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hello every one ....

welcome to my page



  1. Germany, Berlin
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Age: 28-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 161 lbs (73 kg)

Languages spoken: Arabic, English, German, Greek

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007champion is recommended by Zack

i had like tow hours wrestling with this huge guy , he is very friendly strong and skilled too, if you like big vs small, jobber vs heel or domination wrestling , this guy is the perfect choice , he is a big guy and he can control you so easily with a pleasure .
totally recommended



Zack is recommended by scrappyone

I had a very good time with this handsome wrestler. The match was playful. He used his creativity to come up with activities to try out, and the time flew by. Also reliable and punctual.



scrappyone is recommended by Zack

I met this guy for a wrestling match, and I was surprised because he was so strong, and also so handsome and sexy, we rumbled for like a four hours and we couldnt feel how the time ran so fast. It was full with humiliation, domination and submission, he has the ability to control the wrestlers so easily.
I will totally recommend him and I will be waiting for our next wrestling match



Zack is recommended by krak85

A genuine and handsome guy who is really into rolling on the mats. It was a true pleasure to meet and wrestle with him.



krak85 is recommended by Zack

krak85 he is a nice and strong guy , very good in technic and very careful . if you ever come to Germany don't miss him .
totally recommended



Zack is recommended by Marcofighter

Zack is a very nice and handsome guy who turns to a nasty boy on the mats. He ist strong but very carefully. It was very nice to meet him and i hope to see him again.



Marcofighter is recommended by Zack

Marcofighter is a strong and handsome guy with a big passion to wrestle , he is new but by the time he will become better , If you ever go to Germany don't miss him .
totally recommended



Zack is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

He may be a jobber, but he is definitely not a pushover. He is strong and flexible, and he fights back hard, so one must have to work for his submission. Very nice guy, and fun to roll arpund with!



Wrestleboyjoey is recommended by Zack

I had a match with Wrestlebiyjoey which I consider as one of my best matches ever , he extremely strong and so talented grappler .
I enjoyed every grapple from him , also I have to mention that he can humiliate you very good and you enjoy it .
I wish to meet him again in the future , tottaly recommended....



Zack is recommended by Marios1991

Zack is a genuine guy with very good manners. He is in good shape, as is shown by his photos. Also, he has good wrestling abilities and can take a beating without giving up.
Further more, he has a huge imagination and, as you can see from he group wrestling comic, he has awsome drawing abilities.



Marios1991 is recommended by Zack

Mario is a strong guy who improved him self so much lately , and he still doing it , he is getting stronger and skilled , and he is the best who can humiliate very good , he can humiliate wrestlers with very sexy way , I want to meet him again to humiliate me as well



Zack is recommended by Dirka

I met Zack in Paris yesterday and I have to say it was a great time. We fought a few times and the result was always the same. He has a nice body and can take punches and pain well. It was a pleasure for me to play with that nice Jobber over a long time. I am sure we will meet again in future.



Dirka is recommended by Zack

I wrestle with and only one think I have to say , that I enjoyed every moment I wrestle him , he is so strong so sweet and so careful , I will meet him for sure in the next year ....
Get ready for our next match sweet guy, we will meet in Frankfurt .



Zack is recommended by thalassamare

Zack has strong arms that can crush you, and it felt like he could, but we had a very nice fight in which I showed him all my strength and after that he let me dominate him most of the time, which was great fun for me and I think for him too!
He is respectful and clearly loves being dominated by a good heel. He is paradise! Our fight was very short and in a very tiny place, but still great. Salam filos mou!



thalassamare is recommended by Zack

I had a short but very beautiful moments with thalasasamare , our match it was in a small place but we both enjoyed it so much , he is very strong and skilled for the short time that he wrestling , very safe , very sweet and a good and friendly guy which you stay with and dont feel bored , i would like to meet him again but in a bigger place and for more time , totally recommended , if you go to Spain dont miss him !!



Zack is recommended by Norcalfur

I had a relaxing, enjoyable wrestling session with my Zack! He's personable, easygoing and a great conversationalist! I hope it was perfect, for both of us!
I look forward to meeting him again, on my next visit to Athens!



