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Age 60
Height 6'3" (191 cm)
Weight 238 lbs (108 kg)
Gender Male
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  1. USA - Kansas, Hoyt
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I enjoy bearhugs, body scissors, and flexing


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jsmith90 is recommended by SqueezeandFlex

What a treat to meet jsmith90! His pics don’t begin to do justice to his muscular physique. His biceps and calves are particularly well-developed. He got me in a long body scissors and ramped up the pressure til I came close to blacking out. I look forward to our next match!



SqueezeandFlex is recommended by Fiesty

It was fantastic to finally meet with SqueezeandFlex after speaking for sometime. He has a wonderful muscular body for wrestling and flexing to enjoy. His bearhugs are strong and he is very flexable to styles and limits to your liking. You will not find a more hospitable guy who is super to spend time with on and off the mat. I look forward to a great friendship and more encounters



Fiesty is recommended by SqueezeandFlex

After messaging for several years, Fiesty and I finally met. It was worth the wait! His legs are very strong from years of bicycling which translated into a powerful body scissors. His work with a trainer showed as he flexed his beautifully shaped biceps. It was indeed an awesome meeting. I’m looking forward to our next one!



SqueezeandFlex is recommended by Ned Weasel

SqueezeandFlex is a good friend and an awesome wrestler! He's very strong and knows how to bring on a lot of painful moves. He's also safe and friendly.



Ned Weasel is recommended by SqueezeandFlex

I continue to be amazed by this wrestler. We’ve met about ten times now. He’s gone from a bit pudgy too totally RIPPED! His vascularity is absolutely incredible!!! His wrestling skills, use of leverage, and increased physical power have gotten better and better. I love every match with him. He’s A FIVE STAR guy!!!



SqueezeandFlex is recommended by WrestleRoy

good wrestling me and Dan have his biceps got stronger from the last time and I recommend him to anyone who looking for a hot and goodmatch.



WrestleRoy is recommended by SqueezeandFlex

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting Roy three times now. First of all, he is AWESOME! We’ve been working on perfecting our bearhugs, body scissors, and sleepers, so keep that in mind if you have the good fortune of locking up with him!



SqueezeandFlex is recommended by VB Wrestler

Meet up with SqueezeandFlex! Mountain if a man, strong and agile. True gentleman off the mats, but aggressive on the mats.



SqueezeandFlex is recommended by Mainewrsl

With an upper body like iron and a set of muscles that can squeeze you into submission, SandF will make you work for any submission that you are not likely to get. He is strong as an ox and as nice as can be. Until he has you in a killer bearhug. SandF is a truly nice guy, a pleasure to roll with, and fun to learn from. How I managed to lift him off the ground I'll never know, but that's as far as my control of the match went. Highly recommended! Meet him!



Mainewrsl is recommended by SqueezeandFlex

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and wrestling Mainewrsl when he was attending a professional meeting in my area. I am quite a bit bigger than him, yet he lifted me off the ground to prove he was indeed a serious wrestler. We had a great roll and have been friends ever since. I look forward to meeting him in person again and give him a Five Star



Strong, experienced wrestler who can roll with the best of them, and also dial it back for some fun. He is a GREAT guy and I am glad to consider him a friend. Don't miss an opportunity to meet up with this stud



I will always be grateful to this site for connecting me with Wrestling Banker. We encourage each other with our workouts and progress from weight training. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting him once in CA. He is a skilled wrestler and has a beautifully defined physique. I can’t say enough good things about this incredible guy!



It was a pleasure to meet and wrestle a fellow bearhug brother! SqueezeandFlex is the real deal. He is an expert in the application of bearhugs as well as a fan of classic pro wrestling. We have remained friends and we look forward to future meetings. I recommend him 100 percent if u get an opportunity to meet.