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Age 22
Height 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight 200 lbs (91 kg)
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  1. USA - Arizona, Safford

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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Going to matches

Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship

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Some dumbass kid with issues, looking for Boxing and Pro wrestling coaches.

I will not be posting new photos or vids here.
You can find me on twitter for my shenanigans


Happy Brawlin


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TOROSO is recommended by justwrestle

Toroso is a great young bull. He is interesting, polite and respectful. Wrestling him was fun, even if I hardly got any offense on him. He put me in a lot of different holds, and quick to release with every tap he earned. I think he took it easy on me, which I won’t allow next time. He’s a thick, strong man looking to get thicker and stronger.



justwrestle is recommended by TOROSO

Had a blast meeting JustWrestle. Although i do feel awful for having the meet at short notice.

Hes tuff, looks great, solid body, and a great smile when ya choke him hard enough.

Very polite and ground to earth guy. Hope to meet him many more times, maybe take the trip up to his woods to ring his neck some more.

If you are in AZ or anywhere near this tuffy. Be sure to get in touch with him!



TOROSO is recommended by PhoenixBigBear

If there’s a young wrestler/fighter who’s the man to watch in Arizona, it’s definitely Toroso. He met me on my mats and I can testify that this man is the genuine article—brutally honest, mentally and physically tough, with a powerful body and the good manners of a real first-class gentleman on and off the mats.
If you get the chance to test yourself against him, be ready for a real contest. Toroso is a wrestler’s wrestler who will distinguish himself whether he’s wrestling, boxing, MMA or any other fight discipline he enters.
A true champion and an honest man.



TOROSO is recommended by slowsubs

Its been a little while since this Fireplug and I have rolled. Hes been a guest at my place a couple of times for multiple days and I was sure I had posted recommendation but it seems to have vanished. In any case this dude is a Rhino, looks like a Bull and is tough as nails. Fireplug is exactly what he is, short thick and getting thicker fast. Its been about 6 months since Ive seen him and just looking at his recent pics I have a feeling any edge I had on him before is gone. Cant wait to play with him again.



slowsubs is recommended by TOROSO

Known Slowsubs around a year and a half ago. And man, i still wanna keep scrapping with him.

Hes very strong and tuff. Hard to put down. Hes one man i look up to and respect a lot. One of the best hosts in arizona. A great fighter and a better father figure.

Still hope one day to get as big and burly as this Big ol Papa Pump. No idea where id be without him. But i know i am glad to have him in my life. 💪🐂.

Ever in Mesa, i cant reccomend this PapaBull enough. Just stay outta his holds and on his good side.or youll be tappin fir mercy outta this beefy King. ;)



TOROSO is recommended by MysticWolf

If you'd have shown the boy I met a while back who he would be now he wouldn't believe it. It's been awesome to watch him grow since. Was fun to toss him into the deep end a bit when he was new around here, eager to see him lay waste to his opponents up until he comes back around my way. Awesome kid, totally recommended if you're in the area. Get to him before I do, though...... -insert evil laugh here-



rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by TOROSO

Rasslin Bodybuilder is a Stud.

Met him a while back and hes a beast i always enjoy talking too. Very kind as he is tuff.

He may act like hes a jobber but you let your guard down and he'll make ya kiss the mats.

Hes one awesome big guy i cant wait to see again. Ever get the chance to meet him, i cant recomend this beast enough



lance jeffers is recommended by TOROSO

I owe a lot to this man.

Lance gave me my first eye opener to the sport of Sub grappling. Been with me since the beginning.

Granted, he still kicks my ass i hope to one day get as skillful and half the warrior he is. Amazing grappler, and a very tuff son of a gun.

Only thing keeping me from seeing him more often is a 4 hour drive, and a need to work. Else id probably never leave and learn every bit of knowlege he has.

Ever in Glendale. You HAVE to meet this Champ.

Love ya dad. :)



TOROSO is recommended by AZFighter2

Fireplug in Training is a great opponent. He's super friendly outside of matches and knows his stuff, but during a match, he is one tough, beefy, and hot bulldog. Highly recommend him if you ever come to Arizona. The match was a great mix of erotic/submission and also got some good pointers from it. Hope to see him again in his awesome gear/jocks.



AZFighter2 is recommended by TOROSO

AZfighter2 was one tough grapple. He was great company. Fun to hangout with. Will definetly be ready for another meet in Phoenix.