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  1. Sweden, Uddevalla
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Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (171 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
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Tony6819 is recommended by GrappleViking

October 2018
Met Tony after some mutual banter, for a very fun afternoon of grappling! He’s not very experienced in wrestling, and totally new on this wrestling scene. It did not stop him from putting up a good fight! I was mighty impressed by his natural ability as a wrestler, to simply just know how to defend, and not give me free arms or legs for quick submissions.

Having said that, of course he’s a natural... He’s a Viking, too! Seriously a good time with Tony, and am looking forward to many more bouts in the future. His legs are incredibly strong - again.. Viking! Absolutely highly recommended!



GrappleViking is recommended by Tony6819

Met GrappleViking after i backed out after my first contact with him (all my mistake and glad he gave me another chance). I was nervous about meeting a much more trained man than me, but it turned out I could take it easy. GrappeViking is a nice man who takes into account his opponent. We had a good chat in advance so I was confident I would challenge him.

On the mat he has the ability to adapt to the opponent, but I never doubted who was the boss. He is fast, has good techniques and had good control when he wanted to show who was the boss. Legs and thighs are something he can really use to lock the opponent and I got to know them more than once.

He was constantly busy adapting to what was ok for me, but when I got a little cocky and challenged him, he showed me he was in control. He decided to run a countdown, where his goal was to make me lose ten times. He eventually changed his mind and took a bonus round to make it 11 :)

Wrestling with GrappleViking was both fun and tough, but I certainly want to try it again thanks to GrappleViking. Looking forward to my next meeting with him.

November 2018
Had my third meeting with GrappleViking. For a long time I have told him that I can manage to win over him in wrestling. A bit proud maybe, but took the chance to tell him. Today it was time to prove that I could manage to win over him. Did not work the way I planned. GrappleViking showed a bunch of techniques to prove that he is much better in wrestling than me. He has the strength, the fitness and a bunch of moves as he knows how to use. From previous experiences, I know that his legs are something I should avoid, but he has many ways to use them so they are far from easy to avoid. Once you are caught by them ... well ... You have to submit.

GrappleViking is sympathetic, fun and easy to be with.