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I am into pro style and for enjoyment.
Can host at home and also away meets. I enjoy ring wrestling.

I like squeeze holds and using my strong thighs in locks. I like playing the heel role and use the pro holds and style associated with the sport.

The ideal venue would be a ring where there is ample room for bouncing from the ropes, performing clotheslines, splashes and various bouncing moves.

If the meet is at my place then there is ample opportunity for squeeze moves and gut punches etc.

My favourite moves include bearhugs all angles , Boston crabs, Nelsons, camel clutch and depending on the size, racks over legs or shoulders.

I prefer a ring or mat room and would be reluctant to meet at a hotel.

Please be genuine if you would like to meet.



  1. United Kingdom, Southampton
    Ashurst New Forest
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 70-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 235 lbs (107 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Pro trunks, pro boots, singlets, speedos.

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Squeezeking is recommended by The Undertaker

Met up with Squeezeking at Grove Park for a 3 hour session. Really enjoyed it and has a strong hold but held my own as well in a pro style match. Squeezeking is a nice person and get on really well. We will meet again for another bout soon. Highly recommended



The Undertaker is recommended by Squeezeking

It was a great meet with Undertaker at Grove Park where along with one other and the help of Iain we were able to have nearly three hours of pro style wrestling and we both learnt a lot from the session.
Undertaker is a great person and now a good friend. Well worth the meet with him especially if you like the pro style. Although we are miles apart we will meet again soon.



Squeezeking is recommended by SouthernOne

We did have great fun. He's a great host, and a great teacher. It was good to try various holds and we did various heel v jobber scenarios, with lots of gear changes, me pinned in sexy gear. The surprises were great too, I'll definitely come again!! Looking forward to another meet soon. Highly recommended.



SouthernOne is recommended by Squeezeking

We had a great fun meet exchanging various holds and we were able to do various heel v jobber senarios in spite of my limited space, all good fun with a few surprises thrown in! Looking forward to another meet soon.



Squeezeking is recommended by wrestle fun

Squeezeking is a great guy, really friendly and has hosted a meet up for me on more than one occasion. He is a pleasure to meet up with and is a really nice guy. If you get the chance I'd recommend him for a match.



wrestle fun is recommended by Squeezeking

I have met wrestle fun three times at home for lounge wrestling. One meet was a group including Pretty Boy jobber .. we were able to exchange holds and moves. Wrestle Fun is strong and very tough to gain any release from pressure holds. He’s great person and looks the part in his trunks. Hope to meet again soon.



Squeezeking is recommended by Sam London

He's a fine man to spend the afternoon with, safe and sane, fun in the ring, shame there wasn't time for a drink in the pub, but good company. Recommended !



Sam London is recommended by Squeezeking

I met Sam at a small group meet and was great in tag and also individual bouts. Sam is great at delivering and can easily be versatile in wrestling roles. Looking forward to seeing him again soon.



Squeezeking is recommended by Billboi

I have met squeezeking on a number of different occasions. He is a real gent and a great guy to wrestle. I look forward to meeting him again.



Billboi is recommended by Squeezeking

I have met on several occasions at small group meets at Grove Park ring. Bilboi is great with both tag pro style and individual bouts. We always have had fun and will look forward to seeing him again for wrestling.



Squeezeking is recommended by Apartmentwrestler64

I met up with Squeezeking and others at his place for a group meet last year. We spent some time practicing pro style moves which are not normally my thing but we had a good time all the same.
David is a good host and a safe pair of hands. He is also an older heavier heel and that ticks a big box for me!! :)



Apartmentwrestler64 is recommended by Squeezeking

I had the pleasure of hosting Apartmentwrestler64 and we had a good pro fantasy fun wrestle. Hope we will meet again soon.



Squeezeking is recommended by Yan

Squeezeking was the first guy I met on meetfighters. Great guy, skilled and knowledgable and mindful of a newbie, Enjoyable, educational, and entertaining. Highly recomended



Yan is recommended by Squeezeking

I was pleased to have met Yan and whilst space in my lounge was limited I and another jobber friend were able to perform various pro fantasy wrestling moves and holds. Yan is very adaptable to any situation and I am pleased to say that in spite of his main home being France we are in regular contact.



Squeezeking is recommended by Churd

Just spent a lovely afternoon chatting and wresting with a true Gentleman. Great fun on and off the mats. I look forward to our next encounter.



Churd is recommended by Squeezeking

I had a wonderful meet with Churd who was able to accommodate. We had gentleman’s conversation and our wrestling was give and take style. I am pleased to make a new acquaintance.



Squeezeking is recommended by catchbear1

I know him under his old name chub
Have 2018 Two Matches with him
In Grove Park
He is a Strong Wrestler and a Good heel
In The Ring
Want to be your jobber in Next Matches



catchbear1 is recommended by Squeezeking

I have met Catchbear1 twice in the ring st Grove Park whilst he and friend were on visits to London.
We were able to meet me my jobber friend and had great tag and also individual matches. It’s great to know them. Looking forward to the next visit.


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Squeezeking 28 days ago

I get a taste of my own medicine in the ropes against The_Undertaker

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Squeezeking 28 days ago

A short clip of myself crushing jobber The_Undertaker in a bearhug

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Squeezeking 5/15/2019

A short video of myself waiting in the ring for my next opponent

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