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  1. Australia, Brisbane, Australia
    (I'm here from 10/12/2018)


43-year-old Male / 6'0" (183 cm) / 214 lbs (97 kg)


Straight forward fella keen to hookup with lads in wrestling sessions. Any rules, any gear. Just keen to throw down boys.



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Thomdude is recommended by Northmelbwrestler

Had a great wrestle with Thomdude. I was well outgunned, but it was still a good session. He's strong and has some good moves.

Also, he's an excellent host. Nice setup and easy to organise. Yet another awesome guy on Meet Fighters. Thanks mate.



Northmelbwrestler is recommended by Thomdude

Met this guy for a match and he didn’t disappoint. It was easy to line up a time and place, and he was so easy to chat with.

When he arrived we got straight into it. He’s got some great moves and knows what he’s doing on the mats. He didn’t get me to tap this time, but who knows what will happen with the rematches to come. ;)

Highly recommend. Nice fella on and off the mats.



Thomdude is recommended by aussieguy93

Finally met up with this guy for an afternoon of wrestling. Definitely a lot stronger then I thought he would be. Although I got my ass handed to me, I had a blast on the mats. Looking forward to lots of rematches in the future. Hopefully I'll manage to get him to tap at least once ro twice more.



aussieguy93 is recommended by Thomdude

Met this fella after a few months of chatting, and it was worth the wait. Great guy on the mats and off. This man has strength and knows his moves. We had a great roll, and he even got me to tap once ;).

Awesome guy and looking forward to the rematch.



Thomdude is recommended by Younggun

Meet with Thomdude, what an experience

First of all, arranging the match was easy and straightforward. Walking in I was pretty intimidated, as this bloke is seriously built. I mean huge. But he and his partner were so welcoming and accomodating and put me at ease straight away.

The match itself consisted of 2 hours of me trying to resist the relentless assault. Can’t tell you how much strength and stamina this guy has. I faded pretty fast after about an hour, but Thomdude seemed to be only getting started. In short, I put up some defences early but the big guy wore me down. Not that i could complain!

Had an awesome time, learned some new skills and would recommend 10/10. Great wrestler with a mean streak, but friendly and warm off the mats. What more could you want?



Younggun is recommended by Thomdude

Met this buff fella for a match today, and was impressed from the minute he walked in the door until the time he left. He’s a great guy all round, on the mats and off. He put up a great fight and doesn’t give up easily. Plenty of strength behind him, and he isn’t afraid to use it. I can not wait for the rematch! I highly recommend this lad!



Thomdude is recommended by jobberasian

Wow – I couldn’t believe my luck when this local guy (and meetfighters video star) agreed to have a match with me - I almost had to pinch myself! Thomdude made the effort to accommodate my schedule, his communication was great and we set up a meet easily. He has a large mat space where we had a short bout for just over an hour. It didn’t take him long to figure me out – and he knew exactly what to do with this jobber. His wicked heel side emerged and he slowly dismantled me with his arsenal of moves and brute strength. All roads led to a schoolboy pin finish which he executed multiple times for maximum humiliation and duration. No complaints here! :) Although he clearly came out on top this time I still had plenty of stamina to go for another hour or two – perhaps this could be rectified in a future bout? :) Oh and by the way he’s built like superman and is incredibly handsome......



Thomdude is recommended by ResuRuff

Great muscle body, very good looking, respectful and easy going guy!
On the mat, he was mean, rough and very skillfull wrestler/fighter.
I tried my best to tackle him, but at the end, I had to admit the real winner.
If you are looking competitive, hardcore, hard and sweaty match; I dare you to challenge this beast machine.
One of the strongest wrestlers i have ever met.
Thanks mate for the workout, and looking forward for the rematch.
Highly recommended!!!



ResuRuff is recommended by Thomdude

Met this fella for a match, and was not disappointed. Very easy to chat to and organise a time with. He was very understanding of timing given I was travelling with my partner.

