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Nice on the outside. Beast on the inside. Definitely a little devil 😈 in disguise; with a formal style just a bit on the gothic side.
It's either that people or I'm embracing my true self now. So I started on this site with a different interest, but now I'm only interested in submissive jobbers that like to be completely dominated. Boost up my inbox, jobbers. Your about to receive some good punishment 😏. Sane and safe of course 😉.

I think it's important for me to say the following:
I don't enjoy long chatting as I don't like typing much. I prefer personal conversations and use chats mostly to setup meetings. But either way, feel free to message me if you'd like ;-)
And I may take a while to respond even if I already read your message. Just a friendly warning :-p

I prefer opponents who are:
- in shape (take a look at my past opponents)
- not heavier than 90 kg
I will NOT make any exceptions.

What I like:
- to be dominant
- to be a bit brutal but only if my opponent likes/wants it
- a bit eroticism is a plus
- one-on-one private matches (no groups)

Not into cyber matches.

I am willing:
- to travel withing the Netherlands.
- For now I am only available in the weekends, that includes Friday nights.

My favorite holds/moves:
camel clutch (favorite), boston crab, leg scissors, body scissors, over the knee backbreaker, over the shoulder backbreaker, surfplank, full nelson, abdominal stretch, grapevine, spladle, bearhug, bow and arrow, leg split, elbow drop, some ab punching.

And I've had more matches than what is indicated on my profile, because I've met some of my past opponents more than twice.



  1. Netherlands, Tilburg
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I am willing to travel 30 kilometers


Age: 28-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 174 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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Zython is recommended by Opon84

Zython is a charming young stud, with an awesome body.
Ripped, agile, strong, flexible, witty, pleasurable to talk with, incredibly hot, with a killer smile.
It was a real pleasure to meet him, chat with him, wrestle him.



Opon84 is recommended by Zython

I definitely had a great time with Opon84. I enjoyed our talking and wrestling.
A very experienced fighter that I learned a lot of moves and holds from. But don't let his experience intimidate you from meeting him. He's a friendly man that you will have a nice time with.
Super strong, intelligent, funny and a good host. I had a memorable experience ;-)



Zython is recommended by slowly

Zython is very pleasant:
You will have a nice conversation with that guy. We talked much before and after the match. If felt as if I knew this guy for much longer than just a day.
On the mat Zyton is a powerful, ambitious and passionate opponent who knows several techniques to make you tap. I gathered some new fight experience with that guy.
Moreover this well-trained guy got a gorgeous smile :)))
highly recommended. I am looking forward for round 2.



slowly is recommended by Zython

Had a fun time with Slowly. Funny guy! I'm even smiling and a chuckling a bit as I'm writing this. He made me laugh a lot, which made my night :-D.
On the mats he's a skilled wrestler that you definitely and always have to be alert for. And he's strong as well which makes it a tough challenge.
If you want a mixed and slow wrestling consisting of long torturing stretching holds, this is your guy. And I think that once you've met him, you will remember him for sure.



Zython is recommended by AD33C

Zython was my first ever challenger and I can't say I was disappointed, he's very strong and knows his stuff but is also patient and taught me a few moves while still kicking my ass.
Moreover, he's a very pleasant, interesting and charming guy as well, and to state the obvious distractingly beautiful, anyone looking for a fun challenge will enjoy himself with him.



AD33C is recommended by Zython

The first thing that I can say about this guy is that he's very strong. Well, it's probably obvious by his nice strong muscular physique.
Maybe he's the strongest one that I have met so far. He definitely puts up a challenge by using just his strenght.
I was his first opponent and we had a nice meeting/fight. A smart and relaxed guy that I would recommend for sure, especially if you want a test of strenght.



Zython is recommended by David01

I had a great meetup with Zython while i was in Holland. He gets my highest recommendation as it was so easy to setup a meet That i could host in a hotel. Zython happily wanted to try Some GP. He is strong ( really strong), has an amazing sculpured body and a killer smile. During Some time off the mats we had great conversations indicating he has a beatifull mind too. Just a wonderfull time pre, during and post fight!



David01 is recommended by Zython

I had a very nice experience with David01. It was for the first time that I tried some GP. I was on the giving end and enjoyed it very much. He really can take a lot which makes it fun and fascinating.
I also enjoyed every single moment with him; from the moment I met him till the moment I left; from the GP itself to our conversations.
A nice, calm, intelligent guy that I definitely would recommend to anyone who likes or would like to do some GP.



