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New York based, looking for matches.

Started in submission and now also into pro and promission.

6'2, 175, 32w, track and field athlete. Great endurance for long matches.



  1. USA - New York, New York City
  2. USA - Illinois, Chicago
    (I'm here between 11/30/2018 and 12/02/2018)
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 41-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 178 lbs (81 kg)

Gear: Singlet/trunks

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Wrester1 is recommended by Yngrasslr00

Great guy to have a match with, even if it was last minute, he still met me lol. In good shape, and had some good moves as well...way strong legs too. Good to talk to and easy to meet with. Fun times all around!



Yngrasslr00 is recommended by Wrester1

Had a great match with Yngrasslr. Fit, agile, strong and with some good moves too. Nice guy off the mats.



Wrester1 is recommended by njmuscguy1

nice guy and fun to wrestle !! def recommend and def wanna a rematch



Wrester1 is recommended by MuscChamp

Wrester1 is a strong wrestler with intermediate skills. Although I submitted him many times, he was eager to learn and showed great strength and athleticism. Off the mat, he is educated, charming, yet a bit shy. Eventually, the Champ coaxed him out a bit, and we enjoyed a wonderful conversation (including our mutual love of Mathematics). You will get a great match from this young stud - and meet an even better person!



MuscChamp is recommended by Wrester1

MuscChamp lives up to his name. He is a skilled wrestler with great strength too. He had me pinned multiple times. Great opponent who can adjust level to make it fun and also takes the time to teach some moves. Good host too.



Wrester1 is recommended by Mark uk

We hit the mats in Manhattan a while ago. Glad he's in the uk as I get the chance of a second meet. Very cool guy and great wrestler. Bring on match 2.



Mark uk is recommended by Wrester1

Great time wrestling Mark...skilled and fun guy.