Norcalfur is recommended by Zack

I had a very very good and strong match with Norcalfur , he is strong and skilled and with very good techniques , we spend about three hours of wresting and i enjoyed every moment of wrestling with him , if you visit the U.S dont miss him , and i wont miss him if he visit athens again ;)
totally recommended



Zack is recommended by Midlandsbloke

Met Zack recently when I visited Athens. We were limited with space but we made the most of what we had and I had a very enjoyable time with this very friendly guy. Not only that but he spent the rest of the evening and most of the following day showing me around his city and was great company. Nothing was too much trouble for him and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone visiting Athens. A true gentleman.



Midlandsbloke is recommended by Zack

with Midlandsbloke we had an amazing time together , i spend the best time ever in the first weekend of August , we had a beautiful time , we had lunch together we had dinner twice together , i toke him around the city and spend lovley time , i think we are bounded as friends more as opponents , we had a mini match in a mini place :P.
he is so sweet and so friendly , we chatted in different subjects he is open minded and a person who can talk with , he is really a knight who i will spend other days and moments for sure , totally recommended , if you visit UK dont miss a MATCH with him ...



Zack is recommended by goliatch

Zack is an athletic young guy very enthusiastic about wrestling. He's also an interesting person for spending time out of the mats. I had a great moment with him and hope to see him again soon !



goliatch is recommended by Zack

I had my best match ever with goliatch , he is strong and huge guy , and he is very skilled .
Out of the mats he is very funny and so diplomatic , he is so sweet and so careful person .
I want to meet him again cause i really missed him so much , i wish to meet him in sweeden next time .
Tottaly recomented , dont miss the chance to meet him



Zack is recommended by Angelo

Zack was awesome. Though we didn't have that long to wrestle, we made the most of it. He geared up in red speedos–quite the contrast to my black butcher and mask–and we locked up. He endured several power moves and sold a lot of pro holds like a champ. He is packed with power. Whenever I got too comfortable being on top, he sneakily came after me with his strength and skill. He is NOT to be underestimated. And neither is he to be missed if you are interested in a fun match. Hope we tangle again!!



Angelo is recommended by Zack

I had a fabulous time with this heel , he is one of the most hot wrestlers I have ever met , and that singlets and the mask makes him hotter .
He is very strong and very tecnich , you enjoy every moment with him , sadly I had to meet him at night and for a short time , but for sure we will manage for other meet .
Full recommended !!!!!



Zack is recommended by cram

Muy buen luchador tiene mucha experiencia y muchos conocimientos. Imposible vencerle. Hemos disfrutado mucho y espero repetir pronto!!! Gracias Zack!!!



Zack is recommended by fightertofight

Great guy, very young but surprisingly mature. He is very punctual and always shows up when agreed upon. He is somewhat playful when fighting and if you ask he would probably put on the boxing gloves for a little action. Definitely not out there to hurt somebody or get hurt either. Cool mild training sessions more like it. He is very polite and intellectual and has a fit body figure. It is fun fighting and talking with him.



Zack is recommended by fghtr

Zack is a gym rat! He is fit and strong and loves to wrestle and fight. Our height and weight difference was huge, but he always came back for another round.
It is easy to spot that he also likes to be a jobber but he will put up a good fight first.
Zack is a very nice guy, easy to talk to and interested in a lot of different topics. Go for him, guys!



fghtr is recommended by Zack

I had one of my best wrestle match with fghtr , he is huge and soo tall , and i love that because he was controling me all the time and that was so hot (for me).
I want to wrestle him again , and if you ever go to Vienna dont forget him because he is so strong and so skilled .
Dont miss him , tottaly recommended



Zack is recommended by AD idf

Zack is a very friendly young guy. He need little more experience but he is very flexible and can take a lot before tap. He learn fast what you want show him. But the most impressive is how he likes wrestle with fun and good spirit. All is a game for him and it's very pleasant to wrestle with him. Actually he is more jobber but let him so time and more experience and you can see his heel part. Cant wait to see him again. Of course highly recommended.
Zack est un jeune gars génial et très amical. Il manque un peu d'expérience mais il est d'une souplesse étonnante et sa capacité à encaisser est surprenante. Mais le plus impressionnant est son plaisir communicatif lorsqu'il lutte. On sent qu'il aime cela et c'est plaisant à voir. Actuellement plutôt jobber mais laisser lui un peu de temps et vous verrez son côté heel ressortir. A refaire très vite et évidemment très recommandable.