Zython is recommended by JackdVries

I've two great matches with this guy. Besides his amazing body he knows a lot of fun holds. He even was the first guys to put me in a torture rack. Definitely meet him if you have the chance.



JackdVries is recommended by Zython

Probably one of the hottest fights that I had until now. Enjoyed it very much. This good looking guy is skilled, has a lot of stamina, and a lot of fight in him. It was a good and intense mixed wrestling. I can even consider it as a great workout. Beside that, he's also chill guy to hang out with; enjoyed our conversations. Highly recommended, including for more matches.
P.S. Already a rematch after 5 days. Can't wait!



Zython is recommended by gigromeo

Highly recommend this young beast, good, strong opponent, a lot of stamina and desire for fight, not only perfect ripped body, but also interesiting personality and beautifull mind, very positive attitude gives a lot of food for thinking and motivation for actions, hope to meet this lad again :)



gigromeo is recommended by Zython

Had a very nice meeting with this man. Very skilled which I definitely recommend to more experienced/advances fighters who like challenges.
But the good thing is that he can also adapt himself to your level. Just let him know what you want or what you are looking for and he will be happy to make sure that you are satisfied.
He also taught me a couple of techniques. During this learning process I was able to see how passionate, dedicated, and patient he is; which is admirable. I will use the moves that I learned from him for sure.
In addition, he's a good host; a nice and kind man that I enjoyed having some in-depth conversations with.
Had a good, fun, and relaxing time.



Zython is recommended by Wrestler Boy

I really agree what all Zython's past opponents comment about him.
We had very nice and enjoyable wrestling. On the mat he is very strong and good spirit for fighting
It is great when you can meet such a person as Zython. Benevolent gentleman and body like a Greek sculpture.
“Wish that I could stay forever this young
Not afraid to close my eyes
Life's a game made for everyone”
I hope I could stay always as Zython's friend.



Wrestler Boy is recommended by Zython

This man is skilled on the mats which makes it a nice challenge.
He's also a very kind man who you can have a good conversation with. Certainly someone that could be a good friend. Also, a super good host; I felt very welcomed.



Zython is recommended by GrapplerNL

This guy is handsome and has an incredible hot body. On the mats he is very powerfull and learning fast. It will be a great fighter one day.
Off the mats this guy isa nice guy to spent time with.
Highly recommended



GrapplerNL is recommended by Zython

Good looking guy ;-)
Super skilled, tactical, and strong. He is very advanced compared to me but made sure that it was enjoyable for both of us, which was nice.
A nice and relaxed guy to hang out with; I enjoyed our meeting. Also an amazing host :-)



Zython is recommended by dany 2808

I had the chance to meet Zython at my home and he is really a strong and good-looking guy with a good spirit for fighting. We had a good mix fighting and chilling for hours. both sweaty, feeling eachother power with a lot of fore and back on the mats. With some more training he will be even more difficult to handle. He is really gentle besides the fighting and always welcome as my guest here again.



dany 2808 is recommended by Zython

Dany is a very skilled and tough opponent with a lot of endurance. It's very challenging to get him in hold and make him submit. We had some good and long mixed wrestling on the mats.
Also, a friendly guy that you can have nice conversations with. Even taught me a few skills that I will use for sure.
And incredible host! I felt quite at home.
I enjoyed every single minute of our meeting :-)



Zython is recommended by ninov

Very polite and relaxed guy. Trains often in the gym, which results in his amazing body. He has some nice techniques and is very strong. Had a great time meeting him. Hope to have more chances to meet him in the future!



ninov is recommended by Zython

I have to start by saying how great of a host this guy is; I felt very welcomed. Beside that, he's a nice, friendly, and relaxed guy who for sure showed a lot of strength on the mats. I enjoyed it and had a lot of fun :-)



Zython is recommended by SubmissionWrestlerNL

Zython is a great wrestler with an even greater body. Is was a good match, he is one strong guy! I had a great afternoon with him, on and also off the mats. Hope to wrestle with him again really soon!



SubmissionWrestlerNL is recommended by Zython

Very tactical and strong wrestler! If you want a real challenge, and I tell you, a 'REAL CHALLENGE' this is your guy. Also, a nice and friendly guy that is able to plan a match very fast.



Zython is recommended by MC71

Zython is a a very strong opponent with a great and built body. Outside the mat he is a very polite and gentle guy with a beautiful smile...
Meet him and fun follows consequently.



MC71 is recommended by Zython

Nice, friendly, and good looking guy.
He's very strong which makes it a very tough challenge. Also, we were able to plan a match in just two days which was nice.
Definitely recommendable if you want a reliable and strong opponent.


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