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Young and fit. Looking for pro/sub. Can host w/ mats



  1. USA - Texas, Austin
  2. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
    (I'm here between 5/30/2019 and 5/31/2019)
    Here at least 2-3 times a month for work
  3. USA - Alabama, Birmingham
    (I'm here between 5/22/2019 and 5/23/2019)
  4. USA - Virginia, Richmond
    (I'm here between 6/03/2019 and 6/05/2019)
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Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 145 lbs (66 kg)

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Subtrav is recommended by fighter9

Awesome guy and a great wrestler. Despite our size difference, he proved to be a tough matchup and gave me all I wanted and then some. Watch out for his legs, they're killer!



fighter9 is recommended by Subtrav

Laidback, super nice, with a strong body (arms and chest especially!). While I was able to get maybe 2 or 3 submissions off him, this wasn’t a close match. Couldn’t have asked for a better opponent to humble me a bit, haha.

He’s super respectful, safe, kind - but clearly enjoys dishing out punishment.

Hoping for a rematch one day. I very much recommend. Oh, and he’s wicked handsome.



Chicago is recommended by Subtrav

Wow. Possibly my favorite match from this site. Incredibly sexy, amazing bod, sweet personality. A great defensive wrestler - and once he learns some offense, he’ll be tough to beat.

Highly recommend. He won’t disappoint 😉



Subtrav is recommended by ddwrestler694

Incredibly friendly, beautiful physique, and the wrestling skills to match. Based on his recommendations I had a feeling I was getting myself into a squash job, so I decided to talk some extra trash. Thought I’d at least be able to put up a fight since I had a height and weight advantage. How wrong I ended up being...he had me tapping out left and right no matter how hard I fought back.

If you get a chance to meet him be sure to take it as you will not be disappointed.



ddwrestler694 is recommended by Subtrav

Nice guy, cute face, looks great in a singlet, and can take a beating. After a lot of smack talk and promises of a competitive match - he lost 22-0 😉

Can’t wait for the rematch. Definitely recommend if you’re in Chicago



Subtrav is recommended by jared

Subtrav was a great time to wrestle, easy to set up and a ton of fun. He is very skilled and strong and was able to submit me pretty quickly. Was very respectful of limits and made sure to throw some unexpected moves in there (never been submitted upside down). If you ever get the chance to match up wth Subtrav, I'd take it–he's a great match.



jared is recommended by Subtrav

Highly recommend. Jared is an attractive guy with a great bod. Super nice and easy going. I almost felt bad for submitting him 21+ times, but he kept coming for more. I definitely look forward to another match here.

One of my favorite matches. Meet up with him if you get the chance!



Subtrav is recommended by smileyface13531

Fast wrestler, and really used his speed to his advantage—each time we started, in no time I’d find myself on the defensive trying to keep up. Good stamina, and definitely hammered things home after tiring me out. Has a great set up too at his place with his mats. Would definitely recommend!



smileyface13531 is recommended by Subtrav

Nice guy with a strong/toned body. I may have underestimated him and he did win the first submission. Which was his first and only sub against me ;)

I’m not as confident I’d do as well in a rematch. He’s definitely going to continue to improve!

Highly recommend :)



Subtrav is recommended by wrestle16

Always enjoy meeting up with this guy - he’s a super fun wrestler with an amazing body. Doesn’t hurt that he’s charming and imaginative. Look forward to next time.



wrestle16 is recommended by Subtrav

One of my favs. Super nice guy with a toned, lean bod. He’s stronger than he appears!

He looks incredible in every item of gear he has - which is a lot!

Highly recommend.



Subtrav is recommended by kapowkow

Going in, I thought that we'd have an even match. Boy was I wrong haha. This guy has a great physique and was more powerful than I imagined (power level >9000), and I got murked. Really nice guy though. After this experience, I most definitely want to train harder and beat him next time so that I can be the one on top!



kapowkow is recommended by Subtrav

Super nice guy, but has quite the attitude (a good thing). Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t back up the trash talk on the mat. It was super fun dominating him, and liked that he kept coming for more.

He’ll definitely be a force to reckon with down the road. I hope to face him again when he’s a bit more of a challenge :)



Subtrav is recommended by nycguy86

An incredibly fun and challenging match! Subtrav knows what he's doing and looks great while doing it. To borrow his adverbs, it took two years of practice and all my tricks to move from thoroughly to merely dominated, and I look forward to the further diminution of qualifiers in 2021 :-)



nycguy86 is recommended by Subtrav

Two years after thoroughly dominating nycguy86....I merely dominated him this time around :)

Not sure what else to say beyond what 60+ people have already said. An absolute blast to wrestle. An incredibly toned body. Super nice and friendly.

Looking forward to our next match - hopefully before 2021 ;)



Subtrav is recommended by MDWrestle98

I haven't had a match this intense in a long time. He definitely demolished me within seconds round after round. I left feeling sore as hell, which is a good thing. As intense as he is, Subtrav is incredibly thoughtful, even including some surprise gut punch for me just because he read it from past reviews.



Subtrav is recommended by thenumberseven

Really friendly, very accommodating especially given this was one of my first fights.

Needless to say I was totally outclassed - didn't win a single round against him, and he did a awesome job of heel-ing while still playing it safe

Great match



thenumberseven is recommended by Subtrav

Seven is an absolute blast to wrestle. Though he may be a novice, he’s quite strong and definitely no pushover. Incredible physique - those abs look even better in person. It was fun to dominate 1v1, and he definitely enjoyed the 2v1 part too. Highly recommend :)



Subtrav is recommended by swimmerjocknyc

What a cute jobber! This guy loves taking a beating. Also doesn’t help that the moans he makes while in holds urges you to crank up the intensity. Nice guy to chat with after as well.



swimmerjocknyc is recommended by Subtrav

Gorgeous guy with an incredible bod. Knows how to play the heel role quite nicely. Respectful of limits and a pleasure to chit chat with post-match. Highest recommendation!