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Age 34
Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
Gender Male
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Gear Thongs, Speedos
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  1. United Kingdom, Leeds

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Match structure: Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques

Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting

Miscellaneous interests: I'm a heel

Fetishes: Don't want sex, Jackoff, Face sitting

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Its really quite simple. I'm looking for a sub who wishes to be squeezed and smothered between my thighs. Into scissor sessions, smother pin matches, semi competitive matches. If you're interested, you must be able to either accommodate the meet or arrange hotel.


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UKThunder88 is recommended by Shapeshifter

(Update 04/11/22) My trinity of matches today culminated with a too long overdue rematch with UKThunder.

I’m laid back recovering as I’m writing this after what was hours of absolutely amazing annihilation between his incredible thighs and under his face engulfing glutes.

Thunder has that amazing trait of wrapping you up, toying with you, then bearing down the squeeze for the submission. He’ll then ease off but keep you contained, then when you think he’s let up he’s simply repositioning to lock you up again. The absolute perfect scissor master.

Thank you for an amazing meet, Thunder! I’m already eagerly awaiting the next one 😎

(Original meet) After a few years of off and on chatting, UKThunder and I finally got to meet for a match.

Even with a light competitive session to begin, I got to sample the power he can deliver - I absolutely couldn’t shake this guy, he sticks to you like glue!

It’s a shame he had to change his name as he is truly a master of squeeze, his thighs have a thickness that just grips and holds you in place from little more than crossing his ankles - and that’s when the fun begins! Thunder knows exactly how to work the different muscles in his powerful legs to deliver the precise amount of pressure to trap, toy, or tap! I’ve never felt inner thigh muscles like what this guy possesses, once they are set to work it’s game over 😎

As so many attest, Thunder is totally safe and sane and I had an incredible amount of fun taking and trying to resist what he was applying, but his amazing thighs wore me down and rightfully earned every submission.

I really hope I get to enjoy many future matches with this guy!



Shapeshifter is recommended by UKThunder88

(04/11/2022) 3 years after our first meet, Shapeshifter was yet again reunited with my hungry thighs…What a meet it was. As before, it was so easy to get the meet arranged, and he’s such a great guy to be in the company of. He is also…the perfect fit for between my legs.

The ideal sub, I was able to seamlessly transition from deep, pythonic, scissor holds, into stifling forward and reverse facesits. Shapeshifter looked great and in his gear and was resilient enough to spent a great deal of time in my grip, with my quivering, pulsating thighs, consuming his head and neck…I didn’t want to let him go!

Shapeshifter…get back between my thighs as soon as possible!

(03/09/2019) Finally! I got to wrap my thighs around the impressive Shapeshifter. Had a really great meet with this guy, a hot and sweaty wrestle at the beginning allowed him to showcase impressive defensive moves before i eventually managed to clamp thighs around his head. A very resilient sub which was refreshing as i really got to apply the squeeze for a prolonged period of time.

Safe, sane and genuinly sound guy, easy to talk to, i cant recommended him highly enough. Great meet.



UKThunder88 is recommended by SammyBond

The sheer size of his thighs, quads and calves ... Easily the best legs I've seen. I spent 2 hours completely trapped, squashed and engulfed in his legs - he clearly knows how to work his muscles, make them literally pulsate around your head/neck, and knows when to squeeze, loosen up slightly and continue squeezing.

A variety of different types of scissor holds - personal favourite was being trapped in both his thighs and calves at the same time. I tapped a ridiculous number of times.

If you're into scissors, this is the guy to meet.



SammyBond is recommended by UKThunder88

Met SammyBond today In Leeds. Really easy to organise, with great communication throughout. SammyBond proved to be the perfect fit between my thighs. Fully recommend to anyone seeking someone to practice their scissors on!



UKThunder88 is recommended by WrestleJobber94

Had a truly brilliant meet with this guy. He totally delivers on his promise to dominate with his thighs and I had no choice but to submit once or twice... Or countless times.
Not only was he an expert at squeezing with a variety of scissors, the view of his strong glutes was a real highlight when trapped in a reverse headscissor! Definitely made the suffering more bearable.

All in all, a very friendly and down to earth guy who I enjoyed chatting with just as much as I enjoyed being squeezed and smothered by him. He's totally safe and respects all limits. Can't wait for another meet in the future!



WrestleJobber94 is recommended by UKThunder88

Anyone with the word “Jobber” in their name, immediately gets my attention… WJ94 proved to be the perfect match (or meal) for my hungry thighs and glutes.

