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***PLEASE NOTE: I will be retiring from active matches and deleting my account at the end of May***

What’s Good,

I have A LOT of experience in mix wrestling having wrestled women from no experience to some of the top names in the industry for the past 20 years. I am brand new to wrestling men (so far so good I like the competitiveness) but I still enjoy and prefer to wrestle women. Full disclaimer, I am heterosexual....and I can only see a short amount of time left that I will be in the fight may as well go all in....

I’m interested in pro style wrestling but I have really grown to dig competitive submission. I am VERY dominant in my heel character so you are probably not man enough to handle the can do/try many styles of wrestling and can go hold for hold grappling.

My trash talking skills are legendary but I DO NOT WANT TO PARTCIPATE IN CYBER MATCHES OR TOO MUCH BACK AND FORTH OF WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO TO ME...I would perfer to set up something and then give you the beating of your life and tell you about it in person...Fair enough?

Oh my gear game? I can do it on all levels...I like the show and my appearance is important to me...ya

I would like to cultivate good relationships that will foster some great mixed wrestling action forums and events in the future.

Looking for some safe fun....while I break you

Just examples of matches I get into and how I dig the act of helplessness in a match:



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Tag team / group fights, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: Only interested in stand-up fighting, UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: I'm a heel
Fetishes: Don't want sex


  1. USA - Maryland, Laurel (I'm here from 5/17/2018)
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I am willing to travel 30 kilometers


Age: 47-year-old Straight Male, looking for Male or Female

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 270 lbs (122 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Korean

Gear: Pro geared up...I take pride in the appearence

Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Toomuchman8 is recommended by FalconWrestler

Met up with Toomuchman8 and had an awesome time. He has a phenomenal personality and is one hell of a heel. He’s arrogant, cocky, and knows how to sell holds and moves. During our meet up he was able to score 2 of 3 pin falls, but being able to totally destroy him in one round was well worth it. I left him sleepered out spread eagle in the ring. Could of counted to 100 and that big boy wasn’t getting up. =) Next time I’m hoping we can do it in full ring attire and have a title belt to wrestle for. If you’re lucky enough to get in a match with Toomuchman8 before his retirement consider yourself lucky. Maybe we can convince him to postpone his retirement for a little longer.



FalconWrestler is recommended by Toomuchman8

I had the distinct pleasure to lock up with FalconWrestler. This fire plug is one hell of a pro wrestler. He sells everything to the dime and gives great punishment.

I’m telling you folks he will give you a five star best of 3 fall match you have had. This performance was good enough to put it on video and push it hard on the market. Plus it is always good to meet a guy who appreciates the art of “geared up” I felt bad because I didn’t bring all of my gear...I’ll come out of retirement to face this guy in the ring with the whole show...wrestling belt and color commentary and all.

If you are a pro guy....hit FalconWrestler will be the best match you have had....



Toomuchman8 is recommended by RojoLion

Wow, what a total blast! The door opened and this friendly behemoth of a man startled me...and that was very intimidating sight. This mans pics don't do him justice as he is BUILT...the total package; huge arms, forearms, chest, legs, etc...etc. Muscle on top of muscle. His power became very evident immediately, but he dialed it down so we enjoy the match up, but would remind me occasionally who as the ALPHA Muscle in the room. As he was new to wrestling and eager to try things, would let me dominate him, until he wouldn't. Safe and sane. This mountain of muscle oozes power and size but combines it all with a great personality, friendliness, intelligence and sense of humor. Hope this will be the first of many battles in the future. He definitely lives up to his name.



RojoLion is recommended by Toomuchman8

Rojo will always be my man fiddy grand because he was my first male opponent. First and foremost, you are not going to meet a more nicer, pleasant, and genuine guy in this game. He is a strong and skilled wrestler who will offer you all you can handle and want in a wrestling match.

Very cool, sane, and easy going on the mats and in conversation....I could chop it up with him all night.

Rojo defenitely comes highly recommended and I thank him for introducing me to MF. Thanks bro....



