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  1. USA - New York, New York
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31-year-old Male / 6'1" (186 cm) / 205 lbs (93 kg)


nice and respectful man looking for similar guys with mutual interest.
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Specific wrestling styles: Arm wrestling
Fetishes: Gut punching, Nipple play, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 9/27/2019

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Strongnfine is recommended by pecsp

We’ve chatted a lot before meeting, and finally met when he visited my city... he’s handsome, tall and strong as his pics suggest... pretty much owned me on the mats, what is paradise for a muscle jobber like me... oh, and his headscissors are so powerful... woof! Really nice guy too. I strongly recomend Strongnfine! 😉



Strongnfine is recommended by benwoulds

Strongnfine is exactly that: incredibly strong, and oh so fine, even more so than his pictures. His body is ripped, he is movie star handsome, he is a nice guy, and he really gets into it, both physically and verbally. A total body worship and wrestling stud, he's as good as it gets, really amazing. Pounce!



benwoulds is recommended by Strongnfine

Benwoulds is a must meet, both in and out of the mats.
Great guy, respectful and accommodating with a terrific muscular and strong body to work over ur muscles especially abs and knows how to get in your head to dominate and control u.
Had a chance to share other jobbers with him before and the outcome was an explosion of testosterone.
Absolutely recommended!



Strongnfine is recommended by Latinpecs

Finally was able to meet with this great oponent
Highly recommend. Reliable, sexy and definitely strong
Great host and can give a good match until he exhaust you.
Defenetly looking forward to a re match



Latinpecs is recommended by Strongnfine

wayyyyy overdue!
But better late than ever
A great man all together
real gentleman, super strong with muscles as solid as a rock
biceps and pecs to make anyone jealous.
a kind man and very educated
Great we connected!



thunder21 is not recommended by Strongnfine

  • Unsafe / dangerous
  • Incivil / bad manners



Strongnfine is recommended by G8ratlarge

Cat 5 was brewing in the Atlantic but had fun tossing strongnfine around in our own little hurricane. Lift n carry,shows of strength --- he's a handsome dude. Good time. Recommend 👍🏻



Kieron10xx is not recommended by Strongnfine

  • Unreliable / no show



Strongnfine is recommended by gymrat

He is Strong. And he is very Fine indeed - this lucky guy has honest-to-goodness model good looks. he also possesses HUGE legs (as others have noted, and i have now felt closing around me) and huge triceps (as others have NOT noted). Off the mats – a great guy, a gracious host (super espresso!), communicative, easy to set up a time with. A re-match will be in the works, especially as he continues rapid progress in the gym.

Yes, he made me tap. This is big, young, strong guy who likes the competitive side, yet is always careful - a gentleman, but one who want to get it on. Highly recommended. - gymrat



gymrat is recommended by Strongnfine

Reliable, easy to plan, educated, gentleman and freaking ripped to the bone!! Pure solid muscle , hard as a wall. Dont let his size fool you, the man is super strong.
Looking forward to some more action!



naturalmscl is not recommended by Strongnfine

  • Fake profile



Strongnfine is recommended by BenMonaco

This big stud is charming and sweet... then he locks his legs on you! 😈 almost five years after our first match, he has become a total beast and is only getting stronger. He does have some weaknesses but I'll let you discover them on your own 😋 hit him up when you can, you'll be happy you did



Strongnfine is recommended by pecbiceps

Nice strong legs dude
lots of bearhugs and flexing together
Warm recommandation



pecbiceps is recommended by Strongnfine

Great guy! Solid body! Lots of flexing fun! 💪



Strongnfine is recommended by zetizef

What a b[l|e]ast! It was delightful to meet this big guy and try my best to counter his muscle power. Spoiler: I couldn't. His thighs are probably as thick as my chest, there's no way out of his scissors. He took me through a demonstration of his strength and skills by lifting me in all possible ways, and some more. Everything I tried seemed to have very little effect on the course of the events... All in all a rapture that I'm craving for and wish to repeat as soon as possible.



Strongnfine is recommended by Loxerdude

Met up last minute with StrongnFine for some flexing, ab punches, and strength tests. I have never seen any quad muscle as big and impressive as his before in my life. He did a couple scissor holds on me and but merely flexed a bit and instant lights out. Very friendly fellow, genuine, and a good attitude which I very much appreciate. Don’t miss out on the biggest beast quads in all of NYC and perhaps the universe!



Loxerdude is recommended by Strongnfine

Great genuine and easy going man
Biceps as hard as a rock. Extremely strong
Definitely a super fun time!
More to come!



Strongnfine is recommended by muscleva

Definitely strong and fine. I was lucky enough to get a few minutes with this stud. You won't last long between those big, strong quads. Would love a longer battle next time I'm in NYC.



Strongnfine is recommended by dazzlo

This guy is amazingly strong with an awesome body - a natural heel. Even though it was a quick match, it felt like hours trapped between his thighs! Handsome and polite as well - the total package. Definitely recommend!



dazzlo is recommended by Strongnfine

Very handsome fella! Pure lean muscles! Great personality and can REALLY take it!
A great jobber altogether !
Looking forward to the next time!



Strongnfine is recommended by RocRassler

His tag says it all - this guy IS strong and fine for sure...along with being a great friend who I've met multiple times. Insane legs!! Biggest quads and calves I've ever experienced. Consider urself warned...he can do some damage with them! Looking forward to our next meeting...



RocRassler is recommended by Strongnfine

Met RocRassler over a year ago and we`ve been great friends ever since.
Amazing muscles, a true gentleman, and the hottest huge solid biceps you`ll ever feel!
Definitely recommended



Strongnfine is recommended by Galifter84

This guy I met while he was in town for a day. Had a great morning and afternoon meeting. Nicely toned up and friendly, we had some fun rolling and having strength/lifting tests. Had fun with him



Strongnfine is recommended by leanmachinetn

Strongnfine and I had a great battle, including strength challenges. He was a generous host and a total pleasure to meet. I highly recommend this handsome young gentleman.



Strongnfine is recommended by Pitt

He is really strong, he could carry me easily. And very friendly !



Strongnfine is recommended by ocmuscle

I highly recommend this stud, he is a huge guy, sexy body and a very handsome face. We wrestled back and forth testing each other's strength, and he was great and doing lifts and carries. I had a great time wrestling this big stud.



ocmuscle is recommended by Strongnfine

Incredible body, very handsome face, and super strong.
Had a fantastic time with this man. Educated and very sweet, with a biceps to die for, amazing peaked guns.
Definitely had a great time