Easy to talk to, both in planning the meet and during, WJ94 looked great in his gear, and proved a pleasantly stubborn jobber, meaning I could really flex my thighs and grind away for the taps.

I fully recommend WJ94; safe, sane, great communication and all round great guy, I hope to meet him again soon.



UKThunder88 is recommended by EnglishOak

Having been chatting with UKThunder88 for a while, it was a joy that our diaries finally coincided and we were able to meet in York for a scissor and smother session.
First of all, he is a true gent, easy to chat with both before and during the meet. He’s also a really nice dom (which isn’t a contradiction in terms!). Whilst he pushed me with his various scissors and smothers, it was always safe and he was totally in control. Having UKT’s powerful thighs wrapped round my head was, I suspect, not unlike being held by a boa constrictor, as he toyed with his prey (I did tell him that, which he liked!). He has a variety of interesting ways of smothering with his arse, particularly with his reverse scissors, which ensured that there were several times I was fighting for my breath! Whilst he was totally in control, I felt totally safe at all times. If you get the chance to meet UKThunder88, don’t miss it - and I really look forward to our next scissor and smother session.

Update - 3/3/2022. Some 2.5 years after our first meet, it was so good to find myself subject to these thighs and glutes again, this time whilst UKT was working in the south. If anything, he’s improved since our last meet & I can’t wait for the third session! Highly recommended by me.



EnglishOak is recommended by UKThunder88

Myself and EnglishOak have been trying to arrange a meet for a number of months of now, and finally we made it happen. A gentleman both during the meet and talking beforehand. As a sub, he was the ideal fit, with his head adapting to life between my thighs impeccably. Showed glimpses of real resilience, but ultimately succumbed to my thighs and glutes time and time again. Would fully recommend for future meets.



UKThunder88 is recommended by submissive50uk

New recommendation march 1 2022
met Uk thunder again after approx 2.5 years break for covid! I have a will of steel to resist normally but there is no better phrase than "be careful what you wish for"
Goodness , I cannot even begin to describe his broad steel thighs especially when trapped in a reverse scissors forced to watch his flexing dancing buns which are equally as strong and quite capable of submitting me with a perfect face smother.expertly trasitting from a scissors. Even when I thought i could get a sliver of air he seemed to know the exact place to sit so I had to desperately slap his thighs for relief
I am sure there is no better scissor/ face sitting master.. had his way totally with me once I had had enough... totally humilating...
must do better is what i keep telling myself for next time !
He has thankfully and incredibly agreed to meet me again despite my weak resistance this time... !!

Met Master of Squeeze for a couple of matches recently, fast paced with holds/smothers quickly applied and changed, then a slower paced one with slow long scissors intensly applied etc.he is truly dominant–
have to say this guy has thighs and glutes of steel, the moment you are trapped in his head scissor variations his thighs seem to bulge with steel power, and despite my trying to escape or hold out was soon made his total sub..
His face smothers are equally expertly and well applied with glutes of steel he seemed to be able to trap me in just the exact position to cut off all breath and i began to struggle mightily to no avail and tapped many times in panic.!..
he is just as he says on the tin : a master of squeeze... ( and I do mean squeeze)!

Met Tom again yesterday. (Sunday 28thMay). totally dominant, wore me down completely with his powerful scissors and smothers. Simply, simply the best....



UKThunder88 is recommended by edscissors

I had the honour of being MasterofSqueeze's first opponent on this site. We had an enjoyable exchange of many messages over several weeks discussing what would happen so there were no surprises when we eventually met face to face. He's a nice, considerate guy, reliable (turned up exactly as arranged) and he enjoyed applying a very inventive range of scissors. A good session: I'd certainly recommend him without hesitation and look forward to further encounters in due course.

Update - September 2017. A second meeting confirms that this guy is just as reliable, just as nice to meet, just as inventive and just as strong as ever! An enjoyable, happy session: no hesitation in recommending him.

Update - January 2020. Another meeting while he was briefly "down south" confirms what a nice guy he is. Strong and inventive as ever with his scissoring techniques, once he locks his hold on, you don't get out. Very easy to arrange things with, reliable, safe ... what more could one ask?

Update - February 2022. After the two-year hiatus of the pandemic, it was great to see this really nice guy again. It was quite a reunion: despite his great age now, his techniques are as inventive and magisterial as ever. Arranging things was, as ever, super-easy: he is totally reliable as to time and place. Recommended without hesitation.



edscissors is recommended by UKThunder88

My session with edscissors, was the perfect introduction to MF. Edscissors is a charming gentleman who was safe and was exactly where we'd arranged to meet at the agreed time, very reliable. I had the pleasure of being able to apply a variety of different scissorholds, leaving my thighs very satisfied. I'm hoping this is the first of many meetings.

