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Enjoy wrestling. Open to experience and experiment the art of the square circle. Would be great to meet you and have a go. Novice experience here. Enjoy old style World of Sport. Up for anything from a roll around, promission, practice holds, etc just ask. Enjoy the physical man to man body contact. Always with prior agreed limits and totally safe and sane.

(Temp additional information I am located in Helensburgh.... However on holiday outside UK currently until 24th January... and I have signed up to Meetfighters from abroad... I am assuming that is why it is intimating "possible fake location"? Anyone have any wisdom on this??? I have messaged MF Admin/Support for some assistance. For clarity it is not a fake location but where I live. Sorry for any confusion to contacts. Take care all.)



Fake location suspected!

  1. United Kingdom, Helensburgh
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Age: 58-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 179 lbs (81 kg)

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andilupi wrestle fun



Tgr61 is recommended by wrestle fun

I've met Tommy a few times now over recent years for wrestling meets and he is a genuinely nice and friendly guy, he is also very accommodating. Like me we are both fans of the old WofS wrestling and share a passion for the sport of wrestling. Our give and take wrestling meets are always good fun, if you get a chance to wrestle with this guy I'd recommend him. I'm really looking forward to my next matche with Tommy



Tgr61 is recommended by andilupi

Have had a few meets with Tgr61 and always have a great time. He is safe, fun and always up for a sweaty struggle with plenty of tight submission holds. Looking forward to our next meet.