Toomuchman8 is recommended by ScrimmageJock

I had so much fun rolling with Toomuchman8 and learned a lot from him too. He’s a great guy, funny and really gets into Pro which is a good combination for someone like me who is still exploring. He has the gear, physique and personality to really pull it off and make you believe. And he really made the evening fun by switching things up shifting between jobber and heel so I could experience both.

He’s a lot of fun to talk to and shared some great stories and I highly recommend wrestling Toomuchman8! His size and skill also made him a worthy sub opponent and even with everything I have learned so far I wasn’t able to get a submit. Next time bro!!



ScrimmageJock is recommended by Toomuchman8

What can I say about my man Scrimagejock? Well a lot of great things. First, he a great guy...easy to talk to with a dope personality. He is new to wrestling and he has so much protential. He’s big, strong, and moves very well.

The thing that I dig most about him is that he is a sponge that is eager to learn. DenverWrestler and I introduced him to “pro” and I think we may have another brother in arms added to the movement.

Keep up the great work bro....hope to lock up wth you again soon.



Toomuchman8 is recommended by Grakoda

Ahh what’s not to love about this big barrel of a man. Glad we finally met. His bark is as big as his bite. Fun to wrestle, completly dominating, and cool to chill with. Highly recommend. Look forward to more.



Grakoda is recommended by Toomuchman8

Finally got a chance to meet my buddy Grakoda.....and what better place to do it than at WrestleFest. Even though we were both sporting elements to hold us back (he wasn't feeling well and I was sporting an injury) we still had a great time in his spacious room...compared to mine'

Great guy on and off the mats.....makes you think and work. Let me tell you what I like about this guy....he is really funny...a blast to chop it up with....This isn't our last dance my man.......Great opponent and just as great a guy...



Toomuchman8 is recommended by Superfly

Wow, what can I say..... first I will start off by saying when I first saw this guy, I thought, this guy is gonna kill me... and secondly, his skills is impeccable, stay away from his bear hugs. They are lethal, I tapped out twice, felt all the air leaving my body. Toomuchman8 has the right attitude and is safe and sane, enjoyed my grapple with him as he comes highly recommended.



Superfly is recommended by Toomuchman8

Had a chance to lock up with Superfly today at the Fest and it was an honor. I'm not gay but real rap...this brotha got Abercrombie Spring Catalog thing going

Great grappler...strong....athletic....cerebral....he has all the tools on the mats. We had three one on one battles and one tag team sub matches and he pushed me to the limits....Friendly...warm..and engaging off the mats....I'm telling you he could fit in nicely on Black Panther 2 for some lady eye candy....(or in this case for some folks reading this...guy

I sincerely hope we get a chance to square off again....I had a great time and he is highly recommended!!!!!



Toomuchman8 is recommended by Ctgrappler1

If there was ever a man that lived up to his name it's this guy. A big muscle stud that is as good at sub as he is in pro he slammed me so many times I lost track. Then we wrestled two other guys and he was the undisputed king of the mats. After we hung out and had a great conversation. 100 percent bad ass on the mats and a total gentle giant off I look forward to more funmatches with him. Highly recommended.



Ctgrappler1 is recommended by Toomuchman8

My first WrestleFest match was a great one thanks to this Latin Bulldog....CTG1 was a lot of man to handle in a nice compact package. Strong, aggressive, and tough, my man did some work today.

We started on some pro and let’s just say in the second fall....he took me to the deep end too see if I could float....if someone would have recorded this it would be a best seller on Clips4Sale...

Another opportunity to meet a down to earth guy who is really easy to talk to and hang out. We had a great time just kickin’ it as we went on our adventure in Manhattan....(sure you have everything with you? Lol)

Guys....if you haven’t met up with CTG1....make sure you do but be ready for a fight....



Toomuchman8 is recommended by DenverWrestler

A great guy and a (somewhat) gentle giant on the mats. Very skilled pro grappler, but also very good at submission. He's a fun, out-going guy, had a blast wrestling him and getting tossed around. He does an excellent job of adapting to his opponent's skill (or lack thereof), so lighterweight guys (like me) should worry about taking him on. Lots of laughs and a great time with a big tough skilled guy. I would definitely wrestle him again and recommend him to anyone on this site who likes either pro or sub action.



