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7/4 Update: The intercostal muscle injury turned out to be a tear – I'm putting myself on the 60-day disabled list as of today.

I like non-competitive fun. Squashes, pro-style, fantasy are all good. Especially seeking heels who like to dominate during the match and then humiliate the loser. Please check my external links - in particular my Flickr photos - to get a sense of the scenarios I enjoy. Thanks!

Str8, but very gay-friendly, smooth-skinned jobber who loves the gear and is highly experienced in losing pro-fantasy matches by sleepers and other finishing holds that leave me 'out cold' and at the heel's mercy.

Can and will resist as much as desired but mostly into one-sided matches that end with me flat on the mat, while the winner poses over me and reminds me who the alpha male is. Love post-match bondage and humiliation + KO/Rip and strip matches. I am good at selling it as a jobber but really don't know much about wrestling other than it turns me on! Ditto for boxing – love the shorts, the boots and KOs, but less interested in fighting itself and definitely not looking for striking matches.

Also hugely into superhero role-play where I am the cocky hero taken down and captured by an evil heel. I have several superhero costumes that are also fun to wear while wrestling.

Again, I am not seeking competitive matches or sex, and I cannot host. But I do travel, so if I'm coming to your town and you'd like to own a fit, friendly reliable jobber for a few hours, hit me up...and take me down!



  1. USA - California, Del Mar
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 155 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Spandex tights and briefs, singlets. As long as it's shiny and tight!

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Ninny is not recommended by Subduded Dude

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Subduded Dude is recommended by calwrestler

Wrestled the dude today....thoroughly enjoyed being the heel.....and dude is a terrific job ber who knows exactly how to play it......But he is REALLY strong and hard to overcome when he is resisting b 4 the inevitable fall!
Heels ! - get this guy on the mat for a fun hour or two !



calwrestler is recommended by Subduded Dude

I knew I was in trouble as soon as I saw Calwrestler's guns – those big biceps put me out at least once. As hard as I trained to wrestle this bull, his strength is unmatched and his legs are a prison. Post-heeling, he was a kind and accommodating host and I enjoyed some off-the-mat chat time with him too. Great wrestler!



Subduded Dude is recommended by fantasyfeak

This guy is everything that I expected. A handsome jobber with a killer bod, he looked hot as hell getting knocked out over and over again. Very kind off the mats as well. I'd definitely be up for wrecking him again, and would recommend him to anyone who wants a pro fantasy jobber.



fantasyfeak is recommended by Subduded Dude

Despite having inadequate space, I had a great match with this dirty heel. He showed me a bunch of new holds and demonstrated his skill and strength repeatedly. Smart, reliable, handsome and with a huge gear selection - what's not to like?



Subduded Dude is recommended by singletwrestler89

Subduded Dude is a great opponent! He is very friendly, energetic, and easy-going. He looks amazing, and is extremely strong. I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a good match!



singletwrestler89 is recommended by Subduded Dude

SingletWrestler89 is a great guy – friendly, smart and makes you feel right at ease. Zero attitude and tons of strength. We had difficulty finding a time to meet but his patience and flexibility allowed it to happen. I am looking forward to our next match!



Subduded Dude is recommended by azwrestler

Great jobber! Really knows how to sell it. If you're in the area, don't miss out on wrestling this guy! You won't regret it! Great, down to earth guy off the mats too.



azwrestler is recommended by Subduded Dude

What a terrific wrestler! Not only is AZWrestler a total stud – 170 lbs of smooth muscle – he's also a great guy off the mats. He was able to read my body language and used just enough of his incredible power to show me who's the better man.



Subduded Dude is recommended by Angelo

I had my eye on this wrestler for some time and he finally made it into my orbit. He is, in a word, awesome. Strong and hot, he wears the pro gear like a champ and jumps into the match with lots of energy. One of the best jobbers I've encountered, the dude sells well every move and every hold. This will be, I hope, only the first of several matches. And to top it all off–he is a great guy to talk to and have a beer with! Don't pass him up.



Angelo is recommended by Subduded Dude

What a great guy! Angelo is hot, smart and considerate - oh, and strong as an ox too! He showed me who's Alpha for about an hour of hot, sweaty wrestling action. Best of all, he's a super-nice person, easy to talk to and willing to accommodate various styles. I am looking forward to locking up with this stud again on my next swing through NYC.



Subduded Dude is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

Subdued dude is amazing in his role playing as,a jobber, looks amazing in his metallic trunks and white boots. If you want a jobber who can sells well, this is the guy



rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by Subduded Dude

Rasslin Bodybuilder was terrific. He is strong enough to snap me in two, yet respected all limits while showing his incredible strength. He even taught me a few new holds. Wrestle this man if you're lucky enough to have a chance.


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Subduded Dude 7/22/2018

Jobber KOd and twitching after being piledriven

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