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  1. United Kingdom, Ilkeston
    Place of residence

I am willing to travel 200 kilometers


65-year-old Male / 6'1" (185 cm) / 154 lbs (70 kg)

Gear: lycra trunks, singlets,suits,dancebelt and rubber gear..


Tall,slim,fit supple wrestler.
My favourite hold is the Boston Crab.I would like to meet up with guys who can give and take the Boston Crab.
Prefer to wrestle with smooth similar weight guys but not set in stone.
I enjoy being both the jobber or the heel.
I enjoy wrestling in lycra and rubber.
Wrestling should be fun.
I am willing to help other guys with suppleness and stretching exercises.
I am not into endless chat with no intention to meet.
I want to try sumo wrestling wearing mawashi with a similar weight guy.
Timewasters keep away, please.
I cannot do gut punching.
I like to be freshly showered before a wrestle and I would expect you to be the same.
No cyber wrestling thank you.
Thank you for reading my profile.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Going to matches, Mud/oil wrestling
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting, Ninjutsu
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Spandex, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play

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Last modified: 3/16/2021



SuppleWrestler is recommended by A1Jobberlad

Had a great time with supple wrestler today . As this guy usually enjoys 50/50 matches thankyou for adapting to my jobber side .
He applied great Boston crabs and camel clutches . Putting me through these several times. This guy has some great gear and certainly looks good in it . He also let me try on some of his gear which I loved.
Very safe at all times and had a great chat with this guy. Highly recommend.



A1Jobberlad is recommended by SuppleWrestler

I really enjoyed a heel v jobber wrestle with A1Jobbererlad today.He is a great guy to chat with in between putting him in various wrestling holds .I put him in my favourite hold the Boston Crab several times and he took it well.
100% recommendation for this young jobber.



SuppleWrestler is recommended by Tyger

This wrestler lives up to his name as he is incredibly supple - and tough. Never known anyone take a Boston for so long. Good bloke to lock up with, hope we can meet again.



Tyger is recommended by SuppleWrestler

I met Tyger today ,we had a enjoyable safe and sane trading holds wrestling session.I would be happy to meet him again if our paths cross.
100 % recommendation.



SuppleWrestler is recommended by walsallgoodguy

11/8/18 Pippa's Manchester, Wrestled SuppleWrestler today in the ring,had a great time being bent over and stretched to the limit,had to submit to his Boston crab in the end,hope for another match soon,really nice,friendly guy,Ripper Roger



walsallgoodguy is recommended by SuppleWrestler

I had a great heel vs jobber wrestle with walsallgoodguy in the ring pippas.I finished him off with a full Boston Crab.

I hope we can have a repeat wrestle sometime in the future.



SuppleWrestler is recommended by squeezerian

I had the great pleasure of meeting SuppleWrestler today for some hot wrestling action. He is a great guy both on and off the mat and I recommend him to any other wrestlers visiting or living in Nottingham.



squeezerian is recommended by SuppleWrestler

I had a great trading holds wrestling session with squeezerian .We really got on well with each other and I am certainly up for another wrestle with him in the future if he comes to England again .Squeezerian is a safe sane guy,highly recommended.



SuppleWrestler is recommended by crabladder

4th April 2018 - Had an hours drive to supplewrestlers home and was not disappointed.
On arrival we both realised we had met several years ago at grapevine meets.
We had 6 hours of trading many wrestling holds, chat and watching some classic WOS bouts.
We exchanged many holds but favoured plenty of single leg and full boston crabs.
We both enjoyed testing each others pain thresholds.
I'm very much looking forward to meeting again either in May or June.
Thanks again for a very enjoyable encounter.
If you like bostons then supplewrestler is your man.
Highly recommended.



crabladder is recommended by SuppleWrestler

I have had an excellent trading holds wrestle with crabladder today.He is a safe,sane and delightful guy to wrestle with.We did stop for coffee breaks and had some interesting chats,we also watched a few WOS wrestling matches.
After our initial meet today we realised that we had met previously several years ago at one of the Alveston wrestling meets.
I hope we can meet again later this summer.
100 % recommendation.



SuppleWrestler is recommended by Squashlad

13/05/2017: It was excellent to get a match in with this well named and experienced wrestler on the main mats at John's meet at Pippa's. My extra bulk kept me out of trouble, but this is a guy who clearly knows his stuff, both submission and freestyle, and with his height and startling flexibility he was a real handful to keep under control. Do not relax against him, he has the ability to bring his legs up and over and hook you out of the way from practically anywhere. Safe, sane and friendly and a pleasant and interesting guy to chat to between subs too. Hope to get a rematch in with him soon.
09/09/2017: John's Manchester Meet 21 provided the opportunity for the rematch versus this quality opponent back at the Wrestling Factory, so of course I took it! As startlingly flexible as ever, it was again a huge amount of fun, and hopefully only the second of many tussles. Highly recommended.