Lots of trash talk leading up to the match, and he gave his all from start to finish. He’s got great strength and skills, and doesn’t tap easily. He made me work for each submission, but I got him every time, which just riled him up more.

On and off the mat he’s a great guy, and I look forward to round two when we are both in the same city again. Highly recommend this fella.



Thomdude is recommended by Feather

The moment I saw this beast, I knew I was going to be in trouble. He is muscular, strong and fast. I tried my best to defense but still was locked many times. I totally had a blast with him. Highly recommend if you want a tough and hot match. Watch out the tree trunk thighs, which can easily squeeze out all the air!



Feather is recommended by Thomdude

Met up with Feather in Shanghai. Easy to organise a match, and what a great guy on and off the mat. He was smaller than me, and I was surprised how strong how was. He put up a great fight, round after round. Nearly got me a few times, and he has some good skills. Tough competitor and doesn’t tap out easy. Highly recommend a match with this fella. Can’t wait for round 2!



Thomdude is recommended by ak1988

A really strong, tough bloke who doesn’t tire or tap easily and puts up one hell of a fight. Off the mats a real great guy and chill bloke whose easily to talk to and setup and match with. One of the best meetups I’ve had and can’t wait for a rematch.



ak1988 is recommended by Thomdude

Met this guy for a match, and it was so good I asked him back for the next night. A strong fella with good skills, who doesn’t like to give up. One of the best fellas I’ve met, on and off the mat. So easy to organise a match with, and really down to earth. Can’t wait to meet up again, and go a few more rounds.



Thomdude is recommended by Tripolar

Thomdude is one tough, strong beast of a man. With all that muscle, I was hoping that he might start to tire but I was sadly mistaken. He just got stronger as the match went on. Countless submissions later, he eventually decided on the schoolboy pin. A nice balance of humiliation mixed with the pleasure at staring at this man’s amazing physique.

One of the nicest guys on and off the mat. Brains, brawn and a good attitude. You don’t meet many guys like him. Highly recommend you take the opportunity to wrestle Thomdude.



Tripolar is recommended by Thomdude

Don’t let this guys stats fool you. He’s one tough customer. Tripolar was easy to organise a match with, and was a top bloke on and off the mats. Whilst he didn’t get to submit me, he fought hard the whole duration of our match. Tripolar has plenty of energy, and he doesn’t give up easily. Highly recommend a rumble with Tripolar.



Thomdude is recommended by WrestlingSWE

Had a great time with Thomdude when he was visiting Stockholm. He's a great, laid-back open guy. Got a few pins on him, and worked up a great sweat, definitely would recommend.



Thomdude is recommended by blakore

This dude. This beefcake of a dude. Strong as an ox, refuses to give in, and crushes me while being smug about it. He's a great match, and obviously open to meet with smaller guys like me (kicked my ass and won't pull any punches just because you're tiny). I cannot recommend him enough. Really nice and polite as well, so if you ever get the chance to roll with him, take it!



blakore is recommended by Thomdude

Started chatting to blakore and within a few hours we were meeting for a match. I won't lie, I looked at his stats and thought I'd have an easy win. I was wrong. Whilst smaller, this guy has skill, is quick, and fierce! He gave as good as he got, and was a strong lad. Really glad I had the chance to meet him, and would definately go back for another match. I recommend that if you get the chance to fight this guy, you take it! Great fighter, and great guy off the matts.



Thomdude is recommended by Wrestleswede

Met this guy when he was in stockholm and I don't regret it at all. It was really a pleasure!

Really strong guy who clearly likes to show it. He got me in lots of holds and watch out for his scissors lads. Hope to meet again and don't miss the chance to meet this guy!



