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Live in LA. Looking for some safe sane erotic wrestling fun. Open on gear and style. Be in shape.

Athletic, tall, masc gwm, into body contact, aggressive man on man play, erotic submission wrestling, open to erotic pro or erotic pro/sub mix.... anything safe sane and fun. work out 3 times a week. Always safe and respect limits. open to any gear. Interested? Challenge me!

Not into the fight for the kill... as you see above, wrestling is a big turn on and erotic is always a part of it, depending on chemistry. if you like my profile and pics, and the idea of taking on a big horned up man like me, then hit me up and let's see if we can meet up for a sweaty workout and some man on man fun. Cheers!



  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
    Hollywood / West Hollywood area - live here
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


Age: 52-year-old Male

Stats: 6'4" (193 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: any/open

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supermansbane is recommended by Talldavidla

Supermansbane is a great opponent! If you get a chance, take him up on a match. We're both big men and we went at it for two hours. Aggressive, fun and skilled. You won't regret the time you spend with him on the mats! Hope to have a rematch in the near future, next time I'm in the SLC area.



Talldavidla is recommended by Dizzle

Great guy, made me feel very comfortable even though still learning. Easy to let go and have a good match. Knows his way Around a mat too! Gave me my first over shoulder rack I’ll never forget!



Dizzle is recommended by Talldavidla

We chatted for a few weeks and finally met up. GREAT GUY! A lot of fun and easy on the eyes as well. Still learning and enjoys the fight. Don't pass up a match with this young stud. You'll miss out on a fun evening. Looking forward to our next match!



MatmanGWIN is recommended by Talldavidla

MatmanGWN is better in real life than his profile and pic. Great guy off the mats and a blast to lock up with ON the mats. Strong, skilled, can give as good as he gets... Don't pass up a match with this stud or you'll regret it. Looking forward to our next sub match up in speedos! Should be a hot match!



Talldavidla is recommended by Jimmy Elijah

Tall, friendly, and handsome. It’s always a pleasure to tango with this big strapping stud. Well versed in the art of underground rasslin, Talldavidla knows how to create the right setting, keep a great vibe, and work up a good sweat session.

Although tender, Talldavidla is very tough and dominate. How do I know? Because I’ve learned a lot from him and because I’ve seen him (first hand) take down some strapping young alphas.

If you get the chance to grapple with this buck, GO FOR IT.

✅ DO NOT miss this big stud.

Great time wrestling. He's tough, fun, and is full of good conversation.

We went hold after hold and he's respectful of limits/boundaries. Definitely a wrestler to make time for. Enjoy!

*ding ding ding*



Talldavidla is recommended by BlondViking

He is a friendly and handsome man. We started in speedos and he was a tough opponent for me. After some struggling it was clear that I was on my back more and more. I escaped and we exchanged grips but he was in a top position most of the time until he finally stripped me and was declared as the winner.

I had a wonderful time and want a revenche.

Highly recommended!



BlondViking is recommended by Talldavidla

Great guy. Chatted a while to set up the match and the follow through was great. aggressive fun match. ultimately dominated him and he was a great jobber and opponent. If you get a chance to wrestle BlondViking, do it. You'll have a great time!



hunwrest is recommended by Talldavidla

Chatted with Hunwrest when I arrived in Manhattan and we discussed dates and times for a match. Settled on a night match and he showed up in my hotel room ready to rumble. Had a great time with this big guy. He is strong and in very good shape. I had some size advantage on him, which I used in my favor, and the result was a fun, aggressive match. Would definitely wrestle him again. if you get a chance and are in NYC looking for matches, you won't be disappointed by taking him on!



jorge1771 is recommended by Talldavidla

Great guy. great match. tough and gives as good as he takes. loved roughing him up and look forward to my next Chicago trip, and a rematch. if you get a challenge from him, don't pass it up. Great guy. Strong wrestler who doesn't screw around. accept his challenge and you won't be sorry.



Talldavidla is recommended by mattz4fun

Though we have taunted each other a few years, our schedules serendipituously aligned recently. Great fun during our hard sweaty back and forth bout. Tough on the mats with appropriate banter, and easy going off them. Left me with good motivation to stay strong!



mattz4fun is recommended by Talldavidla

Tough guy, incredibly strong and a blast on the mats. Great guy off as well. I had a great time working up a sweat and even with the size difference, Mattz4fun took me down and managed to keep me down. Great scissors. And he finds your weaknesses and works them. Highly recommend a match with this stud. Looking forward to a rematch.



TallCAGuy is recommended by Talldavidla

TallCAGuy was a blast to wrestle. Stronger than he looks and aggressive. Can't say enough positive stuff about this man! We had chatted on and off, having trouble making schedules work, but once we found some open time for us both, we jumped at it and had a great work out. He lives up to everything listed in his profile... don't pass up the opportunity to wrestle him, if you get the chance! I'm looking forward to our next match. Hope it's soon!



Talldavidla is recommended by Kostas

Strong, tall, and handsome. This guy’s 6’4” presence is no joke and he will dominate you and give you a real challenge. Knows what he’s doing and is one tough guy. Highly recommended.



Kostas is recommended by Talldavidla

tough guy. can really handle what you dish out and is in GREAT shape. amazing body and all around cool guy. if he challenges, don't pass up the opportunity! you won't be disappointed. He loves a good fight. Real guy!



Talldavidla is recommended by Luxxor

Was lucky to catch this big guy while he was in town. Very strong and tough, took everything in me just to get some holds on him. Very fun - I recommend highly and look forward to next time!



Luxxor is recommended by Talldavidla

Great guy. Strong and aggressive. Terrific evening with Luxor. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great workout / match. Look forward to locking up with him again next time I’m in NYC.



Talldavidla is recommended by Polachja

Tall, aggressive and super strong–have had a couple fun matches together. Kind guy and knows what he's doing. Always fun to get him to tap too. :)



Polachja is recommended by Talldavidla

Strong tuff opponent that is skilled and knows what he's doing. great guy on / off the mats as well. enjoyed our match and look forward to more! don't pass up an opportunity to wrestle with this guy. you'll be sorry if you do!



Talldavidla is recommended by markymayor

TallDavid met with me for a matinee hotel match - can't think of a better way than to spend an afternoon getting tossed about by this man.
Big & strong, you'll have your work cut out for you in attempting to score a pin or submission but what fun youll have trying!!
Super guy on/off the mats too; I really enjoyed getting acquainted and hope we can meet up again next time I'm in town.



markymayor is recommended by Talldavidla

Had a great match up with Markymayor. nice guy off mat, but ready to roll on. He put up a good struggle and we had a great time working up a sweat. Definitely want to wrestle him again, next time he's in town!



Talldavidla is recommended by Klassysax

Really fun wrestler and fun guy. He can dish out the fight and the pain but is 100% respectful and appropriate. He's strong and up for a long match-up.



Klassysax is recommended by Talldavidla

Tough guy. aggressive and strong. had a great time with him. he's scrappy and fun and I look forward to our next match. definitely an opponent you want to lock up with if you're in the LA area.



Gleb is recommended by Talldavidla

He's a great guy and a terrific wrestler. Strong, aggressive and hell bent on winning. you will have a great work out and a great work over going up against this guy. you won't regret it!



Talldavidla is recommended by Ridgefighter

Really good guy, lots of fun to wrestle, very sexy



Ridgefighter is recommended by Talldavidla

Amazing wrestler. strong. in great shape. smart man. incredible stamina. goes at it hard and can give/take a beating. highly recommended.