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Recently back from a shoulder injury, but good overall. I should be good to go for the most part.

Amateur wrestler here. Looking for guys into mutual strength comparison, bigger vs. smaller, and some dominance rough-housing. Fan of Sleepers, chokehold, hand chokes (giving and receiving), but always allow you to set the rules regarding them! Really like wresting with intense physical men, Role play can be fun, too. While I love playing a Jobber, I'm a Heel at heart, and as many of you have conveyed, you prefer me in that role anyway.

Coming to Las Vegas, NV in the near future? Drop me a line and let's see what we can work out. I work full time and as such, can't always work guys into my schedule, but I'll do my best if I can!

Oh, also, while I respect all of you on here, Please understand I WON'T DO CYBER- So stop asking. Also, "NO" kinda means "NO". I can usually tell if we're going to mesh or not after a few messages, and by your hounding me with messages- it kinda confirms it. Sorry, Gents, I'm just an average, low-keyed kinda guy, who just wants to have fun meeting liked-minded men to wrestle with. Thanks!



  1. USA - Nevada, Mountain's Edge
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 58-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: Shorts, singlets, underware, none

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VegasRuff is recommended by vonsueno

Vegas Ruff is a strong, aggressive wrestler; he well lives up to his handle, "Vegas Ruff." Completely observant of agreed upon rules. On time for the match and very accommodating in the setting up of the match. A gentleman in every sense of the word. Intelligent and a great conversationalist. To forego the opportunity to wrestle this man is to deprive yourself of a great opportunity. A word of warning: beware his leg scissors or you'll know what an anaconda is like.



vonsueno is recommended by VegasRuff

Vonsueno was certainly very thorough about setting up our meeting and wanted to make sure we were both comfortable with each other beforehand to ensure compatibility. With that being said, he was the perfect gentleman and host. Like myself, he is much stronger than he appears and was a very worthy opponent overall. Afterward, we chatted and I found out he is an extremely educated and interesting individual as well. It was certainly very pleasant. I'd certainly meet with him again.



VegasRuff is recommended by Hidden Dragon

Awesome guy and very strong. I am glad it was just role-play when he was on top because he can be pretty scary. Totally safe, respectful and straight up. I am hoping to wrestle him on a regular basis. for me, it was a fantasy come true, looking forward to our next match.



Hidden Dragon is recommended by VegasRuff

DAMNED, this man is an awesome opponent! Nicely built, sold, muscled upper body, could barely hold my own wrestling him (Ok, he clearly won, guy's powerful and skilled)... great guy, too! Personable, and considerate. I'd wrestle him again in a heartbeat! Highly recommend!



VegasRuff is recommended by wrestlinstudd

"Awesome" is not adequate to describe a man who is the total package! Strong as a bull, knows his moves & how to apply them, respectful of limits, and takes the erotic to new levels. In or out of "the ring" a memorable experience is guaranteed.



wrestlinstudd is recommended by VegasRuff

What a truly awesome opponent! Strong, fast, keeps you tied up in tight holds, yet, fun, encouraging, safe, and patient. He is just as stated in his profile. Very much into erotic wrestling, and a good role player. Open to new ideas, and just an overall, fun, down-to-earth guy to fight with! Highly recommend.



VegasRuff is recommended by WrestleJ

What a gentleman and a gracious host! He is a super nice guy. He is strong and nicely built. He definitely put up a fight and challenge. We had a great match. I would definitely wrestle him again.



WrestleJ is recommended by VegasRuff

What an awesome opponent and wrestler! He's built strong, solid, and tough! He obviously has a good strong wrestling background, and yet, was very patient and understanding with my "newbie" status. Look forward to our next match! Highest recommendation.



VegasRuff is recommended by awill92

Got the chance to meet this guy for a match where he played the heel and found out how strong this guy was! Knows his moves very well and kept me subdued pretty much at most times no matter how much I tried to get back control. Very nice and friendly guy off the mat but once the match starts he's a more tougher vicious dude but safe at all times.

If you want a challenging opponent here in Vegas, VegasRuff is definitely your guy and I can't wait to face him in rematch



awill92 is recommended by VegasRuff

Great wrestling session! I played the Heel, in our match. He can certainly give as good as he gets! Nice guy, too. Hope to meet up for another match soon!



VegasRuff is recommended by submisionss

What can I say about this man? A combination of handsome rugged muscles with knowhow and being safe. One of the intense encounters I had in a very long time. Left me breathless and exhausted. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Do not pass this man if you have a chance.



VegasRuff is recommended by TxWrestle

Great guy, fine host, lots of fun.



TxWrestle is recommended by VegasRuff

What can I say? Meeting with you was awesome! You were certainly one if the best opponents I've ever encountered, even if you consistently came out on top each time! You are a true sportsman! You also expanded my horizons a bit.