Wrestleswede is recommended by Thomdude

Had the pleasure of meeting Wrestleswede whilst in Stockholm. This guy was so much fun, and bloody hot! This guy is quite strong and aggressive, and never taps easily. If you let your guard down for a second he'll be straight on you. Its always pretty clear that he's enjoying the match too ;). Awesome submission/erotic-match to be had with this guy. If you get the opportunity, take it.

Whilst he didn't get me to tap once, he never gave up, and was a great fighter, and top bloke off the matts. Hope to meet again one day.



Thomdude is recommended by slpt

Here I am to write a much deserved recommendation to a fantastic wrestler and person! Shane got in touch a few weeks ago letting me know he would be in Dublin for a couple days, and even though I was/am on a break from the wrestling, something about his build and attitude told me that it would be well worth my time. And boy, was my intuition right… I met him and his partner for the first time at a club, and we had a brilliant night out! Although this guy is the sexy, quiet brooding type, he can definitely turn it on the dancefloor ahaha! The night ended with a very intense match back at his hotel, in which I was able to get 2 or 3 taps out of him using the strength only drunk people have, but mostly he dominated throughout. And for the time Shane was here, I was lucky enough to have several other opportunities to eat, drink, chat and of course, Round 2 of throwing each other around! The second time I didn’t have my booze boost, so he wiped the floor with my ass quite thoroughly, making me one sore, sweaty, very satisified little jobber, hehe! His body is just fantastic: prime aussie beef, fit, bulky and tanned, with huge solid arms and legs that leave no space for squirming once he’s got you trapped. His trash talk, delivered with his cute smile turned into an evil grin, gets me hard just thinking about it. And on top of all that he’s just the sweetest guy outside the mats, such great company!! Very highly recommended, delighted I got the chance to meet him, and really hope we get the chance to wrestle again. Thank you for a great time mate!



slpt is recommended by Thomdude

I met slpt for two matches on my recent trip to Dublin. I can't recommend this guy highly enough. After spending a night with us drinking and experiencing Dublin, we had our first match which was long, sweaty and tough. Getting this guy to tap took a lot of effort. The second match I was a bit more prepared and taught him a few lessons on being a good bitch ;).

Slpt is a top guy on and off the mats. He brings it on the mats with all he has, and just keeps coming back for more. His trash talk took the matches to a higher level as well, making me want to beat him even more.

I agreed to meet him as an opponent, and left Dublin having made a great new friend. I truly can't recommend this guy enough. You're mad if you don't line him up for a match. I just wish I could smuggle him into Australia and use and abuse him every day ;).



Thomdude is recommended by Smallbutstrong1981

I had a great time with Thomdude. He is a strong guy and knows how to take control over a guy. I did all i could to submit him but this time he won them all. Hopefully we can meet up again sometime. He is a friendly guy off the matts, so don't miss a change to meet him.



Smallbutstrong1981 is recommended by Thomdude

Had a great match with Smallbutstronf1981. Don't let's his size fool you. This guy is an aggressive, strong and tenacious fighter. I had nearly 30kgs on him, and 20cm in height, and he was a very worthy opponent. He has great skills, and is a top bloke on and off the mats. I had a great time with him, and cant wait to humiliate him when we meet for round 2. ;)



Thomdude is not recommended by madzer

  • Unreliable / no show



Vlasta is recommended by Thomdude

Vlasta was a great guy and we had a great match. He is a strong little package, and just kept going and going. He aput up a great fight. Can't wait to meet him again. I'd recommend him to anyone.



Thomdude is recommended by melb1988

Had a great time wrestling with Thomdude
He is strong and provides a good challenge - he won't go down easy.
Great bloke as well, was happy to try different moves as well, which was fun



melb1988 is recommended by Thomdude

Had a great time with Melb1988. I have to admit, I underestimated him, and I paid for that. Great wrestler, and a great bloke! Best match I've had, even though I got owned!



Thomdude is recommended by flamengolutador

Very strong opponent. He knows how to use all his strength and muscles against the opponent. Very polite and a perfect body. I want to fight with him again, for hours.


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