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  1. Thailand, Bangkok
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


31-year-old Male / 5'9" (176 cm) / 196 lbs (89 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlet


My name is Tony, live in BKK. I'm looking for any challenge in wrestling.
The heavier you are the better match will be. Let's see who wins.
I don’t meet for sex unless you’re my type and if I win I Claim my prize with mutual agreement ;)
I offer my Wrestling place in BKK for whoever wants to use it as a proper place for wrestling.

###Please let's not have a endless chat on the phone, instead let's do it, the real action.
Many people contacted me but all backed off and never showed up.
Words don't intimidate me only actions do #####

If happened you're in BKK Thailand just give me a hint then we can arrange a match and wrestle at the private gym which .
You can check out more videos on our wrestling gym Instagram:
IG: Gymexclusive



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques
Specific wrestling styles: Brit pro wrestling, Arm wrestling, Going to matches, Mud/oil wrestling

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Last modified: 12/17/2019


Wrestling bkk is recommended by wrestler ffm

Met and wrestled with Tony better said he played with me and got me from one handle to the next. It's no wonder when you see this guy. Very muscular and strong. Still, I enjoyed wrestling with him. We couldn't conquer him even in pairs. Nevertheless, he is a nice and dear person also off the mat. I hope to meet him again on my next vacation here in Thailand and can recommend him 100%.



wrestler ffm is recommended by Wrestling bkk

Frank is an amazing man, he made me sweaty and tired, I Am surprised by his stamina and insurance. It was really fun and nice match.
Can’t wait to wrestle with him again



Wrestling bkk is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

I'm proud to be the one who referred him to this website. He claims to be a newbie, but it did not look like it. He is tough and rough! He is fun to roll around with. He is primarily a freestyle wrestler, and I somehow regret giving him submission wrestling tips which he readily used against me. :) Highly recommended! Would definitely wrestle him again.



Wrestling bkk is recommended by strongmeabused

This guy is definitely the strongest man I have ever met yet. He is like a lion and a monster. He is also cute and have great muscles. He uses fabulous wrestling skills and I can’t even get up from his control. And the most impressive move of his is that he can throw me in the air, wow !I like it much! Looking forward to meet him soon again.



Wrestling bkk is recommended by mectlse

This guy is without a doubt the strongest man I have ever wrestled. He and his partner are wonderful guys and if you get a chance to wrestle, don’t pass it! Just know that whatever you do, you’ll probably get owned by wrestling bkk. Not only is he strong but he is in excellent shape and fast as a lightning! He also has wrestling skills. He claims he does freestyle but he also has some BJJ knowledge. Anyways, I got my ass kicked and could not even get one submission! Hope I’ll do better next time! Thanks for everything.



mectlse is recommended by Wrestling bkk

It was an honor to have a match with such a great guy with great personality.
It was an extreme challenge for me but fun and exciting at the same time.
Can’t wait to meet him again.
I’d recommend to everyone who looks for someone special and easy going guy



Wrestling bkk is recommended by fracle2

Tony introduced me to freestyle wrestling. It was rough and fun (and always safe and sane)! He is very strong and skilled. He also always take care that both enjoyed even if he push you to your limits. His place is just perfect and setltle the meeting was so easy! A must meet if you are in Bangkok!



Wrestling bkk is recommended by Kevin

A muscle with knowledge that will push you over the edge (safe and sane). He loves challenge. I think it’d be very interesting to see him wrestling with same size/bigger. I truly appreciate that he put up with smaller opponent like me. I expected nothing but only prepared to lose. Great work out, tho and I had so much fun. Cool guy and great host!



Kevin is recommended by Wrestling bkk

Very nice guy, with submission skills and high resistance.
Fun to wrestle with him despite of his weight,
It was really fun and exciting match



Wrestling bkk is recommended by toonarmy

I said it before I met him, and meeting him confirms what I said - Tony is a unit. An absolute machine. Combing speed and power makes for an awesome wrestler. I got beat good. Great bloke with a great gym in Bangkok. Go meet him if you're in town.



toonarmy is recommended by Wrestling bkk

It was really fun to wrestle with Chris
He has experience in pro wrestling which he demonstrated I could learn some techniques from him. Plus, he’s a very nice guy with sense of humor which makes it more fun and likable to spend time with.

Salute Chris



Wrestling bkk is recommended by leanandtough

Genuinely nice guy. Very strong and fun to wrestle. Great host with great space in Bangkok. Would do it again in a heartbeat.



leanandtough is recommended by Wrestling bkk

Incredible guy with a good jujutsu skills made me really tired despite of his weight.
Can’t weight to challenge him again soon
On top of that with a great personality



Wrestling bkk is recommended by wrestlepurc

Very kind of Tony to take the time to introduce me to freestyle wrestling. Very strong. You can try but you won’t win. Friendly chap with a lovely space to roll around.



wrestlepurc is recommended by Wrestling bkk

Such a great guy and very good looking
With high strength and stamina
It was challenging somehow;)



Wrestling bkk is recommended by Eyrios776

It is a big honor for me to get invited by Wrestling_bkk to his place (gym) . He is very strong and good looking guy with tough wrestling skill . We have fun and share technical . He open to all kind of wrestling . I'll look forward to have a match with him again soon .



Eyrios776 is recommended by Wrestling bkk

Very nice guy with lots of skills in pro wrestling
We had a fun wrestling which was really exciting
It was a great match



Wrestling bkk is recommended by scottimike

Tony is a good challenge for most wrestling, he was pleasant and professional. He knows something of throws and strong arm tactics. It was great to meet him in Bkk. I would wrestle him again and he is well recommended. We wrestled intensely. Bravo mate.



scottimike is recommended by Wrestling bkk

It was an amazing wrestling with this great mature guy.
Damn strong and skillful .
Can’t wait to wrestle with him again



Wrestling bkk is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Amazing guy. Strong, skilled and super friendly
If u like a lesson from beginner to expert i highly recommend him. And yes i hot my a** handed to me ;-)



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by Wrestling bkk

Great guy with incredible body and very friendly person
Looking forward to have another match with him



Wrestling bkk is recommended by XtrataBear

Wrestling with Tony was a real great experience. He torched me even some new tricks.
Not easy to win any game, but loosing from someone like him gives more satisfaction than winning from someone weak.
For sure we will wrestle again!!!



XtrataBear is recommended by Wrestling bkk

Great man
Very strong in that age, made me sweat like hell



Wrestling bkk is recommended by Moo

Met Tony in his GYM in Bangkok , what a strong handsome guy ! His big muscles are stunning and his wrestling experience is great , he will kick your ass without any problem , off the mat he is a super nice guy, highly recommended if you visit Bangkok to meet him ,



Moo is recommended by Wrestling bkk

It was really fun and exciting to wrestle with Mo.
He’s a nice submissive guy with great personality Which is rare to find.
I look forward to see him again



Wrestling bkk is recommended by FrBoxer

Tony send me an unexpected invitation to come over and wrestle with him at his place. It was so nicely done I headed for his place, in spite of my very beginner level as a lapsed wrestler.
Meeting Tony was a very nice experience , he has a lot of experience and adapts to his oponent’s level. We fought but he of course could do what he wanted of me, always in a playful and fun spirited way. I took the opportunity to ask him about some moves. And attacks which he kindly explained to me.
To sum up, Tony is a lovely guy and training partner, with a lot of talent and his place is ideally equipped for a match. If you are a wrestler going through Bangkok, I would strongly recommend you meet and take a pvt lesson with him if you are a beginner.
Highly recommended !