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  1. USA - Indiana, Indianapolis
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56-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 185 lbs (84 kg)


Very versatile here, love sub, light sub, pro, pro fantasy, jobber/heel and more. Strong legs make scissors my favorite hold to apply.



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Transplanted is recommended by sweatylatin

Meeting transplanted was a great experience. He is a hot man and looks hot in skimpy gear. Sexy man and a great hot sweaty opponent. I was able to dominate him, but not without a struggle. He is a great guy and respectful. I am looking forward to meeting up again soon. Take him on see what I am talking about. Thanks.



Transplanted is recommended by NZIndy

After talking nearly ten years with this guy, we FINALLY made a match happen. I don't think he was expecting me to be as "scrappy" as I was actually, but he caught me in a moment where just the mere thought of a single name would make me beat the living tar out of someone. Alas, I digress for the moment though.

Transplanted is a GREAT GUY. His schedule is all over the place, and he will be the first to absolutely openly admit it. You have to be willing and able to be flexible as his schedule can (and has) changed at the very last minute. If you get a chance to lock-up with him, by all means jump at the chance. If you talk to him about the prospect of meeting up, and his schedule changes at the very last minute, feel free to give him hell about it too. He'll take it certainly in stride :P.



Transplanted is recommended by txagwrstlr

Transplanted is great as a cyber opponent!!!



Transplanted is recommended by wrestleinsocks

After a few attempts and schedules not lining up Transplanted and I got to hit the mats. He was a lot of fun on the mats and a good guy off of them. He can take a beating and seems to enjoy it. I look forward to future matches when I am in his area.



wrestleinsocks is recommended by Transplanted

Had a great match/time with wrestleinsocks. He is very strong yet respects limits and doesn’t set out to hurt or cause injury. He broke a hold immediately if I tapped. I would recommend wrestleinsocks to anyone, great guy and lots of fun, with a nice collection of holds.