AD idf is recommended by Zack

I had an amazing moments with AD idf , he is so huge , so strong and so skilled , he know a lot of techniks i tried to beat him down but i couldnt becaus of his expirience and skills .
I wish to meet him again and wrestle him again but this time a Paris
See you in Paris
Totally recomented ...



Zack is recommended by subwrstler

Zack is a young enthusiast boy about wrestling! He is training at the gym and he is in a good shape! His jobber side was obvious once we step on the mats, probably our height and weight difference helped in that, but he showed he enjoyed a lot being worked over by me! He suffers well and he is very flexible so you can put him in every hold you can thing and he will go to his limits before he taps. If you want to live a heel vs jobber match you should meet him guys! Recommended from me!



subwrstler is recommended by Zack

Subwrestler is a very strong and fast wrestler with a very good physique , so flexible and so skilled and he has a very good holds knowledge .
He is the wrestler who can read your mind and what you like exactly , he is very respectful person .
I would like to wrestle him again and again without getting boring .
I totally recommend him , you should wrestle him ...



Zack is recommended by OttBattle

Wow this guy is one cute Greek wrestling tyro! He has charm, charisma as well as great set of developing wrestling skills. I had such a blast on the mats with this young grapple stud. You're missing out if you don"t meet up with him in Athens. He is great to talk to off the mats: intelligent, humorous with a fascinating cultural background. Enjoy!



OttBattle is recommended by Zack

I had the most beautiful wrestling moments with this guy, he is so strong and powerful wrestler , he can beat you down easily and in the same moment he can act as a jobber .
After the match we had an amazing conversation , and also a very very good english lesson , and then we had a great moment in the cafeteria with a tasty cake and a liquid cafe ;P
This guy is so strong and so friendly dont miss the chance to meet him ....
Totally recommended



Zack is recommended by dandunn

With Zack we had couple of matchs. Now this young man. Has everything to make a very good wrestlers. He is strong, agile determine And more than willing to learn more. We had great fun on the mat. Trying things i like with a very résiliant opponent and able to take It Endurance should be is nickname because he doesnt give up easily If you go to Athen dont miss him



dandunn is recommended by Zack

dandunn is very skilled and strong wrestler and also so skilled, he did a lot of holds and locks he was the perfect heel ever .
we spend hours of wrestling and he was so strong , out of the mats he is very friendly and very nice man , if you ever visit Canada dont miss the chance to meet him .
Toutally Recomented ..



Zack is recommended by BoxerGr

We had a great fun time with Zack. He is quite strong for his size, has a good body and is generally a skilled and passionate wrestler IMHO. I'm really glad I managed to bring out the heel in him because we ended up having a quite competitive super fun match! Off the mats he is a very sweet and humble young man. Recommended!



BoxerGr is recommended by Zack

BoxerGr is very very gentle guy , he is so nice and so friendly, in the mats he is strong and so flexible and skilled enough to wrestle with, and also a good jobber , i want to wrestle him a lot again and again, and i wish to become closer friends in the future because he is so so nice !!!
Totally recommended



Zack is recommended by matslam

Zack is such a mellow,easy going guy but this evaporates when hes on the mats.Then hes transformed into a fierce wrestler who wont give up easily.If you want a no- nonsense match,hes your guy.A true friend otherwise,someone I highly look up to!



matslam is recommended by Zack

Grjobber , what can i say about this wrestler , i think it is a trap that he is a jobber because he is not a jobber at all , he is strong enough and in a very good physique, but this is only inside the mats, out of the mats he is so friendly, nice and cute and very good teacher, every one meet that Man is very lucky and i am one of the luckiest people that get to know him !!!



