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Age 30
Height 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight 175 lbs (79 kg)
Gender Male
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  1. USA - Kentucky, United States

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I like wrestling, gut punching, man to man contact fighting for dominance and open to much more!


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Wrestleme3 is recommended by on the line

Wrestleme3 and I met for a match when he was in town. It was a blast from beginning to end! We engaged in heated trashtalk before and during the fight - which made the battle for dominance even more interesting! He has the perfect body, stamina and pain tolerance making him a tough opponent on the mats. In addition, his abs of steel can withstand a beating unlike anyone I’ve wrestled so far. If he’s not in fighting mode he’s a great person you just love to hang with. I can fully recommend this tough stud and I’m hoping for an even more intense rematch soon! 😈



Wrestleme3 is recommended by flexboxer

This guy has the BEST build I have seen. He’s sinfully handsome, has abs of literal steel (and that’s coming from me), knows how to box, AND is a absolute charmer. I had such a good time boxing him and wrestling. If anyone has a doubt, contact me immediately to beat sense into you so you don’t lose out. 11/10 and all the stars possible for recommendations.



flexboxer is recommended by Wrestleme3

My match with flexboxer is easily one of the best boxing matches I’ve ever had! He is insanely strong, his bodies amazing and rock solid with abs of steel, he’s also extremely handsome and great to talk to when we’re not pummeling each other lol I highly recommended meeting this stud! Truly one of the best matches I’ve ever had! Can’t wait to hop in the ring again! 💪🏿🙌🏿



Wrestleme3 is recommended by Socitume

Where do I even start…great body, personality, smile… just an amazing guy over all. Incredibly nice and easy to talk to. We traded a lot of gut punches back and forth. Was very hard to stay focused as I got distracted many times 😅. Highly recommend meeting him if you get the chance



Wrestleme3 is recommended by Inevertap

Wrestleme3 is a stud. He looks like a fitness model; great arms, chest, and amazing abs (which can take a beating.) He’s so damn handsome it makes it hard to keep the match competitive. Also a great guy over some tacos and a beer. Took us forever to meet up, but worth the wait.



Wrestleme3 is recommended by dckid58

Wow, what a gorgeous stud this guy is. We met up for a HOT back-and-forth gutpunching session, and had an amazingly sexy time together. This guy's got a beautiful muscle-bound body plus a huge amount of energy and stamina to back it up. You can tell in his eyes that he's really into this kink, which made the fight all the hotter. He can both give and take some solid punches! We exchanged blows in all kinds of positions while wrestling around. Outside of all that, he's also super friendly, charming, and sexy – we had a great time talking for awhile before/after the match. Definitely recommend you meet up with this guy, I'll certainly be trying to plan my next match soon!



Wrestleme3 was awesome to wrestle when I was in New York City! His chest is huge and same with his biceps and thighs, I loved wrestling him. Enjoyed worshiping his muscles. He strong, sexy as fuck, and rule skilled with wrestling moves! Can’t wait to be back in NYC.



Wrestleme3 is recommended by NonoSubfighter

This guy is a stud!! I had a chance to wrestle him after some times to chat. His body is just fantastic with a rock hard chest and big arms. He as a very smooth and flexible style which make the fight perfect.



Wrestleme3 is recommended by Chris in seattle

This guy is a positive energy, a lot of fun, he does do cheap sneak attacks so watch out. He was hot, horny, and all around a blast to be around.



Wrestleme3 is recommended by Subwrslrnyc

Wow, he's incredibly handsome, built and strong. Even though our stats are relatively the same, he had the muscle to pick me up and slam me down a few times. Really had to fight to get subs out of him. He's gonna be a beast once he gets a few more matches under his belt.



Wrestleme3 is recommended by dster

Great guy! Strong and built... a very attractive man. With a bit more training he'll be hard to beat. Also very friendly off the mats!