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Swimming to aid cardio and muscle!

Looking to meet more people for a bit of training and submission style wrestling, also after extensive chatting on here happy to try the "Pro" style :)



  1. United Kingdom, Swindon
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I am willing to travel 75 miles


Age: 37-year-old Male

Stats: 6'3" (191 cm), 198 lbs (90 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Trunks, Boxers

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Quiksilver wrestleguyuk


SwinGuy34 is recommended by Quiksilver

Had an excellent match with swinguy. He is feisty, agile and stronger than he looks. Whilst he won I was glad I managed to get at least one sub from him.



Quiksilver is recommended by SwinGuy34

Really nice guy, some good technical sides to thi match, and off the Mats a real gent!

Glad to have met him and wrestled want to do so again!



SwinGuy34 is recommended by wrestleguyuk

After a month or two of chatting and exchanging messages, SwinGuy34 and I met...and it was certainly worth the wait! Firstly, he is an absolute gentleman, polite and respectful - all the things you hope for when you invite somebody round. But the main attraction (as it were) was his wrestling ability. Quick as a flash, he had me in a headlock and I was tapping out before i knew what was happening.....not a good start for me! But, after that we had good to and fro session and also practiced some holds and luckily I managed to even the score a little bit... SwinGuy34 is very strong and fit - much more than he gives himself credit for, and as an aside, he looks bloody amazing in a singlet!

I look forward to many more matches with this fantastic guy. Highly, highly recommended.



wrestleguyuk is recommended by SwinGuy34

Met G for a match recently after speaking for some weeks, couldn't have asked for a nicer guy off the mat, polite and courteous place to change and a lend of some gear! (Singlet) on the matts I managed to get a quick sub but after that was made to submit and made to work for every sub I got!

He's a lot stronger than he gives himself credit for and knows some nice holds that have me aching today!!

I wouldn't hesitate recommending G he's very safe and Sane and looks great in Gear and does suffer quite well before tapping!

Thoroughly recommended for a safe and sane bout!!