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  1. Canada - Manitoba, Winnipeg
    Place of residence
  2. Canada - Alberta, Calgary
    (I'm here between 4/21/2020 and 4/26/2020)
    Traveling for work

I am willing to travel 20 kilometers


36-year-old Male / 5'8" (173 cm) / 176 lbs (80 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: Still exploring, no preference yet.


I am a beginner wrestler, more on the competitive side, so I’m told. Regrettably, I can not host.

I enjoy submission matches. Slowly gaining knowledge of better holds and locks. Also learning when to tap-out instead of muscling-out.

Looking for like minded opponents looking for a fun time, a good workout, a little competitive camaraderie.

Open to trying to elements of wrestling. I’m a pretty easy going guy. Otherwise, I’m still figuring out what I like/ am Into.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, I'm a heel, Stakes
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Nipple play

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Last modified: 2/29/2020



Zodikry is recommended by subwrestler2

I had the pleasure of wrestling Zodikry twice on a recent trip to Winnipeg. The first time we wrestled I must say I felt intimidated when he stripped down to his speedos displaying his muscular body and thick legs. The kind of body every man wants. The moment we locked up on the mat this guy was nothing but fun to wrestle with. It was a mix of his personalilty, strength, determination and resilience. His playful approach encouraged me to get right into the match with him. The moment you lock up you can feel the strength in his body. Especially his core strength. He came at me as hard as I went after him and he never backed down. He just simply never quit no matter what I did to him. Always ready to keep wrestling. After we wrestled I had a chance to sit and talk with him. This guy definitely wears his heart on his sleeve which is something I really respect in a man. My final day in Winnipeg was Zodikry's birthday and I had the pleasure of having a birthday wrestling match with him. A year older than our previous match 3 days before and equally as much fun. Will always be happy to wrestle or just hang out with this guy.



subwrestler2 is recommended by Zodikry

W-T-F! I always said i could never be a jobber, i can’t just give up, but i’m not against being forced to be the jobber. I fought, and i resisted and i tried using my muscle strength (i don’t have the skills yet) and i instantly became a human rag doll! Subwrestler2 manipulated my limbs like i was made of jello. He kept me in holds that tested my physical endurance as well as pain. It was oddly exciting. That said, he was incredibly self aware of the situation at all time, know when to weaken a hold, when to let go and when to let me think i had a chance lol.
As an opponent he is strong, skilled and very respectful. Great bod, great personality; just an all around nice guy. Good match and good chat. We hit the mats again in 2 days... i have no hope in winning a submission and i’m ok with that. So much fun!! Thank you.



madeincanada is recommended by Zodikry

Omg, wow, what a nice guy. Super easy going, very accommodating, and just a friendly guy.
Now for the wrestling, damn. He’s quick! Also strong, respectfully ruthless lol, and skilled. He was always a step ahead of me. Even though i did win the first submission, it was not easy.
I’ve always never been gut punched before, still getting used to it, but fun.
He kept me on my toes, dished out some fantastic trash talk!!, and it would be a pleasure to wrestle him again. If you get it, Don’t pass up the chance.



Zodikry is recommended by wrestleguy13

Such a great guy! Easy to chat with on/off the mats, he's got the muscle strength to make you work hard ans some quick moves to keep you on your toes.

Glad we got the chance to throw down and test each others strength. Both got some good moves and pins in.

ready for a rematch soon, if you get the chance and you're in the area, def hit him up for a match



wrestleguy13 is recommended by Zodikry

Wow, what a nice guy. Super chill. We discussed a few rules before the sessions (a few hard no things) and he was very respectful in these regards.

I was warned he was just a jobber, his other recommendations say otherwise; i found he was a great balance. He’s got some feistiness, and certainly has endurance. Definitely worth the effort to hit the mats with this stud. You won’t regret it.



Zodikry is recommended by asianwrestler

Zodikry is such a fun guy to wrestle. Our match started pretty even, initially didn’t think I would be able to pull any wins on him. Looks even more good looking in person. With more experience, he’ll give me and anybody else a run for their money. Would gladly wrestle Zodikry any day, it was an honor to meet him. Hope our rematch is soon, bud!!



asianwrestler is recommended by Zodikry

Wow, what a match. Due to weight class and size, I thought I had this one in the bag, but nope. We were stalemate for a good amount of time. His limbs are flexible, agile and have an incredible ability to lock and stay locked around you. He had a great energy, tons of smiles, and a joy to wrestle. I look forward to a rematch for sure!!