Update: A second meeting with edscissors proved to be another success. Again he was completely reliable and our meet went as smooth as ever. Ed doesn't mind having his head locked in between my 'hungry' thighs, and provides a very resilient body for me to scissor and smother. All in all, a very good second meet.

February 22 Update: Edscissors - ageing like a fine whisky. Ever reliable, it is a pleasure to share his company. Incredibly easy to talk to, even when buried between my thighs! Cannot recommend him enough.



UKThunder88 is recommended by jonuk

Occasionally you meet people where the experience falls short of the expectations. UKThunder88 is NOT one of those. His profile and other positive recommendations, if anything, undersell the power, thrill and dominance of what you'll be encountering.

This was an easy meet to set up and I can't fault the communication, reliability, company, charm - and the awesome experience.

Thank you for an unforgettable session.



jonuk is recommended by UKThunder88

I met with Jonuk yesterday and what a pleasure it was. Communication prior to the meet was impeccable, his punctuality with the agreed times was perfect. Jonuk was great company. Safe and sane, i would highly reccomend jonuk to any wrestlers in the london area. I look forward to our next meet.



UKThunder88 is recommended by wrassle14

Had a meet with UKThunder88, very hot day both wishing the room was air conditioned! Haha! - easy to setup and chat through on what we were looking for in the meet, etc beforehand. On meet nice guy, relaxed and easy to chat with, worked me over in some strong scissors - really knows how to build up the power slowly to push you before making you submit, and has deceptively strong thighs! Kept it safe and sane throughout though, breaking when needed and checking I was OK on submissions before we continued. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend if you're looking for a good scissor session.



wrassle14 is recommended by UKThunder88

I met wrassle14 during what was another seriously hot day. A giant of a man, arranging a meet with him was easy. Great communication in the lead up to the meet, and in person, safe, sane and really easy to get on with. He makes for a resilient sub, and one who is ever willing to place his head between my thighs. I fully reccomend a meet with wrassle14, you wont be dissapointed.



UKThunder88 is recommended by jobber4use

I met up with UKThunder88 yesterday exactly as we had planned and bang on time. Thunder is 100% genuine, safe and is a wonderful lad (with lovely adonis looks too 😉). We had a great session with Thunder being in complete control the whole time, applying multiple head, leg and body scissor holds, figure4s, camels and chokes on me over and over again until I literally could take no more. He enjoyed seeing me suffer while he twisted and contorted me in all sorts of ways. But like I said, Thunder is 100% safe and genuine and he'll cater to your needs exactly as you require. As for his strength, I have no doubt he could smash a watermelon with absolute ease between those very deceptive thunder thighs of his……he is like a boa constrictor and once he locks on to you, there is no escape until you tap! His glutes and thighs are a sight to see and will have you suffering and begging for more 😋So if you enjoy suffering between gorgeous glutes and powerful thighs in a safe and fun way, then this is the man to meet. He will take care of you whilst making sure you both have an amazing time. I have no hesitation in recommending UKThunder88 and I’m sure that we’ll be meeting up again in the near future. Cheers T



jobber4use is recommended by UKThunder88

Had a great meet with Jobber4Use yesterday. Really accomodating, easy to get on with kind of guy. Jobber by name, jobber by nature, in discussions leading up to the meet he made it clear what he wanted from the meet and as such he spent the bulk of the meet engulfed between my thighs, coping well until he could take no more!

Safe and sane, i would fully reccomend a meet with him and would have no hesitations meeting with him again myself.



UKThunder88 is recommended by Frapjack

At the risk of echoing his past opponents, I can say that UKThunder has extremely powerful legs and will make you submit at will. Highly skilled, he will play with his leg and bum muscles to make you feel his strength and various techniques. He adapts to this opponent and is a lovely chap off the mat. Highly recommended, particularly if you’re into head scissors and smothering pins 😉



Frapjack is recommended by UKThunder88

Had a great meet with Frapjack today, only started messaging him a day or two ago but we were able to arrange a meet easily. Frapjack is really accomodating and put up some good resistance to my scissors and facesits, although ultimatley succumbed to my thighs and arse over and over. A great sub and host, i cant reccomend him highly enough



UKThunder88 is recommended by switchko

Master of Squeeze certainly lives up to his name. He has a very, very strong pair of headscissors, he'll having you tapping in no time. He often said he wasn't really squeezing, though I can be sure that he doesn't need to flex too much to cause significant damage. It's a good thing I tapped otherwise I'd have been knocked out for sure!

