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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night to you where ever youre viewing my profile in the world.

Thanks for taking the time to view/browse/perv my profile.

Before we go any further my age preference for wrestling with guys is 18-35, can stretch a bit further depending on if i like what i see, as for women am open to any age to wrestle with.

So i guess an introductory of myself is in good order,
Am Phil, 27 yr old lanky slim guy with some weight behind him but not fat nor defined or toned muscle.

I first found my love for wrestling when watching the WWF divas in a bra n panties match back in the 90's at a tender age of 8yrs old. Since then i've been obsessed with mixed and lesbian erotic wrestling. Since finding out bout my local kink and bdsm scene i have taken a serious interest into it and so self trained myself to a degree before enlisting assistance from friends and so then started attending mixed and same sex competitions and tournaments in submission wrestling throughout the UK.

In bringing wrestling which at the time i joined the local kink scene was a very niche fetish here in the uk i knew i needed the gear to do my wrestling safely so now i own 3 large 6ft wide by 8ft long and a foot deep crash mats, along with smaller 3inch crash mats and an inflatable wrestling ring along with two inflatable ools for more wet type wrestling plus added safety.

i have in my time wrestled at numerous kink clubs and hope to soon be running workshops on kink based wrestling in the next 12 months. I teach both ladies who are interested in it generally and those that are femDoms in the scene as well as Trans folk for self defence skills.

In my time on the local scene ive done many sorts of wrestling from vanilla to erotic to full on sexfights with the ladies, not yet with guys though i do something called a cuckold sexfight challenge where by i wrestle the cuck for his wife/gf who if he wishes me not to take her as my trophy prize has to win against me. Happy to do that with couples both ladies and gentlemen.

Have also done oil/mud wrestling and a good sweaty wrestle is almost oil wrestling. Yet to experiment with other WaM stuff, like to wrestle in cheesecakes.

Also enjoy role play and fantasy type wrestling fun, from hero vs villian stuff to consensual non consent type wrestling. Still have many fsntasies for wrestling like being woken up and dragged out of bed for a wrestle in the morning and vice versa doing the same in return.
Also interested in potential cross dressing for a catfight with another guy or trans girl.

Being a lanky guy and having strong legs my scissors are lethal and deadly. Also enjoy being a sadistic bastard in the ring/on the mats like giving low blows, cunt busting, CBT, crotch stomps/bombs, ring rope crotch kicks etc...if you d that to me you're in for a no holds barred brutal match with me.

Attire wise, i love wrestling in anything skin tight and shny from spandex/lycra to leather/latex/rubber etc. Also own 2 zentais of which im yet to experience a zentai wrestle so if you're interested i'd love to rumble in them with you. Love one piece swim suits and thong leotards too.

when wrestling i love groping/grinding and dry huming my opponents plus giving forced orgasms and penetration pins but am always respectful of limits and boundaries of everyone involved.

I'd like to get more into pro style and love to learn to referee pro style with added bonus of an erotic frisk to each wrestler and bias towards who i want to win haha.

In the next year i'm hoping to start my own kinky clips for sale wrestling studio so am very much open to filmed and photographed matches with myself, am also an amateur photographer so would love to get some practice in of action shots if anyones interested.

Love to win a few matches with guys and take them on under my wing to win others to join my roster of guys i can wrestle and own.

Outside of kink and wrestling am an adventurous guy who loves nothing more than adrenaline fueled action of white water activities like kayaking ans canoeing. Also enjoy hiking/camping especially if it can involve either a camp wrestle or mud wrestle somewhere.

Also enjoy good food, pubs, ale, music and film(talking of which love to watch some wrestling porn with a guy before breaking out into our own erotic wrestle)

Am seeking a tag team partner as well be it female or male :) Applications and interviews to be carried out once i've had sufficient numbers.

if you'd like to know more or set up a match then i'd be more than happy to chat, also catch me on all other platforms and sites under the same username same with kik/telegram - WrestlerPhilxxx

Lets rumble...



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Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 6'5" (196 cm), 260 lbs (118 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlets, leotards, one piece swim suits, speedos/trunks/thongs, hot pants. Anything skin tight and shiny

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