Zack is recommended by tzitzi

I was looking forward for months to meet him and i was right for that because he is an absolutely delightful and pleasant young man, either you talk or you wrestle with him! This smiling ,friendly, interestling and funny guy , on the mat transforms into an obsessed and resistant wrestler!GIVE him a long bearhug or a scissor and you can easily realize the fire and the satisfaction in the eyes of Zack!He truly adores wrestling and that makes him special!
Within ten minutes we were both full of sweat but we didn t stop after hours! He can take a lot of punishment but he always comes back stronger for more! i had A FANTASTIC time with my new friend and i will meet him again very soon.
Excited for the next round.



tzitzi is recommended by Zack

i had the mos wonderfull moments with Tzi Tzi , Tzi Tzi is very strong and powerfull guy and so attractive and sweet , i enjoyed every moment i spent with him , in the mas he was sooo strong opponet , he has the most powerfull legs i have ever face , also he has a strong arms can`t forget about that either .
Out the mats he is so kind and adorabull person , funny , friendlly and this is not so much to tell about him , because if meet him you cant stop thinking about him .
i wish to meet him again and again because one time is not enough to meet him or to have a match with him , don`t forget that TziTzi next time i will be more buff than you and i will beat you down ;)



Zack is recommended by polyethylene33

Zack is a very fun and nice guy off the mats, on them he fights back as much as he can and takes a lot of punishment before giving up, quite fun!



polyethylene33 is recommended by Zack

Amazing and sweet strong man polyethylene33 is an amazing wrestler and strong , we had the same tall but not the same strength he destroyed me and I enjoyed every single moment , I wish to wrestle him again but next time when I become hunk :D



Zack is recommended by Antton64

A really good surprise in Athens. He is compétitive And can resist a lot to technics! Fun match, good spirit and outside the mat, very Nice. See you when you ll be "beefy"!



Antton64 is recommended by Zack

Awesome match with Antton , an amazing welcome match in Athens with him , very skilled and very strong and above all this awesome body !!!
I wish to wrestle him again , but next time will be when I will become hunk :D



Zack is recommended by musclechris80

This guy can take too much punishment indeed! he gave me a good fight. He resisted until his last breath! He loves wrestling but he just need some more experience! His age combined with stamina are his weapons!



musclechris80 is recommended by Zack

MuscleChris80 , waaaaaaw i had one of the most matches i have ever had in my life , i was just like wrestling with a real wrestler , in body shape skills , holds every thing , he is so amazing , he destroyed me and i enjoyed it , he made me like an airoplane , he holded me and lefted me so many times , and above all this , he has an amazing character , he really destroyed me and didnt show a mercy to me but the same time he was so careful with me ;) cause i dont have that exprince !!!!!
i would like to meet him againe and wrestle him againe so bad !!!



Zack is recommended by extralarge

Zack is a young and very enthousiast wrestler, very strong and solid for his size. He likes to challenge bigger opponnents and test his strength and skills against them. This makes him a superb jobber. He is determined and insisting. He tries to find a way out of every hold and works very hard to break it. So, he doesn't give up easily at all. He can absorb a lot of punishment and still continue to smile. He is also a very quick learner. I teached him a few holds and he was instantly able to use them on me, very effectively!
If he continues going yo the gym and improves a little his wrestling skills, he will be, very soon, invincible for wrestlers of his size.
Outside the mats, he is a very polite and civilized person and we had a very pleasant, but also serious conversation.
In general, we really had a nice time!
So, if you ever find a challenge from him in your inbox,
just accept it. It's worth it!



extralarge is recommended by Zack

Extralarge is an excellent wrestler. He really knows what to do in a wrestling match and can adjust his play to a smaller and less experienced wrestler, like me. He is very strong and skilled and he has a remarkable stamina! We wrestled for over two hours and he didn’t even need a break to catch his breath!
He put me in a wide variation of holds, that I didn’t even know they exist! He submitted me numerous times, but always in a very safe way! Εvery time, he kept asking me if I was all right or the hold was too tight. So, I never felt I was in a dangerous situation, even when he applied on me his stronger holds! On the contrary: I really enjoyed being dominated in such a safe way!
He is also a very good teacher. He showed me an effective hold to apply on bigger guys like himself, and tap them out, which I will use in the future!
Many times, he let me start the fight from a privilege position and apply finishing holds on him, while he would try to escape. No need to say that he was always able to break my holds, reverse the situation and put me in a submission position.
He also gave me one more strong experience: He lifted and carried me twice, both in a fireman’s carry and in a torture rack, always being very concerned and carrying about me being safe!
Extralarge is a very serious, polite and well-educated person, really nice and friendly!
It was a pleasure to meet and wrestle him and I hope we will have the chance to repeat it, very soon!
If you are in Greece, you really have to meet him! He is a must – wrestle!