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  1. USA - Maryland, Savage

I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


49-year-old Male / 6'0" (183 cm) / 255 lbs (116 kg)

Gear: What ya see in the


As a wise man once said...“Allow me to reintroduce myself”

What’s good Ladies and Gents...

I am the artist formally know as Toomuchman8 back again to do some in ring work. I am into erotic wrestling with women and have been doing such for over 22 years but in late 2017, I ventured into wrestling men competitively. I have since stop wrestling in competitive submission due to previous injuries from my days of playing college and arena ball. I will wrestle men in PRO FANTASY (erotic if you meet the criteria).

In my profile you will see my Tag Team partner and wife who wrestles as well.

***Guys...please do not inquire about two on one matches, a singles mixed match with just her, or if she can watch while I wrestle you...just not going to happen. We only engage in M/F v M/F tag matches...She does wrestle FvF matches but prefers not to have a profile on here. Couples, please hit us up!!! WE WRESTLE FOR STAKES (yeah you heard me 🤣🤣)...We will travel and will take your gear off of your defeated bodies😂😂😂

The preferences:
1. Pro Fantasy: men or women
2. Can be erotic for:
-Any woman
-A guy (21-59 years old) athletic build ONLY!!!
-Good Hygenie
-Chill w/a sense of humor
3. A good in session trash talker
4. Finishers: Power Slam, German Suplex into a bridge,
Bear Hug Splash, Running Bulldog, and “The Rump
5. Striping the loser and stuffing their trunks in their mouth

What I don’t prefer:
1. Will never do cyber
2. Will not take photos of matches
3. Talking endlessly about what I like to do in matches.
Read the profile, it’s like Google you will find the answer
4. People who view my profile over and over and not say
anything....if ya going to get a peep show at the photos
at least say hello....smh...If it is persistent, I will BLOCK
5. 1 through 4

See I’m Easy....😂😂😂

As you can see from above I am selective of whom I wrestle in singles. I had a good amount of past opponents and recommendations on my previous profile, this time around...ehhh...can take it or leave it...All I know is I/we will give my/our opponent(s) the match of their lives.....Skeptical??...Just ask

I do enjoy the ring psychology and the role play that pro wrestling involves. I am straight so not looking for intimacy or encounters...but just like Ric Flair says...”I’m the dirtiest player in the game” That means, to clarify: I do wrestle in pro fantasy erotic matches....Later kids

Happy Tie Ups to all....



Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Give and take, Tag team / group fights, Not interested in cyber
Fetishes: Wrestling gear

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Toomuchandretired is recommended by Tyga

I had the great opportunity to meet up with Toomuchanretired. He is a great wrestler and has an amazing personality to go along with it. Loved hearing the stories of his mixed wrestling adventures. This was the first pro match I have ever done and I'm happy that I got to experience it first hand with him. Very strong and verse with his moves/holds but can also meet you at your current skill level. I normally plan my matches out but decided to take a leap with Toomuchanretired, and I'm glad that I did. That being said, if he's ever in your area, take the opportunity to meet him. You wont regret it !



Tyga is recommended by Toomuchandretired

What can I say about my boy Tyga? Oh I know...what talented wrestler and an all around dope dude. We locked up in a pro match and it was a blast. He is very skilled with holds and selling...just like a true pro.

What is a plus is that you will not meet a nicer guy, very intelligent and engaging. I cannot wait for a second encounter with Tyga. You will have a really good match no matter what style with him. Well worth it!!!!



Toomuchandretired is recommended by DuvalBlack

Linking up with Toomuchandretired was definitely one of the highlights of my recent trip to the DMV area. He's a solid dude, and really knows how to use his size. Once he starts his attack, he is relentless. There is nowhere to retreat lol. We had mad fun in the ring and his cool af outside of the ring. If you ever to the chance to link up with this guy, don't pass it up. I'm looking forward to the rematch.



DuvalBlack is recommended by Toomuchandretired

I had the opportunity and the pleasure to lock up DuvalBlack as he was on one of his globetrotting tours. I am never moved by the size of a guy but when you see this brotha, you have to think twice about what you are getting As equally impressive as his size, he is very skilled at pro, so much so he can step into a ring and be at home.

A really good wrestler but moreover, a better guy. Easy to kick it with and just a good dude. I cannot wait to link up again and continue the match psychology we have created...I think it could lead to some film worthy bouts. If you haven’t wrestled DuvalBlack and been talking back and forth with him for sometime...I’m going to say...what in the hell ya waiting for...he produces a great match...Do it...



Toomuchandretired is recommended by rassler 315

The Dirty Rook took the Grizz by surprise...he's all that and more!
Talented, strong, aggressive, athletic, savvy wrestler, and know when and how to taunt, humiliate and dominate a match.
We went best two out of three....

This has not been settled....a rematch needs to happen - soon!




Toomuchandretired is recommended by lspowerhouse

Wow. Wow. What a freakin hot match two out three falls domination on both side used traps in each corner if you can get to them. Gear change. I’ll leave it to your Pro thinking on how hot this match Rematch for sure. Thanks Buddie driving home with a smile on my face Great wrestling conversation. We are so much alike



lspowerhouse is recommended by Toomuchandretired

Had the distinct pleasure to wrestle one of the legends in the game. This dude has been doing this on a high level for years. What made such a great match up was that it had all the feel and the moves like a pro match.

LS Powerhouse was such a pleasure to work with...but even better that the dope best of three fall strap match was the conversation afterwards...Such a down to earth and good guy.

If you are one of the few guys who hasn’t wrestled LSPH...make it a point to do so....