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Hi, im looking for wrestling mates. Just for practice and fun.



  1. Greece, Néa Smýrni
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Age: 37-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Greek

Gear: Singlets, speedo, underwear, __

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Wrestlingforfunnow is recommended by extralarge

WrestlingForFunNow is a really impressive wrestler! Strong, well built and intelligent, he gave me a very good fight.
Even when he realized I was more experienced than him, he kept attacking and sometimes he managed to surprise me and make me use my defense tactics in order to stop him.
He was not yet able to resist to my own attacks, so he ended up neutralized and tapped out. But, during the roll, he was careful and he was studying my moves, so he didn’t repeat the same mistakes for the second time and tried to use my finishers on me! He improved himself during the fight! At the end he had already become a better opponent!
His strength and stamina are considerable! We wrestled for more than two hours, without breaking a sweat!
WFFN really likes wrestling and has the spirit of a true warrior! He only needs to work a bit harder, gain some more experience and very soon it will be extremely hard for anyone to submit him!
Highly recommended!



extralarge is recommended by Wrestlingforfunnow

Extralarge was my first fight in the site... He is really strong and very experienced wrestler.. It was difficult-imposible to win him... but i see our fight like a wrestling lesson and him like a great coach! Definately i will have a new session with him soon! Out of the fight, Very polite and good guy he could be a good friend. Cant wait fight with him again!