Squashlad is recommended by SuppleWrestler

I had a very enjoyable wrestle with Squashlad at the Manchester meet 13-05-17.He is a strong skilled wrestler ,he was quite surprised with my suppleness and how I can use it to get out of trouble.He made my ribs click during our wrestle and I sure did know about it when I turned over in bed the following night.However a few exercises the morning after all clicked and no damage done.Squashlad is a safe,sane and friendly wrestler and I hope we can wrestle again at a future meet.

09/09/2017: John's Manchester Meet 21; I had a great wrestle Squashlad for the second time.It was a safe ,sane and competitive wrestle which I enjoyed very much.He is a great wrestler and I did use my suppleness during the wrestle to my advantage.I hope to wrestle with him again at any future meets. Highly recommended.



SuppleWrestler is recommended by boston111

Had another wrestle with SuppleWestler, and gave him a good work over, in lots of Bostons. It's great he can take a full Boston without submitting too quickly. But he had to submit eventually. Lots of fun, and all safe.

Just wrestled SuppleWrestler. He is a great jobber, I made him suffer in lots of Bri-pro holds. A nice guy who made me very welcome. There are not many guys who can last in a Crab but SuppleWrestler is one of them. I am sure I will give him another long submission in the future.



boston111 is recommended by SuppleWrestler

I have had a pro-hold wrestling session with Boston111,what a great wrestler he is.He is a stronge safe and sane wrestler,he is a Boston Crab expert and he sure did get his submissions out of me.

Thank you again boston111,I hope we can have another session.


I have had another fantastic wrestle with Boston111.He put me in some well put on submission holds but best as ever are his Boston Crabs.He really is the Boston Crab Master for sure (oh no I submit Sir).He is a strong safe wrestler,I hope we can have another wrestle later in the year.




SuppleWrestler is recommended by Tynesider

I wrestled SuppleWrestler at the meet at Pippa's yesterday. He is indeed a wiry man.

I really enjoyed the match and would happily take him on again if our paths cross.



Tynesider is recommended by SuppleWrestler

I had a great wrestle with Tynesider at the Manchester meet 13-05-17.He is a strong, safe and sane wrestler.I enjoyed chatting with him at the wrestling session.I hope we can have a wrestle again at a future meet.



SuppleWrestler is recommended by crabnebula

Having been turned on by the wrestling going back to my teenage years, watching the World of Sport action, Saturday afternoon, over the years my only wrestling encounters had been with female session wrestlers. Although I'd been registered on the Meetfighters site for a few year, SuppleWrestler was the first guy I met. He shares my love of the Boston Crab hold and we were able to meet up over a weekend, each day trading Boston Crabs on each other. He's a friendly guy and knows how to safely apply this beautiful submission hold. He's also very supple for his age. Having spent many hours together back in April of 2016, if I'm fortune enough to meet up with SuppleWrestler again, I'll be completely comfortable, able to relax and fully enjoy our wrestling sessions. For sure there will be lots of full Bostons but perhaps, next time, we'll try out a few other wrestling holds!



crabnebula is recommended by SuppleWrestler

Crabnebula is a avid Boston Crab fan who is eager to be put in the full Boston Crab by experienced Boston Crab guys.

I had an enjoyable wrestling weekend with Crabnebula back in April 2016.I carefully put him in many full Boston Crabs taking him up to submission which he really enjoyed.To my surprise he also enjoyed putting me in the full Boston Crab and he held me safely in the full Boston Crab taking me up to submission many times.During the weekend he found that he also got pleasure in applying the Boston Crab as well has taking it.We are planning a repeat wrestling weekend from Spring 2017 onwards.

Crabnebula is a safe friendly guy.



SuppleWrestler is recommended by dadwrestle

Now here is a "blast from the past"! I used to meet this tall, wiry wrestler at group meets in the Midlands when there was a mat room near Nottingham. Although there's a huge weight difference he never backed off from a challenge. He's fit and strong, and as the label says, "supple"! Dont underestimate this guy! Great to see him on Meetfighters! 100% recommendation for a safe, sane, fun match up!



dadwrestle is recommended by SuppleWrestler

I have wrestled dadwrestle several times over the years.Although he is much heavier than me we have always had a great wrestle.He adapts well to the weight difference between us.He is a stronge safe wrestler and I always enjoyed trying to give the bugger what for !.

Great guy,100% safe and I would like to wrestle him again one day.


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