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  1. USA - New Jersey, Jersey City
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46-year-old Male / 5'7" (170 cm) / 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shirtless, underwear, trunks, singlets, barefoot


Instagram: mf_anvil910

[12Apr2021 Covid Update: Fully vaccinated now 🤩! Had my 1st dose of Pfizer Covid vaccine on 25Feb2021, and 2nd dose on 18Mar2021. Starting to have matches with wrestlers that are fully vaccinated...Stay safe y’all!]
Just a Filipino guy looking for fun hot chat (I love alpha trash talk 😏), preferably with muscular/thick guys who are close to my stats and have similar interests. If we connect and chemistry is there, maybe meet up for some playful/fun/safe erotic barefoot promission wrestling, getting a good sweaty workout, testing out strength competing to control/dominate, while trading some moves/holds, and we'll see where things go. Would love a good massage afterwards too, especially a foot massage 🤤. I can also give you a massage.

I'm into applying and being trapped in long held constricting holds, like sleepers, rear-naked chokes, head scissors, body scissors, bearhugs, and full nelsons, where one is slowly squeezing and weakening the other struggling to breathe losing consciousness. Love going back and forth trying to pin each other too. Also enjoy body splashes, some light punches, camel clutches, boston crabs, oil wrestling, frot, erotic power role play matches, and muscle worshiping thick biceps/chest/thighs. 😍

Not an experienced wrestler (no formal training), but I use to watch wrestling on TV as a kid and it turned me on. I also enjoy watching MMA and UFC fights. I'm a bit new to this, and interested in making some friends that I can learn from and practice with. Currently testing my limits as a jobber (but one that can fight back) to toughen up and strengthen my body, in hopes to become an unstoppable tank muhahaha... who thinks they can work me over and take me down? 💪🏼😈 (also wanting to practice being a heel with willing patient jobbers 😉)



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Online chatting, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Arm wrestling, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Relationship, Photo swapping, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber, Stakes
Fetishes: Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Foot fetish, Face sitting, Muscle worship

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Lloovvv is recommended by anvil910

Had an awesome match with Lloovvv 🤩! Full of RNCs, headscissors, and pinning, just the way I like to dominate guys 💪🏼😈 lol. But he was amazing 🤩 fighting back and making it challenging and fun for both of us. He has really nice strong legs that made me tap in his headscissors a few times, but it felt so good 🤤. He did suffer a lot in my RNCs and headscissors, but more on the pleasurable side 😉. He’s also a lot of fun to pin. He struggled a lot to escape but could not overpower my control. Hmm 🤔 did he prefer it that way? Lol
Outside the match, he’s an amazing guy to talk to and very handsome 🥰. We chatted before and after the match and even took a train ride together to Brooklyn to walk around a bit and see sights as if we were old friends. Great connection with him and felt very comfortable with him. I’m so glad he reached out for a match, and I can’t wait for many rematches with him in the future. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend if you get the chance to wrestle him. He’s a really great guy! 😍

Lloovvv, interested in an oil wrestling match next? If so, let’s set it up and make it happen buddy! 🤩



anvil910 is recommended by H2OMuscles

Had a great match with anvil910! I have a bit more experience so I can control him easily, but he have a lot of potential so am sure he’ll beat me one day. He have a good endurance too, our match were sufficiently long. Outside he is a very nice host and a great guy to chat.



H2OMuscles is recommended by anvil910

Had an awesome time in my match with H2OMuscles 🤩! He is really strong and experienced. He kicked my butt cuz I’m still a noob, but that didn’t stop me from coming back for more 💪🏼
Outside the match he’s an awesome guy and I really had a lot of fun hanging out and chatting with him 😍
Until next time buddy. I need a rematch to show you how much I’ve improved and that I’m no longer easy to control. Maybe I’ll easily control you instead and be the MAN muhahah..... I will beat you 😈



anvil910 is recommended by Singletbattle

My match with Anvil was great. This guy will put you through your paces and he’s a perfect dude to wrestle with for a newbie like myself. Apologies to him for drenching him in sweat, but it was a great time and he’s a complete class act. Very communicative and adaptable wrestle buddy! He’s stronger than I expected, but he can go from rough to gentle if needed and he showed me how to engage in moves I have seen over and over again, but never tried. He made me feel at home and is certainly someone I’d have a repeat match with.



Singletbattle is recommended by anvil910

Had an awesome fun sweaty time in my match with Singletbattle 🤩! He may be a newb but I enjoyed every minute wrestling him, from starting out with a little leg wrestling, then a fun game of wrestling to remove each other’s socks first, practice applying/escaping holds, and then me just demonstrating my power lol. I felt we had great chemistry and would love to have many rematches with him in the future. He’s an all around great guy on and off the mats, and it’s nice to meet a fellow wrestler in the same area as me. Don’t pass up an opportunity to wrestle this guy. I highly recommend him. He’s a lot of fun 😍!

