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I am Available for matches so feel free to make your challenges.

Make me fitter by wrestling. It's the best.

Into competitive and or fun matches but sane and safe. Mainly do submission but open to most styles. Very keen to learn and do more pro style wrestling. I CANNOT ACCOMODATE DUE TO SPACE and I am limited to public transport. I have trained in mma and have done a bit of bjj and muay thai. Not into heavy chat like to meet and wrestle make your challenge and lets sort it.

Can fight for stakes if the challenger decides to but I do not put up a stake. Can fight for top if all previously agreed.

Outside the combat side I am friendly and honest person always keen to try new adventures



  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Bexley
    Place of residence; Most of the time mornings and evenings night time and weekends
  2. United Kingdom, Bristol
    relatives visit quite often
  3. United Kingdom, Crewe
    Visit here some times for Events
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I am willing to travel 20 miles


Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 207 lbs (94 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: trunks or speedos or shorts

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Sumo Sumo
Boxing Boxing

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TigerWizard is recommended by walsallgoodguy

25/5/19 at Pippa's Manchester, met Tigerwizard ,we Wrestled in matroom first,then in the ring as a 2v1 ,great guy looks great in his gear,highly recommend, and hope to Wrestle again



TigerWizard is recommended by Squashlad

25/04/2017: Great to have such an easy to arrange match for a change: 48 hours later and we're throwing each other around the Grove Park ring, keeping warm on a cold April night. TigerWizard's a keen, very strong and sensibly stubborn wrestler, so we had a good tussle and he really made me work to take any subs off him, powering his way out of many attempts. Between subs he's a chatty and outgoing chap, easy to talk to and knowledgeable about our great sport. Highly recommended and hopefully a rematch will be on the cards soon.
09/09/2017: A change of venue for an unexpected but very welcome rematch against TigerWizard, this time at the Wrestling Factory in Ancoats for John's Manchester Meet 21. Again the big powerhouse used his strength to make it difficult to get anything off him, and again we had an intense sweaty battle. Hopefully only the second of many tussles.



Squashlad is recommended by TigerWizard

I have had the pleasure to meet Squashlad twice once at grove park 1 to 1 and at Manchester at a group meet. A great competitive and fun gay to wrestle. Always a challenge. His skills are expanding and it always great to meet him. He is very likable guy and easy to get along with. I look forward to meeting him again and to see what new challenges come about



TigerWizard is recommended by geordie

I met Andrew in Manchester and had a great time wrestling him. He is very strong and dominated most of our match. I am looking forward to meeting him again soon



geordie is recommended by TigerWizard

It was great to meet geordie in Manchester. He was very keen wrestler. Very likable lad to meet. Be interesting to see what happens next time.



TigerWizard is recommended by ImtiazAli

Seen TigerWizard back at Johns Manchester Meet 9 and other further events sometime.

Asked him at Wrestle4afee (John's) Manchester Meet 19 for a submission wrestle, and he suprised me. He's a good, agile wrestler. Had me working for the submissions. Totally safe and sane.



ImtiazAli is recommended by TigerWizard

I met Imtiaz Ali on the 11th March at an event in Manchester. Have seen him at other events mainly in Manchester and London but never been to sure. How silly I was. He is a great guy very supple and strong two great combinations in wrestling which he uses to good use.

It's one of the best matches I have had and complete joy hope we will be able to do it again some time.

Can highly recommend him you will learn something new at least.



TigerWizard is recommended by FrBoxer

Had a good time meeting this friendly chap and go for a few rounds in the ring.
He knows what he is doing and is good at it.
Recommended, no doubt!
Next round?



TigerWizard is recommended by andy

Also met Andrew at the group event yesterday at pippas,i would also like to consider him as a friend aswell,hope that we get to wrestle again soon.



andy is recommended by TigerWizard

I met Andy at Pippas Manchester. Andy enjoys his wrestling and is very keen. It was great to meet this great guy



TigerWizard is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Met the 'wizard' earlier today. Hes safe, sane and a fun guy to wrestle. He has the right care free attitude of a great wrestler.. Hes wrestles for fun and not competatively. When you meet him ask him to show you some of his magical wrestling tricks / moves.. Your be amazed and surprized..



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by TigerWizard

I met me not me but megrapple at Pippas Manchester. A great opponent to wrestle with and a great pleasure to have a wrestled. Can recommend him.



TigerWizard is recommended by southerngrappler

I met Tigerwizard at a group meet on Saturday. We had a great give and take pro match and also we were involved in some tag action. It was good fun and I look forward to catching up with him soon



TigerWizard is recommended by Cymrofight

Away from the mat Andy is affable, charming, one of nature's gentlemen. For such he is. But on the mat he is tough as nails and absorbs anything you throw at him. He dishes it out as well, no problem. He has skill, technique and tenacity: when he gains the advantage he's a real danger. An enthusiastic wrestler and good company over a pint afterwards.



Cymrofight is recommended by TigerWizard

Skilled and knowledgeable wrestler and would be happy to meet again. Great Guy to talk to and socialise off the mat as well.



TigerWizard is recommended by The Kestrel

Enthusiastic wrestler and a pleasure to tangle with on the mats, well built and strong, gives great resistance to anything you throw at him. Great to spend time with off the mats and share a couple of well earned pints with, i'd wrestle andy again at the drop of a hat when the chance comes again!



The Kestrel is recommended by TigerWizard

A strong and very keen Wrestler. Very quick learner and is only going to get loads better. Would be very happy to meet him again. Off the mats he is socially a nice and down to earth guy to know.



TigerWizard is recommended by Ironbull

I met the huge pleasure of meeting Andrew at Hackney. I was much impressed on many levels. A delightful smart and funny guy he can fight til the cows come home, dish it out and take it and all this with a knee injury . After a very enjoyable and entertaining afternoon I very much look forward to round 2. Highly recommended.



Ironbull is recommended by TigerWizard

Ed is great guy and a skilled wrestler. A decent guy that enjoys his wrestling. He is very strong and I can highly recommend him. He is also great guy to talk to off the matt as well.



TigerWizard is recommended by 27bcd

I met him in my hotel room in London in 2006. Great guy, great endurance, great fun.