DenverWrestler is recommended by Toomuchman8

I had the distinct pleasure of locking up with one of the “OGs” of the wrestling world in DenverWrestler. I had a great time on and off the mats. He is a class act, knowledgeable grappler, and all around cool guy to chop it up with.

You can tell he has had some extensive training because he has great technique and is very skilled on the mats. We went back and forth doing pro and submission styles and he kept me on my toes throughout. A sound technical wrestler who can sell a jobber role like a pro...DenverWrestler is in great shape no matter what age you are talking about.

I hope we get another opportunity to go again...highly recommended!!



jdj2 is recommended by Toomuchman8

Great match and great convo with this good brotha....Had a blast getting to know J and going hold for hold with him. We went from competitive to pro with such ease. He is very skillful and gives and gets like a pro.....He is also an awesome dude outside of locking up.....I enjoyed chopping it up with him......Fun times all the way around.



Toomuchman8 is recommended by Kruhn

For someone with no formal training he's one awesome pro wrestler. Had a great pro match. My only regret is that we wrestled in a room with no space to wrestle. He sells very well and his bodyslams are killer. Definitely recommend. I hope this is the first of many times.



Kruhn is recommended by Toomuchman8

I got the wonderful opportunity to wrestle this mountain of a man...all 6’8 325 of him....This was such a great experience...He taught me a lot and sold like he wrestles on Monday nights...

I don’t know which was better...his wrestling skill or his personality. Really solid...down to earth and funny guy. We wrestled in a small space but the match was epic...If you have the chance...set up a match with this big will thank me...Can’t wait to lock up again bro....



Toomuchman8 is recommended by nycwrestler

Went in not knowing what to expect, never wrestled anyone as thick as this guy and never really wrestled a "pro" style match. Well, had one of the best times, not only wrestling but overall too. Phenomenally nice guy who gets into the wrestling big-time. I had a blast with the pro-style match. Didn't realize how hard you work even in that kind of match. The guy suplexed, slammed and splashed me and I lived to talk about it lol. Imagine my face when I see this guy standing on the sofa getting ready to splash me on the bed after suplexing me there lol. Incredibly strong but knows how to use his strength safely. We had a great conversation before and after our match too. Lot of fun, he's a vicious take no prisoners heel but also sells the moves like a seasoned jobber. Will wrestle him any time.



nycwrestler is recommended by Toomuchman8

Had the pleasure of going up against nycwrestler and I have to admit the bar is now set really high for others who will come after him. He is a very skilled wrestler who managed to put me in a variety of holds and moves that had me in vulnerable positions. He is the complete package...he can be a relentless heel that knows how to punish you, a strong jobber who sells everything like a pro, and his trash talk game is incredible.

I had an amazing time in battle and in down time talking to him....really a great guy who is pleasant to talk to. For those who can admire another man’s appearance....he is in great shape with a very good physique. If you are looking for an outstanding back and forth pro style gets no better with him....highly recommended and I very much look forward to locking up with him again.



Toomuchman8 is recommended by wrestlme37

I had the pleasure of meeting this hot muscular guy last night. WOW what a great guy. He is the total package, muscles, personality and attitude on the mat but super friendly off. Really enjoyed our talk after match. He easily could have thrown me all over the room but we had a great give/take match up. Def worth meeting if you get the chance. I'm looking forward to our next match!!!



wrestlme37 is recommended by Toomuchman8

I had the pleasure of facing wrestlme37 on December 19th and all I can say is that he is a skilled grappler and a better guy. We had a great match filled with back and forth action from the start. The match was hot, sweaty, and exciting....full of great combination holds. He is very skilled, fit, and more than a worth opponent. Plenty of times he had me in a position where I felt I could have succumb to his manhood.

We had the pleasure to talk afterwards about the experience. His personality really made it an amazing time. I highly recommend facing him and look forward to the opportunity to do it again.