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Back home in the DC metro area...

When I return to the DC metropolitan area.... me and my tag team partner (HER pictures are posted on my gallery of photos) are entertaining INTERGENDER tag matches (m/f vs m/f exceptions so please do not respond with two dudes or one guy for a three ain’t happening so don’t waste your time....For the women.....Samething.....I’d hate to say go find a dude because I would prefer a three way but it wouldn’t be fair.....Thank you in advance for your legit responses....

What’s good...yep this is the artist formally known as Toomuchman8. Yes I am officially retired but I like the fight game so I’ll peek in from time to time..

To refresh your memory...big time into mixed matches (still wrestle women) but started wrestling dudes in Nov 2017. Had some great matches and met a lot of cool dudes along the way....

So as I continue to battle ladies....I am taking challenges from guys (Read below)

I may have a pro match left in me for the right opponent...must be located in a reasonable distance and ready to go....not looking for long term planning out...when the inspiration hits....when it’s’s lost....

BTW....I will host and my schedule is very flexible during the week so don’t be shy....step right up and be the next contestant for “Who Wants Their Trunks Stuffed in Their Mouth?” 😂😂😂

Need to know how cool my past matches are....ask about me....I have a ton of references (female and male alike)

Just a heads up...****not going to do submission or any other level of competitive wrestling or fighting...getting too old for it...ya no need to ask....again...dig?...Bet

Lata kids....



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Age: 48-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 255 lbs (116 kg)

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Toomuchandretired is recommended by rassler 315

The Dirty Rook took the Grizz by surprise...he's all that and more!
Talented, strong, aggressive, athletic, savvy wrestler, and know when and how to taunt, humiliate and dominate a match.
We went best two out of three....

This has not been settled....a rematch needs to happen - soon!




Toomuchandretired is recommended by lspowerhouse

Wow. Wow. What a freakin hot match two out three falls domination on both side used traps in each corner if you can get to them. Gear change. I’ll leave it to your Pro thinking on how hot this match Rematch for sure. Thanks Buddie driving home with a smile on my face Great wrestling conversation. We are so much alike



lspowerhouse is recommended by Toomuchandretired

Had the distinct pleasure to wrestle one of the legends in the game. This dude has been doing this on a high level for years. What made such a great match up was that it had all the feel and the moves like a pro match.

LS Powerhouse was such a pleasure to work with...but even better that the dope best of three fall strap match was the conversation afterwards...Such a down to earth and good guy.

If you are one of the few guys who hasn’t wrestled LSPH...make it a point to do so....