I give you two thumbs up buddy 👍👍! Until we meet again! You were a lot of fun to keep pinned down 😏



anvil910 is recommended by Newbie in need

Anvil and I exchanged numerous messages and pictures leading up to our battle. He told me he would make me his jobber. He told me his weight advantage would have me tapping out quickly. He told me he would take a souvenir as proof of his win.
Well I’m here to say this : I concede nothing. I won this match. In fact if I didn’t , there is only one reason. It must have been rigged! Wrestling fraud. Everyone knows about it. Wait ...... that sounds oddly like ......
Lol. Ok guys , I admit it , Anvil won fair and square. He is a tank with great upper body strength and skill to go along with it. In my defense , I do have a couple ( ahem) of years on him so I think I held up admirably. He has a great set up and a great sense of humor. Very considerate and handsome fellow. A super nice guy. Put him on your list. I will be back and next time I will reclaim his souvenir and take one for myself 😜



Newbie in need is recommended by anvil910

16Nov2020: Hmmm 🤔 what to say what to say.... OWNED 😏 lol... I told you Newbie ... I’m just kidding (whispers: no I’m not) 😉
All kidding aside, I had a blast in my match with Newbie 🤩! Outside the match, he is a great guy and is a very hot handsome man 🤤. So much fun trash talk pre-match which I loved 😍. Makes the match to come more exciting. I may have controlled the match but he didn’t make it easy. Newbie is really strong and made me work hard to maintain control. From the beginning he had fire in his eyes and was so determined to beat me. This guy is feisty and has heart. He was aggressive in his attacks and really challenged me to adjust and adapt from his moves, if I wanted to keep a dominant position. We both rolled around so hard and sweat so much that it was such a fun strenuous workout. I had previously learned a few more submission tactics than him which gave me an advantage, but once he learns a few more of his own, Newbie will be difficult to beat. I had such a great time I can’t wait to wrestle him again, and we definitely will since I’m sure he is eager to win back what he lost 😏. I want to see what new tricks he learns and really look forward to his future attacks.
I highly recommend Newbie if you would like a highly energetic sweaty fun match. He will keep you on your toes and you will not be disappointed. I’m happy to truly consider him a new wrestling buddy and friend 🥰.
Two thumbs up buddy 👍👍. Until we meet again. Let me know when you want to stop by to get owned again 😏😘



tygrrr is recommended by anvil910

10Nov2020: Holy wow! Had an amazing match with tygrrr tonight 🤩. It was beautiful, like a work of art 🥰. I asked for a full jobber experience to test my limits, and he did not disappoint 👍. I definitely got what I asked for and more. He did things like RNC, headscissors, camel clutch, Full nelson, Guillotine choke, Pinning me a lot, Suffocating me, Punching me, Elbowing me, Head butting me, spladle. Damn what else 🤔 lol.... a bunch of other holds I’m not sure the name of lol.... Lots of twisting bending and choking me going on 🥴 and me tapping a lot.... i loved every minute and can’t wait to feel achy and sore all week long from this.... makes me feel alive 🤩. The erotic moments were really hot too! 🤤... I can’t wait to meet up again and again ... maybe for an oil match the next time 😉. I highly, Highly, HIGHLY recommend 😍, especially if you are looking for a fun heel 😈. Until we meet again. I want to win my singlet back! 🤪

And shout out to Solomon 79 for referring tygrrr 😘



anvil910 is recommended by nycjock72

Anvil may be relatively new to the wrestling scene, but he's got great instincts, is strong as hell, and is an absolute blast to wrestle. He provided a lot of details about our match in his recommendation, but I'll add that I was pretty lucky to catch him early on before he gets more experience, learns to better pace himself and starts absolutely dominating guys like me :) And even with his relative lack of experience, Anvil was able to submit me a couple of times just by using his raw power, which he's got plenty of to be sure. Anvil is a sexy, beefy/muscular, quality guy who gets my highest recommendation. I'd wrestle him anytime and I know there's already a line out the door with guys on this waiting to get their turn. You won't be disappointed!



nycjock72 is recommended by anvil910

10Sep2020: My 1st MF wrestling match was with this guy and it was AWESOME 🤩!!! AND is was on my birthday, which made it extra awesome! BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER 😍!!! I had the best time with nycjock72 and plan to wrestle on every birthday moving forward. He introduced me to MF and have been chatting for a while. It was exciting to finally meet and it was only fair that he got my 1st match 😁. So the match.... he basically owned me most of the time lol, but I did have a few good moments getting the upper hand and getting a few taps from him. However, he got waaaay more taps from me, maybe double or even triple lol. He’s really strong and got me in some suffocating moves I couldn’t break and ended up tapping. I’m still new and learning the ropes, and really need to learn how to pace myself. I tired out easily and he took advantage of those moments and totally punished me in my weakened state, but I enjoyed every damn minute of it 😍. Lots of bearhugs, body scissors, body splashes and I’m surprise I actually didn’t mind punches to my gut sides and back. Also loved the erotic element of the whole match. Outside of the match, nycjock72 is a great guy and easy to talk to. I highly recommend meeting up with him for a match, he was so much fun and I consider him a new friend and wrestling buddy. I give him 10s 10s 10s across the board! Until we meet again buddy. I need my revenge 💪😈

05Nov2020: Just had a rematch with nycjock72, and it was more awesome than the 1st time 🤩! This time I applied lessons learned and we were more evenly matched than before 😏. I was able to pace myself better and remain calmer to endure/resist some of his punishing squeezes without tapping and able to escape and maneuver delivering a few punishing hold of my own 😈. I definitely got more taps from him this time. We may have gotten about the same amount of taps from each other but I lost count lol. We also tested out the squeezing power of my legs in body and head scissors. Maybe he can comment on that heehee 😉. I did ask him to work me over and punish me good, since I do enjoy that a lot, and he didn’t disappoint 🥰. And again, the erotic element during the whole match is always a hot bonus I really enjoy 🤤. I love wrestling this guy and will always be up for rematches with him whenever we can. Until we meet again buddy! Wrestling friends forever! 👍👍