as we both were in Dallas at the same time, so we got a chance to meet and hit the mats, he is still young, once he becomes more experienced he will be a terror on the mats and I would like to cross his path again.



slandon23 is recommended by Squashdude

Slandon23 is an awesome wrestler that i got a chance to meet up with while I was visiting Dallas, when I was thinking I wouldn't get a chance to wrestle anyone he responded in the nick of time and we hit it off. A very nice guy off the mats, but was a real heel on the mats, well more like a dirty heel. Would highly recommend him if you wanna go against someone with his tactics in wrestling.



Squashdude is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

squashdude is a beginner in wrestling but he sure has the size and strength for it given more time. He works out really hard at gym which shows. we tried meeting whenever we can (so far have met 2 times) and I tried to teach him as much as i can of what i know, and he is very receptive in learning more holds. He also looks good in speedos and singlets. Anyone who got approached by him, take it up.



rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by Squashdude

A very nice guy, very talkative but a good conversationalist. On the mat he's very strong and flexible, and can really handle all kinds of holds. Highly recommend him for the good match he can give, he normally prefers being a jobber but can be a real heel if he wants to.



Squashdude is recommended by planted pinned

Managed to squeeze in a match with this kid. I thought I was going to squash a jobber for a few hours but instead I got a real back-n-forth wrestlefest that was a lot of fun. He's tougher than he looks, and a lot of fun to hang out with. I gave him his first piledrivers and he took them like a pro! Sleepers, headlocks, scissors... the kid held his own and gave me some in return. The only thing that slowed him down seemed to be my heel ass in his face. I took the win last night but he's working out and getting tougher. Hang out with this guy for some fun.



planted pinned is recommended by Squashdude

Met up with this big guy for a late night match, a nice guy off the mats but a real challenge on the mat. He's good with his weight and uses it to pin well and once he got me in a sleeper pin it was all over for me. I would highly recommend this guy for the challenge he brought to the match, and moves he's got to win them



Squashdude is recommended by gordonbelly

Friendly guy, great connection on and off the mats. We split the cost of a hotel room when I visited Austin and all communication was great, he always replied my messages. We had a fun time mixing wrestling with squashing and lifting, and even watched some TV while he rubbed my stuffed belly. Looking forward for next time.



gordonbelly is recommended by Squashdude

Awesome guy to have a match with, we planned out our meeting and split the bill. We kept in contact and he was very responsive to the messages, and once we met he was very friendly and approachable. Once in the hotel we had our match, he was very hard to push back and he could use his weight perfectly, squashing me any chance he got and pinning me hard. Every now and then we would take breaks and see what other moves we can try out, as well as me rubbing his huge belly a lot
Would recommend if you like big guys, squashing and bellies.



wrestlin is recommended by Squashdude

Awesome wrestler, knows how to have fun and enjoy a good match, I wouldn't underestimate him when you wrestle him but he can endure big opponents. Would wrestle him again



Squashdude is recommended by Txbigb

He’s a newbie, but he’s extremely excited about learning to wrestle. Surprisingly quick and strong. Mystery is a great guy to wrestle and to talk with. Great guy all around.



Txbigb is recommended by Squashdude

Met up with him and he was a patient and understanding person for someone that's new in wrestling, he even taught me some wrestling moves to practice on. A very chill and fun guy to wrestle with and very open to anything


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Squashdude 9/30/2018

Just me and Txbigb wrestling

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