Zodikry is recommended by TampaBayLMT

Zodikry and a couple of other locals hosted me for a group bout while I was in his town for work.

He's super athletic and quick, and he has a weapons-grade sense of humor. It's hard to lock up with someone who jumps you when you're laughing. 😂All around, he's a great guy and a fun opponent. I'm looking forward to the next go-round.



Zodikry is recommended by Wrestlinboi

After 3 matches and one bloody nose, I can honestly say Zodikry is a damn good time. He's a wall of muscle and power hidden behind a cute smile and a kind demeanor. He picked up on stakes and punishments very quickly and was cunningly creative. You can't go wrong with Zodikry, clean, punctual, playful and hot.



Wrestlinboi is recommended by Zodikry

Wrestlinboi was my first (and second and third) opponent. I dont think I could have asked for a better opponent. He adjusted his skill level and strength to match mine. From start to finish, he was incredibly considerate, accommodating and kind. The fact that he’s a hottie is just a bonus!
I’ve always wanted to partake in a stakes-event, and Wrestlinboi allowed me to explore that and it was fantastic!

Definitely worth a wrestle if you get the chance, just beware his legs, if he gets them around you, your done!

Thanks Wrestlinboi

Aug 2019:
This guy! As always, what an excellent host. It’s always a pleasure to meet Wrestlinboi on the mats. I was able to get a few good submission on him, and even a few wins. But as always, once he gets his legs around me for a scissor lock... I’m done! With every match he has, he improves which I turns allows me to up my game.
We won’t be facing each other again for a few months, I’m excited to see how we have both improved.

Aug 29 and October 5 2019

Fought Wrestlinboi two more times. I couldn’t even get a win against him these times. His skill and technique has definitely improved. Normally I can count on my strength to gain an advantages but I was out of luck. As always, his scissor holds had me tapping out in seconds!!




Zodikry is recommended by Solomon 79

I fought Zodikry in June 2019. We had a three way round robin match with Wrestlinboi and we had an extremely sweaty good time! Although Zodikry is new to the wrestling scene, he is a natural talent and super hot! I admit, there were moments in our match where I did not want to escape the submission move because I was enjoying the view 😁. Over time, he will be an unstoppable wrestler! I highly recommend wrestling this guy!

*Update Aug 10, 2019*
Had a four way round robin style match with this guy and Wrestlingboi and Renaud to break in Wrestlinboi's sweet new mats. Zodikry was on his A game - very fast and strong and used really good takedowns. Had a real fun time getting sweaty with this guy again!
*End of Aug 10, 2019 update*



Solomon 79 is recommended by Zodikry

This recommendation is a long time coming. I faced Solomon79 for the second time last weekend, and once again, the privilege was mine.
Not only is he a fun, skilled opponent, he is an excellent teacher. He is never shy/always willing to stop a match to instruct, give advice and correct me on a move. He is a quick opponent and gives her until he can’t possibly move. Giving up is not his style.
Solomon79 is a worthy opponent with skill and experience who should always be a choice to face.
His array of gear is always a fun plus to explore.
Very much looking forward to our next match!



Zodikry is recommended by Renaud

J'ai rencontré Zodikry lors d'un tournoi avec Solomon_79 et Wrestlinboi en août 2019. Ancien gymnaste, dix ans plus jeune que moi (plus ou moins ;) et une vraie montagne de muscles, il m'a su me dominer comme un pro. J'ai quand même réussi à lui baisser le short lors du gear strip... mais juste après qu'il a enlevé le mien! Zodikry a eu la gentillesse d'apporter une belle sélection de musique franco pour mettre de l'ambiance. C'était aussi un plaisir d'échanger avec lui en français et d'entendre son bel accent acadien. Beau gosse, ponctuel, je ne peux que recommander Zodikry à quiconque cherche à passer un bon moment entre lutteurs, ou... entre potes :).



Renaud is recommended by Zodikry

J’ai pu confronter Renaud pour la première fois et c’était génial! En plus, j’ai eu la chance de jaser avec quelqu'un en français!! Renaud may not be the most technical of opponents -yet, but he was a joy to wrestle with. A great energy and kindness, and a sassy/trash talking attitude made for an exciting match. I will say this, though he may not have had the same strength as me, he had limbs for days! If he gets himself intwined with you, it’s difficult to escape and regain the advantage.
I certainly look forward to the next match with this awesome guy!


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