His solitary photograph (at time of writing) doesn't do him justice in my opinion. He's dominant and he knows what he's doing with scissors and smothers. Oh, and he's strong, but I assume that was implied! I can't really say much more than that. Highly recommended, particularly if you're a fan of head and body scissors.



switchko is recommended by UKThunder88

Switchko proved to be the ideal jobber to practice my scissors and smothers on. Incredibly easy to arrange a meet and he was both punctual and accommodating. Switchko, was really easy to get on with, although i often limited his ability to return conversation by burying his face between my thighs!

I fully recommend a meet with him and look forward to a second meet in due course.



UKThunder88 is recommended by freestyle

I met MasterOfSqueeze on Monday .
I like holds especially scissor holds both applying them and trying to escape them so when i asked master of if he fancied a match he said he was more than happy to lock me up in holds.
Was a bit new to me just allowing one person to lock me in holds and seeing if i could escape or struggle free from them . But i decided to give it a go and happy that i did too.
His holds are quite immobilising and not just his vast array of scissor holds that uses to perfection . Once he locks you up in them he holds you tight ,enough room for you try and struggle free but not to submit you well not just yet . As you try and break free from his very strong thighs he sort of toys with you letting you think you nearly out then he slowly starts to control with his powerful thighs glutes forcing you back into position and as you struggle more and more to no avail he slowly starts to tighten his holds up like a python slowly coiling around it prey .
His headscissors are very powerful too once in them you are done and he looks great while applying them to you often saw his back arched up as he slowly worked the hold was a great and dominating view.
He is very much into slow worked holds happy to keep you there and let you struggle on and off before slowly working the sub out of you.
He looks great in his gear too first thing you notice is how big and powerful his thighs look and they don't just look the part they are.
Uses his holds and body weight and balance to great effect though out he might be young but knows exactly how to use them to keep you down locked up and very much at his mercy.
He is a great guy both on the mats and off them 100 % safe and sane and friendly too even when he got you locked up and no way out.
If you are into scissors then i highly recommend this guy you wont be disappointed not just with his scissors but the variation of his holds that he does so you should try and get a match with him.
very easy too to get a match sorted out with him as well .
Great guy and an AAAA+++ opponent would wrestle again :)



freestyle is recommended by UKThunder88

On the back of a very good meet with freestyle, i can't recommend him highly enough. Extremely easy to arrange a meet with him and he was very accommodating from the minute i arrived.

As a sub he proved to be resilient and tried desperately hard to escape the clutches of my thick thighs and pulsating ass, but as with all my subs, once your in my clutches, there is no escape.

An all round nice guy, i will be looking to arrange another meet in the near future.



UKThunder88 is recommended by Scissorvictim

I met MOS for a wrestle today. He truly is a Scissors Master and will keep you wrapped up in his powerful thighs. The match was easy to arrange and he turned up on time. He's very handsome and more talkative in the flesh. If you enjoy scissors, then this is definitely your man. I highly recommend him and look forward to wrestling him again.



Scissorvictim is recommended by UKThunder88

Arranging a meet with Scissorvictim was simple and straightforward, and upon arriving to meet him, he proved to be very hospitable and well mannered. Scissorvictims head and neck fitted between my thighs perfectly and i was able to squeeze and smother him with pleasure throughout the duration of the meet. A real nice guy, and would definitely recommend to someone who wants to scissor or be scissored.



UKThunder88 is recommended by Yan

Just an 'on the fly' meeting as I was passing. MOS is as he claims. what a great physique. Very strong legs and thighs. I didn't know head scissors could hurt that much. It felt like I was being de-cappitated but instant release when tapped. I wish I'd been able to fight back more but holds were fast and strong.
Strong, sane, and off the matts a gentleman. I would love that our paths might cross again.



UKThunder88 is recommended by Head scissors uk

Met mos for a wrestle after some planning.Can honestly say what a nice guy he is.Had an amazing wrestle he made me submit many times in his scissors and facepins.Cant wait for the next meet.Thanks mate



Head scissors uk is recommended by UKThunder88

Had a really good wrestle today with Head_scissors_uk, managed to wrap my thighs around him over and over again and forced a good number of submissions out of him. He was extremely accommodating and an all round nice chap, all in all an extremely satisfying meet. Would fully recommend him to anyone seeking to scissor or be scissored.