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  1. Germany, Bonn
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


46-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 176 lbs (80 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: shirtless


I'm here to find guys with ripped abs for gutpunching and abs challenges. I like to give and take equally. I also like hard ab workouts.

Please respect that i'm only interested if you have good and visible abs.



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Match structure: Give and take, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship
Fetishes: Jackoff, Gut punching, Nipple play, Trampling, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 3/27/2020

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anujico Cet03 Fred49 GPBLN Noby tapout tomsgut

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absfreak is recommended by Cet03

After a long time away from the gutpuching scene, I met Absfreak, a real specialist with an impressive abs set and a good determination to strike hard. I took a lot more than he did, during a session that lasted very long, alternating punch series with powerful ones, flexed and unflexed abs. I look forward to work him over much more the next time I’ll meet him and see if he’s at least half as tough as I am :))) Highly recommended for intense, prolonged, creative GP sessions.



Cet03 is recommended by absfreak

Cet03 is a very tough guy. During our gutpunching session I was very impressed by his resistance and pain tolerance. Although he is not a heavy guy he can hit extremely hard, I must admit my abs couldn't handle this very long - for our next meeting I probably have to invent new ab exercises and inrease training quantity to be prepared for such attacks ;) Meeting Cet03 was much fun, I can highly recommend him.



absfreak is recommended by GPBLN

Absfreak and I had a nice long session over several rounds. There was a lot of gutpunching and ab tenderising of course. But there was also a nice round of stomach spanking and a deep belly massage that left me sore for days – in a very good way!



GPBLN is recommended by absfreak

I had a meeting with GPBLN some years ago. He really loved to destroy my abs and he did a very good job. He is very creative when it comes to ab torture, loved every second of our meeting. He hit me with his fists and tools like a stone. It was very intense and much fun. I can recommend him, if you like to get your abs and navel worked over. Besides the gutpunching fun, he is very nice and open minded for any kind of challenge.



absfreak is recommended by anujico

Absfreak und ich hatten uns relativ spontan in einem Hotelzimmer getroffen, um uns gegenseitig in die Bauchmuskeln zu punchen. Er ist top in form und hat einen super muskulösen Oberkörper. Abssfreak ist sehr experimentierfreudig und sowohl für lange als auch harte kurze Sessions. Wenn er es drauf anlegt kann er einen gut fertig machen, er hat einen sehr harten Punch. Meine Abs merke ich jedenfalls sehr gut. Freue mich auf unser nächstes Treffen !



anujico is recommended by absfreak

Bei unserem Treffen hatten anujico und ich eine coole Gutpunching Session. anujico hat einen sehr aesthetischen und durchtrainierten body und seine Bauchmuskeln können eine Menge Punches wegstecken. Als Puncher ist er immer für eine Überraschung gut und nicht zu unterschätzen. Einige Treffer waren echt hart und unerwartet, hab meine Abs danach gut gespürt - Danke, geiles Feeling! So macht Gutpunching Spaß! anujico mag die Herausforderung, testet gern seine Limits und ist offen für neue Ideen. Macht echt Laune mit ihm zu fighten. Ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Treffen. Da geht eindeutig noch mehr :)

Er ist sehr zuverlässig, und ein absolut sympathischer und cooler Typ! Kann ihn wärmstens empfehlen.



absfreak is recommended by Noby

absfreak has very nice and strong abs. We had very much fun with gutpunching and abs torture. He can take alot of punishment.
Besides gutpunching he is a very good friend of me.
He has my best recommendations!



Noby is recommended by absfreak

Noby has incrediblly strong abs for gutpunching. I have never seen someone who can take such brutal shots and still smile, It's very hard to impossible to break his abs. It's so much fun to trade punches with Noby. Beside the gutpunching he is a very skilled fighter and his leg scissors are deadly, at least I could resist some seconds *g*. He's a very friendly and open minded guy and I'm happy to have a friend like him.

Highest recommendation!



absfreak is recommended by tomsgut

Our session is quite a while back but I still remember it very well. Absfreak has an amazing body and unbreakable abs. Was a lot of fun to try to break them. But I failed. He punched me as well...And I'm proud to say I survived easily ;)) besides gp he is is a very friendly guy! I can highly recommend this athlete.



tomsgut is recommended by absfreak

The gutpunching session with tomsgut was absolute fun. He has an athletic, ripped body and his abs are amazing and very tough. It was fun to work him over and his abs could take anything i tried to get through his armour without any problems. His punches to my abs were very precise and hard, but i could take it well. Beside the punching he is a very nice guy and it's fun talking and hanging around with him. I can highly recommend him and would be happy to meet again for another session and try to break eachothers abs :)


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absfreak 9/07/2016

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